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my brother fuked me

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: bathroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was taking a shower on a warm Sunday after noon. When my brother walked in to the bathroom and said he need to go really bad. he is my twin brother so closed the curtain and unlocked the door and wet on with my shower after a few min, he leaved. After i was done, i pull opened the shower curtain, expecting to be alone wile i am naked. but i saw my brother standing there, with all his cloth on. “what are u doing here, i thought i already left.” i screamed at him.( did i mention that our parents were out of town for a business meeting?)anyway, he said nothing and moved toward me slowly. “what do you want” i asked a little calmer this time “i am naked, get out!” but he didn’t get out, or stop moving toward me. suddenly he hugged me closer and French-kissed me. then, at that moment, i felt like i am in heaven. and i have always wanted his crook in my pussy ever since the day i “accidentally” saw his crook. this went on for like about 2 min, and then he stopped, just staring at my nipples. i said ” well, what are u waiting for? i am all yours.” as soon as i said that, he started to suck on my nipples and fingering my pussy. i rubbed his crook through his pants and i can feel it is getting rock hard. this goes on, until he finally took off all his cloth and start robing his crook on my pussy, then, he pushed the now swollen head of his 6-inch-long crook against the opening of my pussy. i can’t take it any more, i grabbed his ass and pushed his crook half-way in. that feeling was good, too good to be described. he understood my meaning and moving it in and out, and faster and faster each time. he is moving it in 1/2 a inch each time. until i can tell he is about to cum, i told him he can cum in my pussy, so he rammed it all the way in and god it felt good. i felt him cumming inside me. them i came too, he got down and licked my pussy, then he kissed me again with both of our cum on his lip. i didn’t stop one bit and i lick and swolled his cum, and it tast good. that was both of our first but neither was our last time. we fucked a lot of time after that, i even oraled him cupple of time, and god it was good.

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