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My Biggest “Finger”

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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: Back Yard Spa
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

When I was in high school my piano teacher used to compliment me on what nice long fingers I had — ideal for tickling the ivories. My girlfriend, Jeanette, thought they were nice, too. She loved to have me finger fuck her when we were out on dates — on the car, at the movies, on the beach. And I loved having a couple of them exploring her vagina as often as possible. It gave her a lot of pleasure, but I told her that it would give ME a lot more pleasure if she’s let me use my biggest and longest “finger” — my 8-1/2 inch penis, but she’d never let me. Finally, when we got into college, and were home on Summer vacation, we were in my backyard one night in July. We were using the backyard spa that my folks had bought, but they weren’t home on this particular night, and Jeanette and I were out there all by ourselves. As I sat next to her in the water with the bubbles going all around, I went into my usual routine of reaching down into her swimsuit pants, and fingering her. She was getting a lot of satisfaction, but I really wanted to fuck her badly, and my cock was ready for action, and so I whispered in her ear that “I could sure reach a lot higher with my 8″ inch finger if you’d just let me.” Well, the mood must have been just right that night, and so she slipped off her bottoms, and then her top, and she said, “O.K., but don’t cum inside me. You’ve got to pull out before you climax.” I promised and took off my trunks and in seconds my penis was up inside her rubbing up and down with every bit of energy I could muster. It felt so damn good. My first time! No condom. Just flesh against flesh. Nive and tight. The more I fucked her, the more she just laid back and relaxed and she kept telling me how much she loved it. Well, you know what happened, I’m sure. We were both caught up in this passionate embrace, there in this warm, bubbly water, and after about 15 minutes I was pumping my sperm into to her and we were both climaxing at the same time. She yelled, “Tom, I love it! I love it! Please keep it in there. Please!Please! And I did.

I finally got to use the biggest and longest “finger” I had.

We were so lucky that night. She didn’t get pregnant, and we were very careful after that. She got on the pill, but before she did that, I did use condoms. We just graduated last year, and plan on getting married soon, just as soon as we both find jobs.

O yes, I still play the piano, and use those fingers also in foreplay.

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