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mother in law

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Age when it happend: 30
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

my wife was out of town for work,and I had to work a grave yard shift. I came home around 4:00a.m. my mother in law is leaving with us and she usually goes to work at 6:00a.m. I was very tired and just wanted to take a shower and go to sleep. After the shower I noticed there were a pair of black panties laying on the floor and they didn’t look like my wife’s. I just picked it up and wanted to put it in the laundry basket. Since it was black I noticed where the crotch is has a dried wet spot. Now it comes to my head, the panties belong to my mother in law. It seems like she was masterbating and left pussy juice on it. I couldn’t help myself but to sniff it. It smells so damn good. It was like her pussy was right in front of my nose. My dick was turning hard, I had one hand holding the panties up my nose and the other was stroking my cock. Suddenly my mother in law walked in the bathroom with her black tight tank top and pink panty… I can see my face through the mirror, it was fucking red… I asked,”Why are you up so early?” “I have a doctor appointment later on today and I don’t want to take any time off, so I’m just going to work early.” “What are you doing with my panty?” I didn’t have an answer for her. My hand was holding my cock and I was just looking at her. She told me to put my hands on my ass, and she walked up to me. As she took one step up, I took one step back until the wall stopped me. She pinched my cock with her finger nails with one hand and pinched my nipple with the other. Ouch! but it felf good. She told me to stand there as she was sitting on the toilet. She started to rub her nipples with one hand and her pussy with the other. I was like holy shit… my cock was getting harder and harder as I was watching her playing with herself. She slowing removed her top. Man, her nipples were so hard that she was able to cut glass with it. I forgot to mention she has a D size cup tits! She was using one hand playing her tits and the other was rubbing her pussy. I can see her panty was getting wet. She took it off and told me to hang it on my cock, and just keep watching her to masterbate. Her pussy was wet I can see her juice is dripping down to her ass hole. After a few minutes she told me to turn around,and put my hands on the wall. She stund up and started to feel me with her hands. Started on my shoulders and chest,,, she pinched my nipples again and she twisted them too this time. My it felt good… and then she abused my cock by flicking it and pinching it. My cock get even harder. She has one hand stroking my cock and the other was grabbing my ass. Slowing she was tickling my butt hole, and some how now her finger is up my ass. She is finger fucking my ass hole… I have to say it felt good. She got down her knees and started to suck my cock. She used her teeth and bit it lightly, slowing my whole cock was in her mouth. While she was sucking my cock, she was still finger fucking ass hole. She stop suck my cock after a while. She sat back down on the toilet sit, and told me she eat her pussy. Her pussy was so wet like a water foundtain. Pussy juice was all dripping in my mouth. while I was eating her pussy and started to put my finger in her ass hole. She was moaning and she was pinching her nipples at the same time. After and while I couldn’t help myself, I got up and started to fuck her. Man her pussy was hella wet, I think I only last about 15 minutes and then I came in her pussy. She asked me to put my cock in her mouth so she can taste the mixture of my cum and her pussy juice.(my cock was still hard) She started to suck my cock again. She was sucking it and sucking it. I couldn’t hold it any more, so I came in her mouth……… “shit!!!!” She took every drop of my cum. She did’t make it to work that day. We fucked a few more times that morning. I would never think I can fuck my mother in law. She is a great fuck!

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