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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: After School
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I am a 16 year old male, and this story is very true.
I stayed after school to get help from my science teacher
Mrs. G. Mrs. G isn’t that attractive, but a nice 43 year
old women. She started helping me, and we got done with the
assignment, I still had 45 minutes left in the session.
Mrs. G went to her desk, and I noticed that she had started
crying. I asked her if I had said somthing, and she said
no, it was her husband. Mrs. G explained to me that she
thought he was having an affair with another women, and that
he was never home when she needed him. I asked her need him
for what? And to my surprise she said penis. I was shocked
and was ready to leave, but she said no, stay. Mrs. G
started explaing to me about how she noticed the bulge I got
in my pants in class when I was looking at other girls. I
couldn’t believe this women, she was checking out my bulge!
I was going to leave and than she slapped a $100 dollar bill
on her desk, and says that she needs my dick very bad.
Being the horny masturbating teenager that I was, I couldn’t
say no. I get a blow job and $100 bucks, it’s all good.
I told her only my dick but no sex, I didn’t have
any protection, and her husband was getting pussy from other
women and I couldn’t take the risk. Mrs. G went and locked
the door and covered the windows with the drapes, I was
amazed she really was despret. I was sitting on a stool
behind her desk, she came and got on her knees, and told me
to undress, I started too and was siting there on the stool
in my underwear. Mrs. G pulled my breifs down and said
“Wow” bigger than her husbands, and I was happy. Mrs. G
opened her mouth and put it in, and I was in heaven. She
was sucking the head, licking it, putting it all in her
mouth, using her hands, she was massaging and sucking my
balls, ohh it was great. She was sucking me like a vacuum
it was so great, I was moaning the whole time, and I came
very quickly, it went all in her mouth, she didn’t miss one
drop, I yelled when I came, it was wonderful!
I was even more hornier, and wasn’t shy like before, and
I asked if I could fuck her mouth, and she said great.
Mrs. G got on all fours and I was on my knees we were
behind her desk, and I put it in her mouth again, deep throating her.
I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. Ohhhh it
was wonderful, sweat was running down my body, I was sitting
there fucking her mouth going in and out. She was moving
her tounge around ohh it was sooo goood. I was lasting
longer and she would come up and say fuck my face baby!
It made me go faster. Suddenly I felt like cumming, and I
told her, she grabbed my ass and started pushing, my hands
were in her hair, and I came, all of it in her throat, it was
an incredible orgasam, I loved cumming in her mouth, oohh I
was having sooo much pleasure, it was the best. Afterwards
I just layed there, she said I was good, I said your mouth
is awsome. I got cleaned up and dressed, as I was leaving
she handed me my $100 hundred dollar bill and she said same
time next week, and I said I’m looking forward to it.
I was a happy man, I had great oral sex and got a $100 bucks
what could be better. Someday I hope I’ll get to see if
pussy is better than mouth.

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