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*!* My Boyriends Sister*!*

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My boyfriends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

A little bit about my relationship… Me and my boyfriend had been going out for about s and we ahd been having sex for about a year and a half. Our relationship wasnt at all complicated and I lovedbeing with him. We shared a lot of common interests and wanted to get married and have children some day.

The story and how it unfolds… One Saturday evening my boyfriend had invited me over for dinner and a movie with his familiy. Those attending included his mother Danielle, father Deadrick, brother Donald, sister Damekia, him Deadrick Jr, amd me Izmya. His mother had made his favorite meal, meatloaf. Well after dinner me and him were supposed to watch a movie and had agreed that I would spend the night. However, his ignorant friends called him to go out to a party. He asked me if I wanted to go, I refused because I was tired and now mad. He was canceling our plans to go out with those dumbasses! So I told him to take me home first. He begged me to stay, he said he would make it up to me when he returned. I was looking forward to on of our famous escapades that always left my knees quivering. I said what the heck I’ll stay and wait for my treat. He left and Damekia invited me to watch the movie, I agreed.
Now the Juicy part…and I do mean JUICY!!! The movie we weregoing to watch was Fast and the Furious, but instead we oppted for a romantic tragedy, the o so famous Titanic. That is my favorite movie, and I came to find out that it was near the top of her list too. I am a half mexican half black girl, and so is she. We both come from biracial families. We are both blesses with looks, caramel complexion, tits, ass, and beautiful faces. My boyfriend caramel skin also a very muscular brotha with a very blessed male sex organ (if you know what I mean). Anyways thought I’d give you visuals.

We watched the movie and at the end like every time I watch this movie I cried like a baby. Demekia was crying too. We ate popcorn, drank soda and talked about school. We were the same age both sophmores in high school, my boyfriend a senior. After that she invited me to her room to show me her dress for the junior-senior prom. I went up and sh easked me if I would let her know if it fits her right. I said of course girl and I will be completely honest. So she started to strip right in front of me. Of course girls do that all the time that’s a girl thing. I always undress in front of my friends we trade clothes all the time. But thid time was definately different. She didnt just undress she striped, taking of each piece of clohing slowly. She even took off her bra explaning that she won’t be wearing a bra with that gown.She even took off her panties cause she id’nt want a panty line. I was shocked, confused, and embarrasingly aroused. What is going on I asked my self? This is not happening, it’s not right is what I told myself. I tried to think of some kind of excuse to get out of the room because she kept giving me this look that I should have only been getting from my boyfriend. Then suddenly she asks me to zip up her dress. I nervously stood up walked over to her and helped her. Then she modled it to me. She looked slammin!(slang for damb good) I gave her my honest opinion and told her she looked good. We talked about the dress some more and I explained mine to her. Then she asked me to unzip it and help her get out of it. As I was unzipping her dress she began to sing a slow jam that goes like this “I wanna freak you,x4, then it says “Let me lick you up and down till you stay stop, let me play with your body baby make you feel hot, let me do all the things you want me to do, “, “Cause tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you””

I felt my body quiver with fear. But what was I scared of? A girl I think I was scared because I did’nt know if I was overreacting or was she actually coming on to me! After the dress was off I sat down on the bed, she went to her radio and put that same exact song on that she was singing. My heart started to beat thump thump thump. Now sh eis walking towards me on the bed her beautiful body glistining as she is putting lickable body oil all over herself…

Oh my god what is happening?… No not my boyfriends sister… What happens next is going to blow yalls mind. So she coming towardds my heart is beating, I’m seating, and getting hot. I try to stand up but sh epushes me back on the bed and puts one finger over my mouth. She puts the bottle of oil next to me on the bed. She then climbs on top of me and gives me a little pack on the cheak. I am so scared now but I like it to my surprise. I have never been with a girl and I had never cheated on my boyfriend. I kissed her back th time. We began to kiss passionately. I was getting excited, and by the look of her nipples so was she. We kissed like that for about three or four minutes. Then she told me to stand up. I did. She kissed me as she slowely moved each piece of clothing. She removed my bra and played with my breasts. I made tink moans because I was so excited it was so unbelievable. Then she told me to lie down. She got onto pulled my panties slowly while licking her lips and sing the whole time. I joined in on the singing. The mood was, and I we were ready for our adventure. One like no other. She climbed on top pf me. We kissed passionately and she moved down and sucked my tits, licking them slowely. I did the same. Let’s just say sh eled the show. She began to rub my wet pussy. OOHHH!! how good that felt. A girl knows how anothergirl likes it and where she likes it. i began doing the same, sticking my fingers in her waiting pussy slowly, and gently. I was so hot. She started down kissing my bellybutton playing with my belly ring. Then she went lower firtst starting at my outer thighs moving into my inner thighs. Then there it came the licking of my cat. She moved so slowly much better than her brother. She licke dmy clit and gently biting and blowing on it. She then poured oil on me it gives a mild burning sensation when licked and gently blowed on. That is exactly what she did. She lickd me up and down playing with my pussy and still singing with that song on repeat. She licked me until I came all in her mouth and down her tits.It was finally my turn. I began at her forehead and worked my way down, biting her nipples, and playing with her belly ring as well. When I got down to her throbbing pussy I slowly licked around her vagina opening, teasing but pleasing. I took both pussy lips into my mouth, almost gargling. I stuck my toung all in her juicy pussy. UMMMM it tastes so good shes moaning oh yesssss baby suck that pussy bitch. I was like a bitch sucking for money.

That was my first time eating pussy but I could of fooled even the pros. I ate her pussy so good she was climbbing further up in the bed trying to get away from the pleasure. She came all in my mouth as well and I licked it all up, every drop. She then got up and said let me get my toy. She did. It was a double headed dildo that two girls can use time. Oh we had fun we both sucked it off and then one at eached end fucked like crazy. We kissed and fucked I then took it out of my pussy and played with it in her pussy. I would take it out and lick some more, put it back in and repeat myself. She came and again I helped myself to another serving. She repeated what I did I felt ultimate pleasure she sucked and fucked me with the dildo it was awesome. She then had me turn around and put the dildo in my ass, oh it felr so good. She also turned around and inserted it into her ass as well. We fucked like that for the longest time. We both played with our clits and pushed ourselves to climax. When we took the dildo out we licked it passionately. We kissed and licked eachother. I got on top of her in the 69 position and I ate her pussy like crazy fingering her as well. She did the same. We moaned so loudly not worrying about her parents hearing us. This continued much into the night. When we were finished neither of us felt dirty. It did’nt feel wrong, it felt so right. We kissed, cuddled, and talked about the situation. We decided to be together. Why? you ask. No one had ever mad us feel like oneanothe did so we just could’nt let it go. My boyfriend returned and we called the whole family to the living room. We told them of our beautiful act. Of course they were shocked, pissed off, and refused to hear anymore. I was blammed for the incident, but Damekia explained that she was the agressor.

The conclusion… Now we are happily married with two children a girl Dameshia, and a boy Izrael. I love my family and my wife who could of been my sister-in-law. You see the similarities in our childrens manes to ours. I don’t regret what happened, Dameshias family diowned her as well as my own. But hey we are still living, not losing any sleep, or missing any meals. We could never bee happier. And our sex life is as good as the first time, if not better.
Dedicated to my sweet tasting pussy licking wife Damekia. I love you baby and I always will. After you read this come to momma and lets suck, and lick, and fuck like never before. Love, Izmya

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