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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: school
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Starting school in a new town is always hard, but even harder when it seems like you have a teacher that just picks on you. My teacher, Jim, taught math 101, but also liked younger girls. He was a new teacher only 24 years old. He seemed mean at first, but then began flirting with me alot. I was in his class the last block of the day and this is when I found out that he really liked the new uniforms that we had to wear. One day, he kept me after class to tell me that he thought my uniform skirt was too short. I thought he was picking on me again. He told me to sit on his desk so he could measure the length as he slowly closed and locked the door. I was so freaked out that I didn’t know what to say. My heart was beating so hard that I knew he could see it through my button up shirt. He lead me over to his deak and lifted me onto it. He asked me if I was a virgin and smiled when I said yes. He asked me then how far I had ever gone…I said no where…I’ve never had a boyfriend. He sat down in his chair and pulled himself up to the desk. Then he stroked my legs. It felt sooo good. He reached up and unbuttoned my shirt. When his hands toughed my tits I shook all over. I was scared but it felt like electricity all over my body. I felt myself soaking thru my panties and began to get embarassed, but he noticed and said that that was perfect and that I was wet for him. This kind of thing went on for weeks. He would put his fingers inside my pussy everyday. He said it had to be stretched to fit him and so that I wouldn’t hurt. He would kiss my tits and eat my pussy with his tongue pushing inside of me so hard that I wanted more. Finally, he said that if we were gonna go all the way that he would burst my cherry first with his finger so that it wouldn’t hurt so bad and let me rest for a few days before he put his cock in me. I remember laying back on his desk and feeling a surge of hot pain. I swear I almost blacked out. I cried and he held me and kissed me. He kissed my pussy and ate me till I came. The next week, he had some camping gear in his room for a field trip. After locking the door we started kissing and he said he would get me ready first. He must of spent 45 mins. just touchng my body and kissing me all over. I had never seen his cock until now. It was fat and long. He laid down on a sleeping bag and told me to climb on. He said that I should go slow until I get used to it. He helped me spread the lips of my pussy and placed his dick at my wet throbbing hole. I lowered myself slowly onto him as he moaned and moved beneath me. It felt so good. I felt filled and couldn’t stop myself from riding him harder and harder. He told me to slow down that I was being a naughty girl. I was about to cum when he suddenly pulled out of me and flipped me over across his lap. He began to spank me firmly and rub his hands in circles. He said that I was being punished for being a dirty girl. I just went with it and he turned to put his cock in my mouth. It tasted salty but I loved to see his eyes roll back in his head each tiime I went down on him. It was like I had the power. He finally let me climb back on him where I rode him until I came over and over again. He flipped me over and told me to relax as he rubbed my ass. He rubbed my pussy and then my asshole. He told me to slowly breath out and relax. He put his hard cock in my ass very slowly. I came over and over again. When he was in all the way he began pumping hard. I started to scream, but he put his hand over my mouth. It felt amazing after I relaxed and finally he came. He flipped me over and ate me again and again. From that time on, I sat on the corner of his desk during free time in class. I never wore under wear and let him stare at my wet cunt until the bell rang. And after the bell, we would lock the door and enjoy each other’s bodies. After I graduated, we married. We are still married today and I still wear that naughty girl uniform and sit on his desk.

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