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My aunt

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: aunts house
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was 15 at the time and i live in the Uk. I just arrived home from school and on my front door was a note saying that my parents were out and I should go to my aunts and uncles house. I arrived there and knocked the door then my aunt answered. My aunt is in her mid 40s with big breasts and an amazing ass. She was wearing a skirt with black tights and a tanktop which really shows off her breasts. She told me to come on in and sit down. I sat down on the sofa beside my uncle and then my aunt came and sat down beside us. We all talked for a while then my uncle had to go to work. I was just sitting watching tv and my aunt was upstairs. I then had to go to the toilet. I walked upstairs and knocked on the door. No body replied so I walked on in. When I walked in my aunt was standing naked and drying herself after she had a shower. She quickly covered up but I saw a glimpse of her shaven pussy. I apolgised and walked out embarassed. I went back downstairs and sat down but I had a massive hard on. My aunt walked down in a dressing gown and came in. The tv remote was on the ground so she bent over the get it. When she was bent over i could see part of her ass so she had nothing underneath her dressing gown. She sat down beside me and turned the tv volume down. She said that I should not be embarassed that I walked in on her. I said ok. She noticed a bulge in my trousers and said it looks like seeing me naked has made u hard. She then put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing it. She said since I caused this I better fix it. I pulled off my trousers and she immediately put my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. It felt so good and she moved her hand up and down it jerking me off. After awile she stood up and opened her dressing gown to let it fall off. I stood up beside her and pulled her close and started kissing her. I lay her down on the sofa and opened her legs. I licked her shaven pussy while playing with her big tits. She started moaning my name. She then said for me to put my cock in her. I got on top of her and slide my hard cock in her. I pumped at a steady speed then got faster. She was saying oh yes yes fuck ur aunt harder harder. I was about to pull out for to cum but she said she was on the pill so I should cum inside her. I cummed and we lay there together holding eachother.
Westill fuck to this very day alough once when I was having sex with her doggiestyle in the kitchen my uncle walked in and caught us. He threw me out and divorced my aunt. Now my aunt lives with my parents and every night we sleep together

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