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Mrs. Jamison

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My friend Tommy and I had been riding double on his bicycle and fell. My knee hurt like hell and he pedaled over to his house so his mom could check it out. I guess he thought she knew about such things.

His mom took care of my knee, which was just sprained, wrapping it with an elastic bandage and chilling it with an ice pack. About a week later, I went over to see Tommy and his mom said he had gone to the amusement park. As I turned to leave, she asked me to come inside so she could look at my knee just to be sure it was okay.

Mrs. Jamison was a pretty woman, but I don’t think life was fun for her. She had Tommy while a teenager and had a “shotgun” wedding with Tommy’s dad. He left her a few years later and she raised Tommy while working nights at the airport. She was maybe 30, petite, and had a good figure, but life had been hard and it showed in the lines on her face. Still, I had mentally undressed her many times when I jacked off, so I guess I sort of had a crush on her. I sat in the chair in her kitchen and she leaned down to try rolling up my pantleg. Her blouse fell forward and I stared at her tits through the neck opening. She didn’t wear a bra and her nipples, which were soft, were the size of silver dollars. She caught me peeking and scolded me. I was terribly embarrassed.

She couldn’t get my pantleg rolled up and told me I’d have to take my pants off so she could examine my knee. I took off my pants and sat there in my jockey shorts as she leaned over again. This time her nipples were hard and pointy, and I couldn’t help seeing them. In retrospect, she must have known I was looking, but acted as though she didn’t. Eventually my dick started getting hard from looking at her tits. She suddenly grabbed my pecker through my shorts and asked “What’s this?” I said something stupid, like “It ain’t nuthing.” She said, “Show me.” I was embarrassed and didn’t move, but her hand was still clasped around it. Suddenly she grabbed my jockey shorts and jerked them down, allowing my pecker to spring free. She said something like “This is swollen more than your knee is, so it must be sprained too. Does it hurt when I do this?” and she started jacking me off. I said “No” and she said to follow her. I did.

She took me into her bathroom and washed my dick and balls with a washrag. Then she sucked it for a minute or two and asked me if that made it feel better. I said “Yes” and she sucked it some more. Then she jacked me off until I shot all over her blouse and shorts. She took off her blouse and shorts and soaked them in the sink, standing there in her panties and ignoring me completely. When she was done, she looked at me and said “Oh, you’re still hard. I’ll have to do something about that.” She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. She slipped out of her panties and pulled me between her legs as she laid back on her bed. She guided me inside her and then her hands settled on my buttocks and guided my rhythm. It took me a long time to come again, and when I went soft she told me I did okay for a boy, causing her three orgasms. She made me promise not to say anything about this to Tommy or anyone else, and if I kept my promise she’d reward me.

I promised and she rewarded me with many sessions in her bed when Tommy was somewhere else. Once, when I was over watching TV with Tommy, I went to the bathroom to pee and she slipped inside and gave me a blowjob while Tommy watched TV two rooms away. She taught me how to eat her pussy and please her in many other ways, too. Tommy eventually came home early and caught us in bed, but he really wasn’t all that upset about it, much to our surprise. She was my only lover for eight years. One day when I was 22 I went to see her and she told me she’d met a man at work and was going to marry him. She fucked me one last time, but moved in with her new husband a few months later.

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