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My best friends husband

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: At my best friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well, it happened during the fall of 1998. My best friend had gone away for the weekend to her friends cabin in maine and her and her husband were in a rough time where they needed to be away from each other, she asked me to drop by the house to see if he was cheating on her so i did.It was a friday night and when i went there he was home alone and asked me to stay and talk to him for awhile because he was bored.I have to say i did like before they got married so i stayed and we talked for alittle the next thing i knew it was midnight. I told him i needed to go but he asked if i would stay the night and he would sleep on the couch
at first i said no but it was late so i said ok we started to watch a movie and i feel asleep after the movie he woke me and ask if i want the bed and i said no so he got up and went into the bedroom. about 15minutes later i got and went into the bed room ad layed on next to him.i turned over away from him and he put his arm around me and held me tight it felt ggod so i let him. Then as i started to fall asleep i felt his hand move up towards my breast and he started to rub it through my shirt and bra. At first i want to stop him but i let him continue then he reached up to my face and turned me towards and started to kiis me i felt so good
that i kissed him back the next thing i knew we were kissing passiontaly and and i start to rub his chest and he lift up my shirt and bra and started to rub my nipples i started to get excited and took mu shirt and bra off. then he went down and started to on them as his hand started to rub up and down my thigh. I was so hot i open my legs and he started to rub my pussy with my pants still. I reach down and felt his cock through his underwear i started to rub his cock when he nbuttom my pants and pulled then off with my unddies then he went down and started to lick alround my pussy i was so wet form him touching me i grabbed his head grid my pussy onto his face
This man knew right where to lick the next thing i knew his tongue was in my pussy and his finger was rubbing my asshole it felt so good that i lifted up my ass and his finger went right in my ass as i started to move up and down . Then he got up and pulled his under off and out popped his cock hard and thick i took it in my hand and started tojerk him off hard then i pulled it away and climb between my legs and started to rub it along my pussy and asshole then he slide it right in my wet pussy he felt so good in me i wrap my legs around him and sqeezed and told him go deeper and faster we went at it for about 15minutes when he said he was about to cum and i grabbed him and pull him deeper as i felt his hot cum in my pussy
then he pulled out and went down and eat me out for a half hour and we kissed each other good night.The next morning i woke before him and he was still naked and so was i .As he was still sleeping i took his cock and started to suck it
he woke up and grabbed my head and fucked my mouth he told me he was ready to cum so i stop and climb on him and lowered my ass and slide his cock in it and we stated to fuck again he told me he never did anal sex so i told him to let me do the work it felt goog in me i started to go deeper when he came i got up got dress and kissed him good bye
It was the bestsex i had in a long time i wish we still talked because i would do him every chance i could

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