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my aunt

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: aunts house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well I lived with my aunt and uncle since my mom recently kicked me out at the time and I liked it there. Especially because my aunt was fucking sexy. She had nice legs a big ass for a white girl and some b cup sized boobs. My uncle was cool as hell he smoked weed with me and drank with me. Well my uncle has a job that requires him to travel a lot so he left me to make sure hus family is safe. I didn’t mind that all since when the kids went to skool I was alone with my aunt for 6 hours a day. I fantasized about having sex with her everytime I masturbated in the shower, a couple of time she showered with the door unlocked and she had a clear stand up shower in her room so I could see her washing her self down when I opened the door to peek in and see her naked. I think she saw me and didn’t tell me about it. I kept wondering how I would ask her to fuck me. But one day my uncle was out of town on business and gonna be gone the whole week. And the kids all went to school. And we were just sitting there not talking so I asked her to take me for a ride on her street bike because I wanted to grind on her ass when we were riding. She said yes so we hopped and I grabbed her sexy ass hips to hold on. So we started riding and her as started bouncing and rubbing on my dick and it was no longer than a minute later I was pokin through my shorts.I was hoping she wouldn’t feel it and she didn’t at first and then we hit a bump and I leaned forward and poked the shit out of her lower back with it. She didn’t say anything the whole ride home. After we got back and I was set up watching tv and sitting in the recliner, my aunty walks in the living room a robe on. And silently looks at me like she was checking me out and walks up close and sits on my lap. She sucked on my ear and kissed my neck a little bit and then she started rubbin her booty all over my lap and my dick. She got me hard instantly. I opened the robe to find out she’s in a red thong and a red bra. She turned around and faced me while still sitting on my lap. And she said. “U like my ass baby? Well I’m gonna fuck u so hard just because ur my babyboy!:)” I was like let’s go! She took off her bra and I took off my shirt then she took off her thong and I took of my pants and boxers. I sat back down in the chair and my aunt grabbed my dick and started licking my balls and cock like a dog does a bone. And when I got a hard on she started spitting on my dick and deep throating it so I just grabbed her head and mouth fucked her really bad! I finnaly just blew a fat load deep in her throat and and made her swallow it! After that we moved to the bed, and I got on my knees on the floor while she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide. And I went straight to eating her pussy. It was so sweet! I was sucking on her pussy lips and tounge fucking her until her clit popped out and then I just sucked her clit while fingering her with 2 fingers until she came in my mouth. Then I got back up on the bed with her and she jacked me off until I was hard again, once I got fully hard she faced away from me and dropped her pussy on my dick reverse cowgirl style. And started bouncing her fat ass on my huge hard cock! We switched around and I fucked her doggystyle, I was punding her 30yr old pussy! She came all over my cock and balls and stomach!!! It made me so horny. So I made her lay on her back so I can titty fuck her until I cum! So I did and she was spitting on my dick and licking the tip every tim I poke her in the face with it. After like 20 minutes of titty fucking I still didn’t come so I picked her up smacked her ass for a minute while kissing and lickin it. And licking and sucking on her perky hard niddples. Then I pulled her off the bed and bent her over it and went back to doggystyle but this time I fucked her in the ass! And ohhhhh was it tight!! But it felt so good!! I fucked the shit out of her ass until I busted a nut andx filled it up with my cum! We fucked like this every day until my uncle got back. And when he got back the first thing that she said is that we just fucked baby! So I start babblin since idk what to say. And my uncle goes, “hey man its okay I wanted u to fuck my wife! She can suck dick like a pro huh?” I was like yeah she is sexy and yeah she sucked the cum right out of me. Lol the very next day I wake up and ask my uncle for a cigarette and my aunt is sucking his dick butt ass naked while he watching t.v. He just tells me to come over and sit down. So I did and she took his big cock out of her mouth and started sucking my cock until I got hard and then she took my dick all the way down her throat rapidly while jerkin my uncle cock off with spit. Then she jumped on my lap and started booty poppin on my dick! Meanwhile she was leaning over me sucking my uncles dick. I ended up moving away but still came over to kick it and swing with my aunt and uncle so I would be fucking my aunt while my uncle was fucking my wife!

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