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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Calico Ghost Town, CA
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My family was vacationing in California and we visited a place called Calico, a ghost town next to a mountain in the Mohave Desert. I was really bored after a while and wanted to finger myself to a cum, so I went hiking up a trail behind the town looking for a private place. I passed several mines, but they were all boarded up and locked. Then I passed one that had two vertical boards ripped off. I had to twist and turn, but I slipped inside. I pulled the leg opening of my shorts and panties to one side and started masterbating with my middle finger. After a few minutes, I heard voices from down a tunnel and a few minutes later saw a light coming toward me, so I just moved off to the side and hid against the wall.

Two guys with a flashlight came by and just walked right by me. They didn’t know I was there until they started to put the boards back and I called out, fearing I’d be trapped inside. They came back inside and looked me over with their flashlight. They were about 20 years old, maybe older. One called the other John. John called his buddy Cal. Suddenly John grabbed my right wrist and sniffed my hand. He started laughing and told Cal I had been playing “stinky fingers.” Cal said maybe they could play it with me. I was scared, but I went along with them.

We all got naked and the guys pulled their meat while I fingered myself. After a while, they had me sit on our clothes and spread my legs so they could see my finger sliding in and out my pussy. After a few minutes Cal dropped to his knees in front of me and jerked his dick real fast, shooting his jizz all over my legs and stomach. Then he got up and John knelt in front of me. But he let go of his dick and pulled my finger from my pussy and sucked it. Then he leaned me back and rubbed his dick over my pussy. I begged him not to put it in me but he just shoved it in anyway. It didn’t hurt at all because I’d been fingering myself and masterbating with candles and carrots for two years. I had a cum almost right away, but he couldn’t cum. It took him about 10 minutes to cum, and it felt really good to feel his hot jizz shooting in me. When he was done, his knees were bleeding from the rocks in the mine.

They got dressed and left, but I saw there in the darkness and fingered myself to 5 or 6 more cums, using their jizz to lubricate my finger and clit. When I finally left the mine, my parents were furious with me for running off and even more furious when I told them I was exploring a mine. Naturally, I didn’t mention John and Cal, but my mother glared at me and told me to go into the public restroom and clean up my legs. I looked down and saw white spots of dried jizz on my thighs. But she never asked what it was and I never told her. That’s how it happened.

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