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mom’s friend

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Age when it happend: 14 or 15
Where it happened: at home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

During one of my high school summers, one of my mom’s sorority sisters was visiting the area searching for a job. She had a couple of young kids, but had left them with her ex-husband for awhile so that she could find work. She was younger than my mom by a few years, so she was probably in her late 30’s or early 40’s. Since my older sister had already moved out of the house, my mom suggested that she move into the available room. Her name is Elaine and she was a small woman with short hair, atheletic and fit, and lean but not skinny. When I think of her now, the word “round” comes to mind because I can’t recall any sharp angles or straight lines about her features. Maybe “soft” or “smooth” would be better words.

I was still too young to have a summer job, so I know I wasn’t yet 16. I managed to find a few things to do to earn some pocket money and keep myself from being totally bored all summer. I worked at a nearby swimming pool. The work wasn’t hard, and I got lots of opportunities to swim, and best of all, I didn’t have to get up early in the morning. Mom and dad both worked, though, so they had to be out of the house early. Elaine seldom got up early, since she didn’t want to get in their way as they were getting off to work, and because whatever job interviews she had could be scheduled later in the day.

My routine was to get out of bed about 9:30 or so, and hit the bathroom for a shower. Our bathroom has an area with a bathtub and a toilet that can be closed off from another area with sinks. The bathtub has clear glass shower doors. I would usually slide the pocket door shut between the two areas while I showered so that Elaine, if she needed to, could use the sink area. It seemed to provide enough privacy for both of us. One morning when I finished my shower, I found to my surprise that my mom had taken all the towels out to wash them and I was stuck there, dripping wet. I called out to Elaine, and when she answered I asked if she would bring me a towel. Of course she didn’t mind.

What happened next came as a big surprise, though. Instead of simply opening the door a crack and handing the towel through to me, she slid the door completely open. There I was, standing there dripping, without a stitch on! I could have died of embarassment, but Elaine treated it so nonchalantly that she set my mind at ease. She just handed me the towel as she gave me an approving assessment. “Here you are, young man” she said. That recognition of my sexual maturity gave me the courage to remain standing there without flinching or hiding. I felt a certain pride at being called a man by a mature woman.

I took the towel from her and started using it on my hair, covering my face with it as I rubbed it on my head. I knew, standing there, that she could see me completely from my neck to my toes and sensed that she was probably still there, probably still looking. I took a long time drying my hair to give her all the time she might want. Then, I took the towel off my face so that I could make eye contact again. I was proud to discover that she had remained standing there and was still watching me. Now, it was her turn to be a bit embarassed, and she turned to the mirror and pretended to be doing something with her own hair. She left the bathroom shortly afterward.

The next morning as I was taking my shower, I heard a knock on the door and a cheery “Good morning!” as it was slid open. “I brought you a cup of coffee.” Elaine set the mug on the toilet tank. The clear glass shower doors were steamed up, but I figured she could see me quite clearly through them since I could see her more or less clearly on the other side. I had been standing facing the shower head, but now that she had opened the door I did two things: I turned a quarter turn toward her to face her directly, and I splashed some water on the glass to make sure her view wasn’t obscured by a steamed up shower door. I was proud of myself, since I had awakened with a morning erection and the warm soap and water of the shower had done nothing to diminish it. I could tell she wasn’t backing away or leaving the room. In fact, she asked, “Are you almost done? I have an early interview and need to get into the shower as soon as you get out.”

I answered her, “Just about. I’ll be out in a second.” I reached to turn the water off but stopped when I heard her say, “Just leave it running.” I turned back to her to see that she had removed her robe and was hanging it on the wall hook. She slid the shower door open and stepped into the tub. At this point, I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do! This was the first time in my life that another human being had seen my erection, and it was also the first time in my life that I had the chance to see a live naked woman! My heart was pounding so loud, I’m sure she could hear it!

Elaine was cool about it, though. Again, she set my mind at ease. She told me I needed to move out of her way so she could get into the steamy stream of water. As I moved aside, still facing her, she eased by me while still facing me. She stepped so close to me that she didn’t avoid making contact with my hardon. Because of the differences in our heights, I guess it brushed her across her belly, about the height of her naval. When passing, she put one of her hands on each of my hips and said, “That’s pretty darned impressive!” She was now under the shower head getting drenched and lathering up. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

She asked me, “Do you have a girlfriend?” To which, I answered, “No.” Then, she asked if I had ever had a girlfriend, and again I answered in the negative. “So,” she deduced, “you’ve never had a chance to use that beauty?” Again, my response was, “No.”

She turned the water off, slid the shower door open and gently took my towel from me. “Do you want to?” she asked in a low, quiet voice that I’ve since discovered is often used by women when they’ve decided what they want. “Yes,” I managed to stammer. “OK, then,” she smiled. At this point, I was almost trembling, and was having difficulty speaking. I think she sensed that. I’m sure now that she was having some fun seducing me, and she was enjoying watching both my growing excitement and my growing apprehension. She did to me what I had done to her the previous day; she slowly toweled off her hair giving me time to look her body over completely. Then, she ran the towel over the rest of her body in a sensual manner, making sure I didn’t take my eyes off of her. At long last, she dropped the towel on the bathroom floor, took my hand and led me to my bed.

She sat on the bed and pulled me, still standing into a position between her knees, facing her. I had no idea what was supposed to happen next, and thought that I ought to be doing something, but again Elaine took the lead. She told me to relax and let her show me what to do, and then took a ball between each of her fingers and thumbs and started gently rolling and massaging them. She leaned forward and took the tip of my erection into her mouth. Gradually, I started gentle thrusting motions with my hips and she took more of the shaft into her mouth until it was about halfway in. I felt like an orgasm was coming, and I wanted to hold back for some reason. I guess at that age ejaculating into a woman’s mouth didn’t seem like the right thing to do. She sensed my problem, and took the shaft in one hand while she removed her mouth. She gave it long strokes and whispered up to me, “It’s ok. I want you to go ahead.” Then, she put it back in her mouth and resumed her gentle tounging and sucking. I couldn’t resist her invitation! I exploded in a giant orgasm that seemed to go on and on. While she swallowed, she also continued to play with my balls, which seemed to both lengthen and strengthen the orgasm!

After I had stopped coming, she again took my erection in hand and resumed her gentle pumping action, while rubbing my testicles with the other hand. She moved slightly, letting me know with body language that she wanted to lie down on her back. I followed her lead, and stayed between her knees as she rolled back onto my bed. Again, I was at a point where I really didn’t know what to expect next, or how to proceed. And again, Elaine managed to gently lead me to the next steps. She let go of my balls and hardon, which had remained quite hard even after the blow job, and spread her legs and spread the lips of her labia to open herself up to me. I’ll not forget the view I had of that beautiful, sensual, self confident woman if I live to be 200 years old!

She whispered, “Bring it here, now,” and I did. She took the shaft with one hand and spread her labia with the other and brought me to the brink of her womanhood. It took no more leading on her part; I figured it out from there. I inserted the tip and began gently rocking and pushing until I had buried myself entirely to the hilt inside her wonderful pussy! Then, with instinctual movements, I pulled back and plunged in again. And again! And again! Soon, we were moving together at a frenzied pace. She was so soft and warm and lubricated! She wrapped her legs around my back and clung tight. I remember the two of us, face to face with our eyes wide open, watching the excitement grow in our partners as we built toward another climax. I finally reached a point where there was no slowing down or holding back and I exploded in another long orgasm! My timing must have been perfect, because I felt her climaxing under me as I spurted another load of cum!

Well, that’s it as I remember it: My first time! Of course, there is an epilogue to this story. After that first time, Elaine started coming directly to my room in the morning before I’d even get a chance to get into the shower. We had sex every day of the week for the rest of the summer, but had to knock it off on weekends when my parents were home. She taught me a whole lot more about a woman’s body, things I don’t think I’d have learned from a kid my own age. She showed me how to stimulate her clitoris and coaxed me into finding her G-spot and her cervix. She also showed me how to be a gentle and considerate lover. Unfortunately, Elaine wasn’t able to find a job in our area and ended up locating elsewhere, so she and I haven’t gotten together since that summer. I don’t know what became of her.

Funny thing, with all the wonderful sexual experiences Elaine and I shared that summer, I don’t recall whether the two of us ever kissed! You’d think that kissing would be some sort of prerequisite, but I’m positive we didn’t kiss before we had sex the first time. And I don’t have any memory of kissing Elaine. I wish I had.

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