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Where it happened: Hotel
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well, here I am telling you the story of my first experience to be fucked. I have met my boyfriend after work at the hotel since he was coming up to visit me for the weekend. The moment I arrived at his room, he opened the door and had a smile on his face. He iss older than me.

As I went inside the room, I sat on the edge of the bed, talking to him, asking him how his trip was, he nodded his answers, and then he came over and gave me a massage, as I must of looked exhausted from work. He then began massaging me, and I was in heaven, it really relaxed me, as I began to lay in bed, he continued to comfort me with his hands, and they began to explore my body. I was eager to see where they would go. I have wanted to make love to him for a long time, he looks so sexy with his cute smile. The way he looks at me, it just melts me.

I just lay in bed while his hands roamed over me, caressing my body, as he gracefully removed my clothes, I lay in bed with just my panties on, and even then those didn’t stay on for long. He begain sucking on my tits, that made me feel so good, and he squeezed and sucked on my tits for what seemed forever, and his kisses was like honey.

As he moved his way down to remove my panties, he slide a finger into my tight pussy, and I began to moan with ecstacy, as I began my desire to have him fuck me. He brought his lips to my pussy and licked my clit slowly, using his fingers to bring me to orgasm. I look at him with a lazy smile, and I told him I wanted him to fuck me in my pussy, that my pussy was all his, he could do whatever he wanted to do with me. As he took his cock out, I was shocked to see how big and long it was, I imagined how good I will feel with it inside of me, how tight my pussy is, and how fat his cock is, as he began to ease his cock inside of me, it hurt at first, he was gentle and slowly eased every inch into me, and when he was inside, I could feel my pussy tighten around his fat cock.

He began slow strokes at first to let me adjust to his cock, and when I began to enjoy his cock inside of me, he began to fuck me faster, I wanted more, I began moaning to him, “More, Fuck Me!” he did just that, he began to move faster, and fucked me harder and deeper, I must have had several orgasms during our first fuck.

As he fucked me, I began moaning, more, fuck me, don’t stop I don’t want you to stop, your cock, it feels so good inside my pussy, as he was about to cum, he pulled his dick out and shot his cum on my tits.

After a short nap, his cock was hard again, and he wanted to fuck me again, I was ready and spread my legs for his cock to go in my pussy, as he rubbed his cock on my pussy, I was excited to have that monster inside me again, but this time, he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass. I was nervous, because as he fucked my pussy, he cock is so big, it actually hurt, but I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I asked him to be gentle and go slow. I let him play with my asshole, he rubbed his cock on it, and it was feeling good, then he began to push it in, and I could feel my asshole stretching to take his cock inside of me.

He got about an inch inside my ass, and he stopped moving to let me relax my ass as his cock was inside. After several minutes, he began to fuck my ass with slow strokes, it made me feel so good. He fucked me for what seemed forever, as he was about to cum, he didn’t pull his cock out, instead he shot his cum up inside my ass, I could feel the warmth of his cock and cum inside me, as he layed me down on my side, he left his cock inside my ass still, and held me close to him.

Now,s later, I let him fuck me anytime and anywhere, I know that no other man will ever give me as much pleasure as he gives me, if only every girl has a boyfriend like mine. I’m lucky indeed!

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