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Moms Friend

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Where it happened: Parents House
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Category: Straight

I had beeen interested in some older women the last few years and was getting really horny. I hadnt been getting any snatch, and was craving some. My parents had went shopping in a a large town about a hour drive away. I was taking a shower when the phone rang. I streaked thru the house and gothte phone. It was my aunt (actually my moms friend, but ive always called her auntie). She was wanting to kill sometime before she had to pick her kids up from school. I said stop on by, butI was in the shower. SHe showed up a little while later. I t was the end of summer and still very warm. I just put on board shorts and awife beater. She was wearing tight jeans cutoffs, and a t-shirt that showed her cleavage very nicely. She is 5’5″: 110lbs, and very hot. She had several hours to kill before getting her kids. i had been out building fence all day.

We got to talking and we ended up talingabout my ex’s mom. she had tried to seduce me once. I was talking about how I love boobs and tight asses. She stood up and dropped her shorts and said “LIKE THIS ONE” I said yeah. Then she pushed her tits together and said we should make the best of our time together. I pulled her closer to me as she stepped out of her jeans. She began to utine my shorts and knelt down. I was already sitting down. She pulled my dick out and began to slowly suck on it. I was getting hard. Her tits where rubbibg thru her t-shirt on my legs. I could feel her tits get hard. I put my hands on her boobs and began to squeeze them.. I Grabbed her shrt and pulled it off. Her breasts bounced as I puled it off her head. I thru it to the floor and tryied to pull her bra off. She undidn it and dropped it inticing me. I pulled her back on to my dick and she began to tit fuck her self with my dick. After a few minutes she stood up and I pulled her white, wet panties down to her knees, then they fell off. She stratled me and pushed my hard cock into her tight hole slowly. She began to fuck me slowly. I kissed her tits and mouth while she was fucking. i put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her deeper onto me. She moaned and kept fucking. Her tits were bouncing, her pussy thumping against me, her hair was whipping her neck with every drop. I told her I was goi g to cum, and she said it was ok. I shot a huge load into her. I maoned and shook. Id never had the big of orgasm. I was really horny then. I pushed her to the floor, and got on top. I fucked in and out a few times then put my dick up by her tits and fucked them a little bit. I pulled her up and put her doggie style and began to ram her from behind. SHe crawled ove r to the edge of the couch and layed face down while i fucked like a mad dog. She begane to have an orgasm. her whole body was shaking. She began to fuck faster and faster. then she stopped. I was amazed. I pulled out, slapped her naked ass, and kissed her back. i turned her around and we kissed for several minutes just holding each other. I put a hand on her pussy and she put her hand on my dick. We just layued there kissing hugging and playing. it was getting close toteh time when my parents would be getting home so we went to my bedroom and I dressed her. Zipped her pants, latched her bra, and frenched her for half an hour. She proceeded to suck my cock again for several minutes but then she left. Again we kissed and I walked her to her car. I kissed her again, aslid my hans down her pants from behind and tickeled her pussy and told her goodbye.

I think Im in love with her. to bad shes married. But i get to see her tomarrow tho.

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