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My Best Fuck Buddy

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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: 58 Chevy
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I will use only initials as I don’t want my Hubby or R’s wife to know who this is about.
I met R at the VFW club in Memphis when I (S) was there with my boy friend at the time. He was sitting at the table next to us and when my date went to the restroom, R asked me to dance. He was a terrific dancer and I asked him if he was a regular here at the Club and he said yes—how about you? I told him that this was my first time here but I was having a very enjoyable time especially now that I’ve danced with you. My boy friend was not a good dancer. (that’s where the First Time fits in) I gave hime my phone number and asked him to call me some time and we could continue this dance thing.
I told my date that I wasn’t feling too well and asked him to take me home if he didn’t mind. As we passed R’s table, I leaned over and told him to make that call in about 30 minutes or so. Well he did and I told him where I lived and said “Come get me”. He was there in about 15 – 20 minutes and wwe went to a drive in restaurant and ordered cokes to mix with the bourbon that R had in his car. After 2 or 3 drinks, on top of what I had at the club, I was warming up—literally—all over—especially sexually. I had been sexually active since I was fourteen years old. I got pregnant at 18 and got married to the father of my son. That didn’t work out and was now divorced. I was screwing my current boy friend on occaision but I didn’t this night. But, damn, I was getting right for the picking and R was about to get his first pussy from me.
We got it on at the drive-in and R did a fine job of it.
By the time he got it in me I was hitting a climax, the first of many with him.
Wel R became my steady fuck buddy after that. We fucked in that Chevy, motels,and at my parents house. I had moved back in with my Mother and step-dad because I didn’t make enough to have an apartment and child care while I worked. I had a VERY regular period and marked a pocket calendar with my fertile days in blue. So when R and I were out, he’d ask what color day it was and for 5 days in the middle of my cycle I would say: ” I’m very sad and blue today”—he would then know—no pussy tonight but It didn’t keep us from dancing the night away and having a gfood time. In the first part of 1960, R bought a 1960 Austin-Healy sport car. The first time we fucked in it as in a chuech parking lot near my home. He sat in the passenger seat, left the door open, and straddled him with my left foot out side on the pavement to help give me some leverage to move my body up and down on his cock that always hit bottom in my pussy.
R had a boat and we would go water skiing at the lake ther in town and often fucked in the lake while our friends were near by on the beach. I loved being fucked by R and never ever turned him down. His company transferred him to Little Rock Arkansas in November of ’60 and our alnmost daily fucks got reduced to the weekends only. I went over
from Memphis several weekends and on one visit, we never left his apartment. In fact, I never put clothes on until
R took me to the airport to catch a plane home. At that time it was only a 30 minute flight and cost about $25.00.
ON my last trip over, R had to work on saturday morning and while snooping thru his stuff, I found a letter from his ex-wife telling him how much she had enjoyed driving over getting some of his “good dick” once again.
Well that was it for me and I started dating again and soon met my second husband to be. One weekend R was in town and was at the VFW club and some one there told him that I was getting married again, He called me and we talked a while and I told him that I was getting married
next Sunday. He came back to Memphis on Friday night before I was to get married and called me and said that he just wanted to congratulate me and that he’d brought me a wedding present. I told him that I was spending the day with my fiance and his family Saturday and I didn’t know when he could bring the present. I called him When I got home late saturday afternoon and he asked if he could come over and bring it. I had moved into the apartment that I was to sharwe with my new Hubby. He got there about 7:30
and didn’t leave until abou 7:00 sunday morning. The present was that terrific dick of his and we fucked all night long—the eve of my wedding no less. I can truthfully say that I was fucked by two different men on my wedding day!
R married soon after that, moved to Alabama for a few years and then back to Memphis. We lived only two blocks apart—did’t know that until I ran into him at the grocery store. Sure enjoyed talking to him—made my blood run warm just being near him. We would meet every now and then at the grocery and one Saturday he told me that he would be in Corinth Ms this coming Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It’s about a two hour drive to Corinth so Wednesday morning after my hubby left for his office, I drove to Corinth for a reunion with that dick of R’s.
Again, the 4 hour fuck session was terrific.
I also met him several weeks later at my mother’s house for a short session.
R and his wife and 3 children moved to the south part of Shelby County. A couple of years later I had met Hubby to be #3 and was getting ready to move with him to my present home in Chattanooga and I knew that I mat never see him again so I called him at his office and after a few ninutes R told me that a single fellow at his office said that he could borrow his appartment for the afternoon.
I met him there and had several more hours of terrific fucking. This was in 1976 and the last time I saw R.
1958-1976—–18 years, on and off, of good fucking! He was 3 yearss older than me and I often wonder if at his age
we could still get it on. I do know that if I ever see him again, I’ll most definately welcome the oportunity to let him have me again. I found this website and knew that I had to post this story of mine. It’s been 24 years now since I had the pleasure of his body, but I’ll remember him as long as I live. So, girls, when you find a good one, don’t let it get away!!!!

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