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Messy First Time

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: His House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I had fooled around in high school a bit, but even though I was on the pill for medical reasons I never had sex. The closest I got was giving my date a lame ass BJ in the back of the limo on the way home from the prom. He said I was using too much teeth, but he came in my mouth anyway even though I asked him not to.

I went to a huge state college several hours from home, and I got cut from the soccer team so I had a lot of free time on my hands. By the end of freshmen year, and as Liz Phair would say, “I was a Blow Job queen,” and always got into the fraternity parties. At the start of this year getting on my knees to swallow some drunken guys cum every Saturday night had grown boring, I was ready to have sex.

So one Saturday night last month I hooked up with this senior guy I know. He’s friends with my roommate’s BF and is really funny, not to mention his great body, a nice looking peinus, (I blew him last spring but he was too drunk to get off or remember).

So we go on a date for sushi and a movie. I wasn’t going to sleep with him on the first date, but he was really sweet and he had me laughing all night. Every time we got close I felt warm all over, so by the time we were heading back to campus he asked if I want to go back to his house for a “beer”. I said sure.

Back in his kitchen he was behind me kissing my neck and had his hands just above my hips I guided them down to the zipper on my jeans. He pulled close and I felt his hardon against my butt. I turned to kiss him and his hands moved up to my breasts, and I got really hot. I felt his dick through his jeans and against my pussy, and I returned the favor reached down and undid his jeans. And as soon as his hands found their way up my shirt and onto my breasts my bra was off.

We were still close when he slid his hand down under my panties and I said let’s go to your room. He took me up there and by the time I had looked at his bed his pants were off and his hard one was sticking out of his boxer shorts. I found my self in that familiar position sucking again, when he touched my cheek and guided me up and over to his bed.

He lay me down, took my shirt off, and kissed my breasts and rock hard nipples. Soon he had worked his way down and pulled my pants off, I was naked with my first man. He continued to kiss my body until he was licking my clit, and thatÆs when I had my first O. WOW. I wanted more, but he stopped and came up to kiss my face, I was nervous at first but then I thought I tasted pretty good.

Now I was feeling his cock around the opening of my pussy. He asked if he should put something on and I donÆt think that I got passed the o in no and he had slipped it in. I thought it would hurt but it didn’t, I don’t know why. I tried to match his rhythm and really get into it, but he was a man on a mission. About 10 bounces and he grunted rolled his eyes and evidently “blew his load.”

When he pulled out all of the seaman spilled out onto my ass and onto his bed, something neither of us expected. He just looked down at the stuff and said, “wow I never did it without a rubber before, I guess that’s what they mean by the wet spot.”

He bent over me again and put his dick back in and we slipped around a bit, got into a good rhythm and were really gooving when I felt that big O creeping up again. I tried to hold back but couldnÆt and before I knew it I was having another one and right after me he came again. Now we were really huffing he rested on me and his dick slipped out again.

After cleaning up a bit (a very embarrassing thing to do in front of a stranger) he said, “Lie on your stomach,” so I did. He started to give me the best massage I’ve ever had and by the time he had worked his way down to my butt I could feel his hardon again. He started to kiss my neck and I felt his hard dick moving between my ass cheeks. I soon felt it against my other hole, something I wasn’t into at the time, and I reached around and put it in to my pussy. So we’re now doing it “doggy style” and I’m not really into it, but he is and I let him cum.

Any way we did it a couple of more times that night and we’ve been fucking almost everyday now. I know this isn’t going to last but I’m having fun. I plan to get a little more adventurous as things go on, maybe I’ll let him in that other hole.

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