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my best friends dad

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my best friend's living room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

i stayed the night at my best friends house one night when her boyfriend rang
she told me she would only be a minute and walked into her room
i sat in the living room of my best friends dads house watching tv waiting for my friend to get off the phone
my best friends dad came in a sat down next to me with the remote
he changed the channel to a channel with a movie
the movie was rated M so i watched it with him
my friends dad was young only about 28 and he was really cute
he kept smiling at me and touching my legs
i didnt stop him because i knew he was cute
i suddenly heard my friend lock her door so i decided i could do something now
i look back at him and smiled
i was wearing a short skirt and a white tank top and he was wearing shorts and a tshirt
the hand on my leg moved closer and closer up my leg until he stopped where my skirt started
he moved his hand up my skirt and started feeling my pussy
i stood up and looked at him
i was a talk skinny type and he was about the same height as me and about the same build
i slowly took my tank top off and undid my bra
i took off my skirt and my undies and smiled at him again
he took his shorts and jocks off and tshirt and lay me down on the ground
i opened my legs up and he stuck his dick in me
he took it out quickly and asked if i was menstrating yet
i told him yes but i didnt care so he quickly stuff it back in
me and him heard my friend screaming from her room as if she was having an orgasm so we assumed she was busy in phone sex or something so we kept going
he came in my mouth and we did everything
at about 10pm we quickly got dressed because we heard my friend undoing the lock of her room
we sat back down on the couch and watching the end of the movie
my friend came out and told me we were going to a party
i said no i wanted to go to bed and to slep but she wanted to go so i told her she could go by herself and i would stay at home
once my friend had left me and her dad went back at it
in the morning we woke up by my friend knocking on the door
her dad was still in me so he quickly got out and we got dressed and i went into her room while he answered the door
she came in and woke me up not that i was asleep anyway
she told me that she slept at her boyfriends and they had sex without a condom
i asked her what she was doing on the phone and she told me the truth
she was having phone sex
i never told her about me and her dad and sometimes we do fuck
i still enjoy it

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