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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: in my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Heads UP folks, this one is real !

Understand that I am looking back many years, with an adult perspective and adult perception, examining and relating an event with facts and actions I did not fully understand at the time. Only now, as an adult, am I able to put these strong feelings and ideas into comprehensible words.

When I was young, we lived in a farm house with one great big bedroom. Mom and Dads bed on one side, mine on the other. I was an only child. From time to time, a cousin or one of Moms young sisters would spend the night. They would sleep in bed with me.
And of course, all my girl cousins and I had all felt each other in bed, and we played “doctor” every time we were alone together for more than ten-minutes. That’s normal. There was no TV, so kids did things together. Things were different in the 1950’s.

An Aunt, six-years older than me, spent the night when I was just-12. That night when she thought I was asleep, she slowly slid her hand over to my crotch, opened my pajamas and played with my dick and balls. Both she and her older sister had done that several times before. This night was the first time my aunt slept over in almost a year. I had since passed the stage of being indifferent toward girls. I was now very curious about girls and sex. I pretended to sleep, and let her play with me all she wanted. It felt good! I even produced a nice firm erection of my five-inch dick for her to fondle. She obviously got excited when I got hard. She moaned softly and started breathing heavy. She was holding it with both hands, gently fondling me when we dozed off.

All the next day she would rub her tits against me, or her butt, or bend over letting me see down inside her blouse. At dinner, she sat by me, with her hand on my thigh, massaging gently up to my dick.

The next night I lay on my side, facing her, like the previous night. I feigned to be asleep. She boldly opened my fly and pulled out my dick. I produced another erection for her. She fondled it until there was snoring in the other bed. She pulled her flannel gown up above her waist and quietly slipped out of her panties. She moved close to me, and rubbed the head of my hard dick inside her vulva. She rubbed the head up against the end of her clit until she was breathing hard and trembling. She tried to stuff my dick in her vagina, but her hand was in the way. She moved it, leaving my dick in the vestibule of her vagina. I stirred slightly and she froze. I pushed my hips toward her, and the head of my dick slipped past her hymen into her warm, slippery vagina. She inhaled sharply through her mouth.

She gently and slowly reached over me, placing her hand in the small of my back. She pressed me closer, taking my dick in deeper. She slowly raised her left leg up high, reaching over me, and placing her foot behind my waist. This fine move turned her mound up, moving her vagina closer to me. I slowly pushed all five-inches of my dick into her warm, slippery vagina. She started squeezing me and pulling my dick with her inside muscles. It felt real good. I could hear her breathing hard. I could feel her heart racing and pounding. It was a wonderful feeling, being inside her. I liked it a lot. She moved closer and then away, sliding my dick in and out a couple inches. I had some strange, very strong feelings in my genitals and lower abdomen. My dick pulsed and throbbed, so I pushed it deep inside her. I hoped I was shooting her full of semen, but I was a little young for that (so I thought)!
We remained on our sides, and she worked out on my dick with her vagina for a long, LONG time. Every few minutes she would breathe hard and grind her snatch against me, while pressing me into her with her left foot and her hand behind me. A few times she seemed to have spasms inside her puss Things in there would move, and squeeze me, and rub rhythmically against the head of my dick. It sure felt good! Apparently we dozed off, coupled, and rolled apart during the night.

The next morning was Monday, and a work-day for Mom. She left us in bed and quietly left for work about 7AM. Dad was already out milking the cows and doing chores. We were alone in the house, and both of us were wide awake. When I opened my eyes, she was staring into mine. She kissed me on the lips for the first time ever. I kissed her back.

She asked if I had been asleep last night. I told her “No, and not the other nights either”.
She giggled sheepishly. She asked me if I wanted to touch her all over. I told her I did. She threw the covers back and shed her gown. She was nude underneath it. She lay down and I explored her fine, young body with my hands and eyes. I had never seen pubic hair before. All the girls I played house or doctor with were too young to have pubic hair. I touched her nice C-cup breasts, but was not interested in sucking them. I was too big for that. She said it was her turn, and told me to take my pajamas off. I did. She ran her hands over me a while, then asked if I wanted to have some more fun, like last night. I said yes.

She laid on her back, spread her legs, and held her pussy open. She was wet and glistening. She told me to stick my “Trigger” in there. I had an erection already.
I crawled over on top of her and stuck my very hard five-inch dick all the way into her. She held me by the hips and slid me back and forth over her clit. She started hunching and squirming, crossed her legs, snorted, moaned, squealed a little and had an obviously strong orgasm.

She raised her knees and spread wider, pushing her fantastic mound straight up in the air. She asked me to pump in and out of her while she held her legs wide apart, and in the air. I did, and she orgasmed again.

She wrapped me up in her legs, and I thought she was going to crush me. She orgasmed again and again while I humped her mound.

She finally pooped out, straightened her legs and crossed her ankles under me. She lay still a moment. I like the feel of being inside her, so I kept pushing deep into her. Pretty soon she was having more orgasms under me. Again and again, one after another.

We rolled over with her on top, we did it doggy style, from behind, her laying across the bed and me standing between her legs, her sitting on me, and probably several other positions that I cant remember.

We kept at it until we heard Dad walk onto the porch, outside. We scrambled for clothes and composure, and slid back under the bed covers. It was almost 10 O clock, and dad came to get us up out of bed. We pretended to awaken and get up slowly, like normal lazy kids on a summer morning.

During all that fucking, my erection never failed. I fucked her for three hours straight, with a fine hard that never went down. I was fucking her every instant of the time. I guess because I did not “shoot off” in her, my dick never got the message to go limp. I do not know, but it was primo! When she cleaned up, she said she was full of “white stuff”. Maybe I did juice her that first time. Thinking back, it sure felt like it.

Later that day we talked about what had happened, and how much fun we had. She was a virgin, too, she said. She told me she had played with my dick every time she stayed overnight for as long as she could remember. She said when I got an erection last night, she could not stand it any longer, she had to be fucked, right NOW! What a pleasant, unexpected surprise for both of us.

Well, that was my genuine first time, and hers too. It was certainly not our last! It was the start of a fantastic enrichment of our interpersonal relationship.

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