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My brother’s friend

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Where it happened: His car
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Category: Straight

I knew Paul for about s, because he’s friends with two of my older brothers. One day I went to visit my brother at his house. His fiance, couple of his friends and Paul were there too. Me and Paul were playing around with eachother all day, like wrestling around and grabbing eachothers asses and stuff like that. I really liked Paul and when we were messing around I could feel so much sexual attraction between us. Well we didn’t have sex that night, yet, but we did make out in his car after we left my brother’s house. I’ve like him for as long as I’ve known him and so when we were making out in his car at the park i felt comfortable enough to let him take my shirt and bra off. Well I wasn’t really prepared to have sex yet, because i was drinking a lot at my brothers house and had a buzz going but wasn’t drunk enough to fuck. So I agreed to call Paul later that week and have sex with him.
So on Thrusday (four days later) I called Paul and he came to pick me up at my house. I was so nervous because I was a virgin and I knew he wasn’t. Because my brother’s fiance said she talked to him and found out that he only had sex with four other women before, and she said for a 22-year old that’s pretty good. I didn’t want to have my first time with someone who had sex with like 20 different women. Anyways, when I got into the car we started to drive towards this park which is somewhat near my house. I could tell that he was nervous from the way he was talking. Before we made out that Sunday after we were at my brother’s house he told me how i can never tell anyone, and he compalianed about how young i was, but that didn’t stop either one of us. And I knew if my brothers found out they’d beat the shit out of him and he’s go to jail for having sex with a minor. Anyways, when we got to the park I got on top of him and we started kissing and he took off my shirt and bra. Then as he was starting to unzip my pants he asked if i was sure i wanted to do this. I was, so he told me to sit in my seat (passenger seat of the car) and take my pants and underwear off. As I did he slid his pants and boxers down to his anckels, and I saw his huge cock. I never seen a guy’s penis up close before so it was a little shocking to see that fat, 9 inch thing sitting there waiting to be pushed into me. As he was reaching for me I knew he needed a condom so I said “forgetting something” he said he didn’t have one, so i hesitated and he came up with an idea. Not a very good one but it worked. He said we wouldn’t do it that much and he’s try not to cum. So, not exactly sure what he meant I got on his lab again one leg on each side of him and he began to run his two fingers along, then inside my pussy. Then, very easily he found my clit and began shoving his middle finger in me. He told me this was going to hurt for the first couple times I do this but I didn’t care. At first it kinda hurt but I tried to ignore the pain. I must of been moaning so loud as he was running his fingers in and out of me. It hurt so bad, but I tried to hold back my screams. Then he began to push his penis inside of me, then I couldn’t take it anymore. I screamed in pain. He said he was sorry and asked if he could go on. I told him he could, but everytime he shoved it back in it hurt way too much. I knew it was suppose to hurt but not like this. he couldn’t keep his penis all the way inside of me for very long. So he just used his fingers, he shoved them inside of me then was rubbing my pussy. It felt really good. Then he took my hands and put then on his penis and told me to play around with it. So i strocked it back and forth, as he laid back with his eyes closed most of the time he begged me to go faster and faster as his hands were running all over my body.Then he told me to move up to his face, as he moved down. Then he gave me oral sex, two different times throughout all this. Little later he was begging me to suck his cock. I wouldn’t, and of course he got really mad. That really bothered me but I didn’t want him to cum and swallow. When we were down i was in a lot of pain. And since we were never dating the only time i see him is when he is with my brothers. I know he’s nervous being around me and my brothers, but he also avoids me i think. This goes to show that men are jackasses, but I will always like Paul and want to have sex with him again.

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