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Mistake with ex-boyfriend’s dad

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Their house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had been dating Eric from age 13 until I was 17. We had broke up mostly because I wanted to stay a virgin and he wanted to have sex. We had been apart for a week when I broke down and decided that it was time. I dressed as sexy as I could and that meant I wore a bikini under my blouse and a skirt and just wore sandals over to Eric’s house. I told my mom I might be all night talking to Eric about getting back together and my mom said it was okay if Eric’s dad was home.
When I got to Eric’s his dad answered the door and told me Eric was out for a while but would be back later. He knew about the breakup and was really cool to me and invited me in to wait for Eric. He said he had made ‘limeade’ and asked me if I wanted some and I said sure. It was a lot more bitter than lemonade but it was still nice to have. It was really hot on the walk over to Eric’s and I was thirsty and soon had a second glass while we talked.
I was getting really tired after a while and then the phone rang and Eric’s dad got it and talked for a while. When he came back he told me that Eric had called and was not going to be home until the morning because he was going out with his new girlfriend.
I went to get up and leave but was so wracked with sobs from losing Eric that I just sat there and cried. I went to get up but the room was spinning and then Eric’s dad sat next to me and put his arm around me and was trying to calm me down. He told me he’d put a couple Xanax in my limeade to calm me down when I found out about Eric.
He asked me to spill my guts on what I was feeling and I told him that I had wanted to give my virginity to Eric that night and he told me Eric was a fool for not being there for me. He was really sweet and he held me for a while and the Xanax just made me sleepier.
Finally he said I needed to go to bed and I agreed and he carried me to his room and I didn’t say a thing as he undressed me becuase it just seemed okay to me at the time. I didn’t even notice him when he undid my bra and when he took my panties down to the floor I asked him why I was naked and he kissed me.
He told me to lay down on the bed and I did and then I watched as he pulled off his shirt and stripped. I was blown away when I saw his cock because it was the first one I’d ever seen. I asked him if he was going to sleep with me and he said “Eventually.”
I really had no idea what was going to happen next and then he pulled my legs apart and climbed onto the bed and lay on top of me. It felt really nice and for some reason I guess I had been wanting this but from Eric and then the feeling just made me comfortable. His hands were all over me and we kissed and I felt him moving on me.
Despite the drugs I sobered up really quick as I felt him enter me and I said we needed to stop and he said we’d just lay there a while. He nuzzled at my neck and I relaxed and slipped off to sleep. The next thing I knew I woke up feeling a pinch and then some discomfort and it took me a few moments to understand what was going on.
Eric’s dad was fucking me and the initial pain was subsiding.
I don’t know why, but I didn’t care that it was Eric’s dad. All I cared about was that someone was loving me and I spread my legs and let him in me deeper. I will say it was a good long time that we made love and near the end he asked me if I was on the pill and I said no. I asked him if he was using a condom and he said no. I said we better stop and he said I was right and that we should. But what he did was to wrap his arms around me as he slowed down and then he held himself deep in me as he gasped and I felt the pulsing inside me as he came.
He rolled off me and I went to sleep almost immediately. I woke up again during the night as he took me again and I really don’t remember much of that. But in the morning when I woke up he was laying next to me telling me how beautiful I was. I was still groggy as he got on me and I didn’t care about the condom as he made me have my first orgasm before he had his own.
After that I told my mom that I was still seeing Eric when it was really Eric’s dad I was seeing. By the end of the summer I had moved in with him and before Labor Day I was pregnant. My little girl was born three days after my 18th birthday.
It’s been four years now and we still aren’t married but Rick is a good dad. And there’s my first time.

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