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My buddy’s girl

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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: Her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This is a true story about the first and only time I slept with my buddy’s girlfriend “T”.
We had known each other for several years and hung out together almost every weekend. When this all happened, I was unemployed and was home most of the time. I was on IM a lot one day “T” began signing on and we started talking. We talked on and off for days about a variety of stuff and off course eventually the subject turned to sex. She told me that slept with her bf. She said that she knew she was his first. She had been with about 2 other guys before him. We went into a lot of details and I asked her all sort of stuff that they had done. We talked about how they had met and I told her that her bf had his eye on her for months before he finally asked her out. I told her that he had told me that she had a really nice ass and she said yeah I know, he told me he liked my ass. So I said to her: He’s right, you do have a nice ass. Then I told her that I had thought she was the prettiest among our group of friends. She smiled and said “Actually, I also think you’re the cutest guy in the group.” We just chuckled and as we continued messaging each other we started talking about sex again. I found out she was really into sex and always wanted it more than he does. She said that although she loved her bf, he was a bit conservative and didn’t want to have sex as often as she did. She wanted to do it several times a week but he only wanted it once a month. She told me that she always gives it to him whenever he wants it. She said her bf didn’t like to fuck her when she had her period so whenever he is horny during that time of the month she was just give him a blow job. I told her how lucky her bf was since he had someone like her that will suck his dick on command and I told her that I always have to work for mine. I asked her when the last time she had sex and she said it had been almost 3 weeks. I asked her if she was horny or not since it had been such a time and she said she was. She said she tried to have sex with him the night before he was busy. So I jokingly said to her “Well if you ever want someone to fill in for him feel free to ask”. I thought she would turn me down flat, but to my surprise she just said “Really? Are you sure?” So I replied “Yeah I guess. I mean it’s just sex right?” She said “Yeah, it’s just sex, you give me something I need and I give you something you need”
Well I ended driving over to her place that day. It was about 1pm on a weekday. It was real awkward at first, especially since it’s the same place we hang out at as friends. To help out your imagination a bit she’s Chinese, about 5’ 5”, weighs about 110lbs and was a 32A. She had on a pair of sweats and a thin blouse. We were sitting on her bed talking casually and after about 10 minutes she asked if I still wanted to do it. I just nodded my head. She must’ve knew I was feeling a awkward so she starts telling me about the guys she’s slept with in the past before she met her bf. I was feeling nervous and guilty because I had never done something like this before and I also loved my gf too. But then I thought to myself what the hell I’m here and it’s just sex right? So I quickly turned her around so her back facing me. I leaned her against my chest and cupped her small tits. I concentrated on the feeling of her body next to mine because I knew this will probably be the only time we would do this. I started kissing the back of her neck. She started to moan slightly. I took her blouse off and unhooked her bra and started fondling her tits under her bra. She arched her head back and placed her hands on the back of my head and I began playing with both of her nipples. She started moaning a bit more and she moved one of her hands down and started groping my penis. I got real hard and I turned her around started sucking on her nipples. Then pulled her sweats off and started fingering her. She unzipped my pants and started giving me a hand job. I saw her looking at my penis as she was stroking me. She looked up me and said I know what you want and with that place my penis into her mouth and started sucking it. Shortly afterwards, I mounted her and stuck my penis into vagina. It went in pretty easily, she was wet and loose. I was so horny at this point I just wanted to fuck her brains out. We had sex in a bunch of different positions. I did her doggie. I stood her up and with her hands against the wall I fucked her standing up. I had her on the bed and pulled both her legs over my shoulders and while I held her hands down, fucked her till she was begging me to stop. She sucked my dick in the 69 position, I squeezed and sucked her tits as she rode me and I head fucked her till she gagged. All the while I was thinking about my friend and how I was fucking the hell out of his girl. My brain had gone into seclusion and it was now my dick thinking and it had no morals. I got harder and harder as I thought about it. We went at it for about three hours. She came several times, but I controlled myself so that we could fool around longer. Suddenly the door bell rang and it freaked me out cuz I thought it might be her bf. Turned out it was only a delivery man. It scared us quite a bit and since it was past 4pm I decided to leave in case her bf comes home early from work. When I got home, I finished myself off.
That night she IM me and told me she had a lot of fun. I asked her how she liked it and she said it was the best that she’s ever had. She said she never had an orgasm before and that it was her first. She told me that my penis was longer than her bf and that when she was sucking it she liked the way it felt hitting the back of her throat. She said she was disappointed that she didn’t make me cum. She asked if I wanted to do it again tomorrow. At this point, my dick had just gotten what it wanted and my real brain was working. I told her I didn’t think we should do it again since we were both committed to a relationship and didn’t want our significant other to find out. Anyways a couple of weeks later, I ended over at her house again. She had asked to borrow something and I brought it over to her house. I stayed over for a bit and she was doing some chores. I was watching her and when she bent over and I could see that she was wearing a black thong. I walked up behind her and pressed my hard penis up behind her ass and started feeling her tits. I asked her if she wanted to do it again. She just smiled and said we shouldn’t. I was horny as hell and kept trying to convince her. After a couple of minutes she said it’s that dick of your again. “Let me finish you off since I didn’t do it last time”. I sat down on a char and she unzipped my pants and takes my penis into her mouth and starts sucking it up and down. She was massaging my balls at the same time and I was thinking that I was in heaven. Her hands were soft and she was massaged my balls gently like a professional. After a while I felt that I was going to cum. I gave her a pat on the back of her head and told her I was cumming. She just kept on sucking it even faster. The feeling was intense and I shot a big load into her mouth. At this point I thought she would stop but she just kept on going. She timed it so that she would come down on my penis and suck every time it throbbed. After I finished shooting my load, she squeezed my shaft and started licking the head of my penis as if to make sure that she got every drop out of me. Then she finally pulled out and spat it on my stomach. This was the first time I shot a full load into someone’s mouth.
We don’t see each other anymore, we found new friends and drifted apart. She ended up marrying her bf and is currently expecting their first child. I married my gf that I was dating at the time this happened. When we do see each other, we act as if it never happened.

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