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Mother-in-law must read

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: mil
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

This isn’t about my first time, but my first time in a different sense. I was 19 as was my wife. My wife was a beautiful Indian born princess. She was so beautiful, she turned heads. I wasn’t so bad either, I was in superb shape and wanted sex 24/7. At first so did my wife at first, but then she settled down to offering about twice a week. Not bad, but I was always horny. My wifes mother was native Indian, but graceful and stunning-tey were nearly twins. This happened before we got married. I get shaky just remembering it. Here goes.
When I met my wife at university, I was living at an apt. with roommates. Almost as soon as I met my future wife, I met her family. Curiously, her family invite me o come and lie wth them shortly after we announced our hasty engagement. Even my wife was surprised by her family’s generousity. But it was my horny mother-in-law who was behind the invite.
Not long aftr I moved in, my mother in law Amma, as she wished me to call her, starting complaining of headaches. Only my hands could relieve her pressure. I noticed she always liked to put here head directly on my lap, and she would take a pillow off, so she could feel my manhood, or she claimed to comfort her neck. I also started noticing she wuld enter my room in the early morning to deliver clothes without knocking, sometimes catching me in my underwear. I had doubts, but kept dismissing them. Until that morning.
Tuesday and Thursday mornings, my classes started at noon. Everyone else, including Amma, went off to school or work. I enjoyed the spacious house to myself. That tuesday, I decided to go upstairs and use the main bathroom, as it had a great showerhead. I left the door open assuming no one home, and remember as I was toweling off my head, movement going down to Amma’s master bedroom. I wasn’t sure, but walked out of the bathroom, naked, with a raging erection pointing the way. As I took the towel off my head and looked up, and there was Amma-staring at my hard on. I quickly put my towel down and apologized, but she casually dismissed it and motioned me to come to her room. I told her I should get dressed but she said don’t bother. My cock actually got smaller, still chubby, and I enetered her room. She was putting on her bra, cleverly playing it cool. Then she asked me to rub her head. I said sure, and she climbed on the bead and got on all fours. She commanded me to get behind her and I did even though I was a little scared. She knew exactly what she was doing, as I kneaded her head, she pushed her ass against my croch thatstill hd a towel wrapped around it. She started groaning and moaning, and I swear I didn’t remember the towel falling to the bed and my cock was against her panties. I then had my moment of realization-I looked from the bed over to the mirror on the dresser. I made eye contact with Amma, and saw my naked ass firmly planted grinding my cock into her underwear. This created a instant massive hardon,and as she felt it, she screamed yes yes oh god yes. I hesitated fora couple of seconds, but could not resist as I yanked her panties down and shoved my cock deep into her vagina. I have never heard such a scream/moan in my life-what a turnon. I coud only pump a few times before a had a massive orgasm. She flipped me on my back and started sucking my soft cock back to another erection and rided me again and again. Now that alone would be enough for me, as we fucked for 3 more times. But then we heard a car cming into the drive. It was my father-in-law.
He was so quick to get into the house I had to hide in the bathroom. I was naked with a semi=erection and he decided he wanted to use that bathroom. Amma quickly had tossed on her nightdress and jumped into the bathroom first. She really had to pee, but she motioned me to the toilet. Amma, all the hile talking, put her hand up my leg, whle flicking my poor sore dick with her soft tongue. It felt warm wet an awesome. I quickly got hard-again- nd sh started finger fuckng my ass. I pulled out of hermouth and bew on her fac.She gave me the best blowjob of my life. Father in law left, and we fucked many times over the next few years. Totally true story.

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