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Mom and daughter

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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: Her mom's bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This is not a story about my first time but it is still worth recounting.

I had met Stephanie in college. She was 5’4″ 125lbs and had a nice figure.
We started having sex about a month later. One weekend we decided to visit
her mom out of town. Her parents were divorced and her mom and I really got along really and she
would let Steph and I use her bed when she wasn’t home.

This one evening Steph’s mom, Ella, left wo work the graveyard shift.
Quite naturally Steph and I set to work on each other in her mom’s
bed. We were naked and having fun when we heard the door open
Steph leaped up, put on a robe and left the bedroom. I overheard her
talking to her mom who apparently had been sent home from work.
Figuring that the fun was over I threw on a shirt and my boxers and sat in the bed.

After a couple of minutes, Steph opened the bedroom door, dropped her robe
and said “let’s get back to business.” I figured that her mom was going to a friend’s
house. Steph pulled mu shirt off and squatted over my face
so I could lick her pussy, of course I was happy to oblige.
While I was kissing her pussy and probing it with my finger
a hand reached in my boxers and pulled out my penis then I felt
a tongue run up and down it. Steph then lifted herself off my face
revealling that it was not her but her mom who was sucking my dick.

Ella was naked and had my cock in her mouth. She was beautiful. She was 37
5’6″ in excellent physical shape. Steph looked down at me and said “You’re going
to have lots of fun tonight and sat back down on my face I lapped up her juices
while her mom sucked my cock. After about 10 minutes Steph came all over
my face and I was so excited I shot a load into Ella’s mouth which
she drank up.

By this point I just wanted to fuck one of them, but Ella said she
wanted to watch me do Stephanie. She went and sat in a chair while Steph sucked me to
get me hard. Soon it was time and Steph lay down and I fucked her.
First I was on top then I did her from behind, the sounds of our
sex got Ella worked up and she began to rub herself. Then Steph
got on top of me and rode until we both orgasmed and I sprayed
my seed inside her (She was on the pill).

She got off me and smiled and said “I know you’ll like this”
and got off the bed and Ella climbed aboard. Ella sat on my dick
and we started to kiss. I worked my way down her body spending
several minutes on her breasts, belly, and the inside of her thighs.
Ella then turned around and we 69d while Steph watched.

After about a half hour of foreplay Ella whispered “fuck me” in my ear
and lay on her back and spread her legs. She had beautifully trimmed
blond pubic hair. I asked her if I should get a condom and she
told me no, and that she had an IUD. I looked over at Steph, who had
started to masturbate again, and she mouthed the words “go ahead fuck
her” to me. I looked at Ella, she smiled and took my penis and guided
it into her warmth. It felt incredible. I couldn’t believe that I was fucking
my girlfriend’s mom and she was watching. Our bodies soon began to get in synch
and before long Ella was screaming while I pressed deeply against her cervix.
I know that she orgasmed 3 times because as she did her juice would spray all over m
me and the bed. I told her I was going to orgasm and she begged me to do
it in her. By now Stephanie had worked herself into a sexual frenzy. So I rolled
over on my back and Ella straddled me taking my penis in her again, while her daughter sat on
my face. I was able to get my girlfreind to come in my mouth
before I finally squirted into Ella. The three of us slept together
that night and I did Steph again the next morning.

Since then I have shared hot moments with Ella both with and a couple of
times without her. Another particularily memorable time
was on mine and Steph’s wedding night. But that’s another story.

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