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My Biology Teacher

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: inside a the tent
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I had this teacher in high school. She was a fresh graduate of some university. It was her first year as a teacher when i met her. pretty and sexy she was. However she was very short. Nevertheless she was a great girl. She was my biology teacher. As, time passed, we developed some sort of mutual understanding between ourselves .
We no longer had a teacher-student relationship. We were more than just friends. Later on, our school prepared a field trip for our class. We would spend 4 days of camping in the outdoors exploring our environment. Our class, composed of thirty-nine, would be accompanied by four supervisors and her. We were ask to divide ourselves into groups of two. And each group would bring their own tent and all of camping equipment that we were asked to bring. We were only thirty-nine. That means that one us will have to be the buddy of a supervisor. That guy was me. Fortunately, my biology teacher volunteered to be my partner. My first time happened on the first night. I was the last student to enter his tent. My biology teacher was came later after she had checked on my classmates.When she came in, she took her jacket off and placed in near her pillow. Then she under the blanket and we kissed each other good night. After about twenty minutes she was still awake. Both of us could not sleep. i asked her why and she said she was uncomfortable. So i asked why? She told me that she was feeling a little bit cold. So wrapped my self around her. I got aroused by doing this. I instanly got a hard on. She felt right away that my dick was getting hard. She turned and face me and said that i really had a nice bulge down there. She then told me that she really liked me and that she wanted to make love to me. I too told her that i wanted to make love to her. Suddenly she kissed me. We then kissed each other passionately. Then i inserted my hand under her shirt. I felt her hard nipples. Sensing that i want to fondle her nipples, she took of her shirt. She the nicest boobs that i’ve ever saw. They were round. Almost perfectly alike. I then started sucking her left nipple. then her right. I then glided my tongue downwards towards her stomach. The i went back to kiss her on her lips. She then inserted her hands into my boxers. She grabbed my 6-inched dick and tried to milk it. Then she swooped down to pull my boxers down. She then sucked my dick. I felt a formless warmth around my dick. Going up and down. She then later deep-throated me. I then came out. She drank all of it. Afterwards i slowly pulled off her pants. I was surprised to see that the under side of her pants was slightly wet. I threw off her pant and began to stoop down to suck her. She was very wet. I could see that her pubic hair near her hole was wet too. I then started to lick her. I licked her lips. I also licked and sucked her clit. Soon she cummed. She then asked not to beat around the bush anymore. She told me to shove it in. I then moved up on her. I asked her to guide into her. She got a hold of my dick and guided me inside her. I felt like i was in heaven. I then started pumping. She then started to moan. I asked her to keep her voice down so that the others won’t hear us. Soon i felt that i was going to cum. So i pulled it out fearing that i might get her pregnant. However she told me to not to worry and to continue because she was on the pill. I then shoved it back in and came right away in her. I took off and lay down while she sat on top of me and licked of the remaining cum on my dick. My dick then became hard again. She then inserted in into her ass. It was tight but good. I soon cummed. It was the greatest fuck of my life. Nobody knew about what had happened that night. Me and my bio teacher continued to fuck for the last two remainig nights of our field trip. But that was not he end of it. Up to now we would still meet with each other and have a great fuck. Whether it may be inside her class after class hours, in the school storage room or her house, we would always manage to have a great fuck.

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