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My best friends and I first time.

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Me (16) and my friend John (15) were watching porno movies while my parents were sleeping like we did every weekend. We both knew we were hard so we went down to my room and dropped down our shorts. We both looked at each others cocks being about the same length and width. I asked him if he ever jacks off when he gets horny and of course he said yes. He asked me the same and I replied with the same answer as he did. I then asked him if he didnt mind if I jacked off right now and he said he wanted todo the same. Pretty soon we were both jacking off for a few minutes until we blew our load into some paper napkins we had laying around. That was the end of saturday.

Sunday it was around 12-1pm and my parents went shopping at Walmart and then the local mall for a few hours so we had time to watch some more porno movies. This time it was of a woman fucking a man. She had a dick around 3-4 inchs, a little about an inch smaller than ours as we had 5 inchs a peice. We thought this was disgusting but curious as we were we continued to keep watching it. I found this really exciting once it progressed on but I dont know about John. As the man was sucking her dick and then hovered his ass over her cock and she began fucking him while he jacked himself off. I was wondering how it would feel to get fucked in the ass and have my cock sucked. I asked my friend if he thought this was turning him on after about 15 minutes of watching it and he said sorta. I said lets jack off and be both pulled down our shorts. After we both came watching this woman fuck a mans ass there was this woman getting gang banged by 10 guys. She was suckin dick, getting her ass and pussy fucked at the same time. This turned both of us on as our cocks were rock hard again. While the few guys where busy fucking her, the other guys that were waiting their turn were begining to fuck and suck each other. We thought wow this is weird. Then we let that scene run out and then a few minutes went by and 2 guys were on a couch. One of them began sucking the others cock and then you could tell the guy came because cum ran out his lips. Then the other guy got his dick sucked and the both got naked. Then the camera man got really close up to this guys ass. The guy stuck his cock in the asshole and started fucking. I could tell John was hard because he had a little tent in his shorts.

I said lets jack off again and he complied. We both took out our cocks again but this time I asked him if he wants to try something different. He said what and I said, “i wanna suck your cock like the guy in the video this time”, then he said “I’ve wondered what it would be like since we started watching this porno. Ok but when your done I wanna suck you too”. My cock was throbbing when he said that. So I turned off the porno and we went into my bedroom so my parents wont walk in on us. We both got naked and I had him on the edge of my bed with his legs spread just enough for me to suck his cock. I started sucking it and I loved it. It tasted so nice from all the pre-cum and the extra cum from when we had jacked off. As it was only 5 inchs I could swallow it whole which I know he liked alot. About 5 minutes into it he said he was gonna cum, he then said if you swallow it I will swallow you too. Then he let out a moan and let a stream of cum hit the back of my throat. It tasted kinda salty. I got on the floor and got on my back. I spread my legs inviting him to suck my cock. I told him to pull down my skin to make it tight so it would feel alot better. He did that and as I watched his head bob up and down taking my cock whole into his mouth I was about to come. I told him and a 20 seconds later I coated his throat with hot steamy cum. I told him I loved that and he said he liked it too.

I asked him what he thought of the guys when they were getting fucked in the ass and he said he was curious about that too. I said so lets try it, it cant hurt anything. He said ok. But we both knew thats where we shitted from so we both took a shit first and then cleaned our asses with soap. I said I’m gonna fuck you first and he said OK. After we cleaned ourselves from the bathroom we headed back to my room. I put a sleeping bag on the ground so the carpet wont hurt our backs and knees. I told him to lay on his back and to spread and hold his legs in the air. I spit on my fingers and wet his ass a little bit cause thats what they did in the porno. I then tried to fuck him but was new at it so it was hard. I told him to get up so I could lay on my back. With my cock standing up I said put your ass over it and sit down which he did. He then started bouncing up and down and it was awesome. He said it felt great and I reached around and started to whack him off while fucking his ass. He came in my hands and it was all goey. I told him to get the towel and whipe my hands off while we were still fucking. His tight ass felt great around my cock and I was about to cum. Then left few strokes sent me over the edge and I came in his ass. John said he could feel the cum cause it was hot. John said he wanted to fuck me while I layed on my back with my legs spread in the air. As i spread them I scooted my ass up a little bit so he could reach my hole. He planted his arms on the floor near my waist and I put his dick near the hole of my ass. He then pushed in and I felt a bit of pain. The pain soon went away and I was enjoying him ramming his cock in my ass. He started jerking me off and I said I was gonna cum, but he didnt grab for the towel. Instead he stopped fucking me and put a finger in my ass while he sucked my dick making me cum like I never did before. John said his mouth was more full with cum than the first time he sucked it. He started fucking my ass again and I started making the muscles in my ass move and then I felt hot cum gush inside me and John fell onto my chest.

We did this just about every weekend whenever he or I slept at eachothers houses. We started fucking in other positions and places a few months later. Places like the shower, we did it once in a private shower stall at a health club, we also snuck outta pe class once and sucked eachother 15 minutes before the bell rang. A few months ago John moved to Vegas and I just talk with him on IRC for a few times a week. He’s coming down this summer and hopefully we can have some fun like we did in the past. Btw this is a true story, not one of those with the 15 yr old kids with 9″ cocks. That’s just crazy.

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