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My 1st Uncut Penis

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had seen several penises before when changing diapers, and sneaking peeks at my brother, father, and once when the boy next door and I were experimenting. But each had had a nice smooth mushroom-shaped tip.

But one day when I was on a youth camping trip, I met this nice boy named Charlie. Charlie and I developed a great friendship at camp and started doing everything together. Well as it turned out we snuck off down by the river and we started to kiss. I let him slip his hands inside my t-shirt to rub my flat chest. I could feel his hard-on touching my legs. I looked down and could see his his shorts looked like a teepee. I slid my hand down and I grabbed his hard-on when he brushed it against my hand. I was amazed how hard it felt and could hear him gasp. He started pumping his shorts covered penis in my hand, when suddenly the shorts had worked there way far enough down his penis and I had his bare penis in my hands. I couldn’t help but look at his penis in my hand. I was shocked. His penis was deformed. It had this funky tip with loose floppy skin. I must have appeared shocked, because Charlie noticed my shocked expression. He asked what was wrong. “I said what is wrong with the tip of your dick.” Charlie looked down and said “Nothing, haven’t you ever seen a foreskin?” He proceeded to explain about circumcision. Being curious I lowered my head to get a good look at his dick. I slowly retracted the skin, exposing the more familiar mushroom shaped tip. I lowered my head and placed a kiss on the smooth tip. I licked the tip of his penis and then covered the now much enlarged head with his foreskin and started to lick the soft folds of skin. I could hear him moaning as I slid tongue around his penis. I continued to massage his penis shaft with my tongue, while rolling the skin over his penis head and then back off. After a short while a small drop of cum appeared at the head of his penis. I licked it off, and quickly pulled my tongue off his penis, and made an ugly face. Charlie saw the face and said. That’s OK, you don’t have to swallow it.” I said, “Thanks,” and got back to my new toy. I loved the feel of his penis with the foreskin covering the head in my mouth. It felt so exotic. I continued to lick the shft as he shot a short stream of cum onto the ground. This was followed by a longer stream. After several spurts, he started sputtering, and then stopped altogether, followed by his penis quickly softening. As his penis shrank down, the floppy skin automatically recovered his tiny softened penis. I started to laugh at how funny it looked. I reached out and felt the soft skin and started to once again stroke it again. But it stayed soft. So I slid the floppy little thing between between my lips and slid the soft skin back off the head with my tongue. It still stayed soft. Charlie stated that it would take awhile before it could harden again. Since I didn’t want to loose my virginity, I never did sleep with Charlie, but I have developed a great love for uncircumcised penises, thanks to Charlie. I love uncircumcised penises, and now will only have sex with a man with an un-cut dick.

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