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menudas chichotas de mi tia

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: aunts house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

well since i was young i loved my aunts big tits… wen i used to go vistit her at her house i would alwyas seretly take pictures of her and i would masturbate to them later when i got to my house…… well as i got older i had more feelings for her physically but i never made a move since she was my aunt and since she had a boyfrien which she was very sirious about…….. well turns out her boyfriend brakes up with her and she got bery upset so my family took turns taking care of her and trying cheering her up…………. well me and my sister had to go and cheer her up but my sister decided to ditch and go to the mall so i was left alone to take care of her…… well gettin to her house i found her very upset and told her is she wanted pizza since i had brought a movie she said yea ……….we talked for a few minutes and i conforted her while we waited for the pizza………wen the pizza got their we put on the movie and found out i had accedently brought a movie with some sexual content i apologized and was about to take it off wen my aunt told me to just leave it their i did and for somereason go the courge to make a move…….. i sat next to her and leaned against her she noticed and put her hand on my lap but i hot very hot so i imediatley poped a boner but felt embaressed……. i though she was goin to get suprised but all she did was telling me that i had really grown down their… she i felt shy so i wnt to get a glass of water when she gets behind me and slaps my butt…..day imedialty got me super horny but continued to get the water…wen i got back she had lost her shirt and was on her bra and told me it made her more comfterbal i sat next to her still with boner and watched the movie ass the sexual content came out then all of a sudden i grabed my aunt and kissed her……….we made out for a while then i picked her up and put her agianst the wall and took of her pants…….. i imedialty started fuckin her while i bounced her up and down purposely to make her giant tits bounse insede her bra …….i pushed her down and tooke of her bra while she sucked my dick for a while…….the night continued wiht me fuckin her for almost 2 hours……turns out dat at the end i had to sleep over her house which gave me the chance to fuck her even more while i admired her beatiful breast

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