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My cousin

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was easter eve,so after that we had decided with my cousin(the young one not the old,because the other didnt want to) to stay for the night in our home.
Since our home had two flors we stayed in the upper and my parents in the other.
At night we were in a big ‘double’ bed because my parnts used to sleep there, so we were wathcing a move with some sex scens in it,since i allways starred at my cousin because his cool cute and sexy face,sexy and sweet body and nice smell,i started to star again at him,i allways wanted his feet especialy so because we were both without socks i starred on his feet and body.
He the said:Do you like the thing they are doing in the movie?
Yes,i think sex is great!I said
Have you ever thought of it?
Have you ever masturbated for a guy?
I was a little nervous,but i said the truth:Yes,many times!Have you?
Yes,he replied,almost every day,i like it because its a great feeling when you climax,and i wish i had a true sexual experience!
Me too i replied.
Then,after the movie was over we started wereing our pijamas and decided go to sleep,since we were used to live and sleep to our houses almost every week,we didnt have problems watching the other one naked etc.
We talked about sex in bed also,with the lights off.Then my cousin said he wanted to go to the bathroom so i said ill wait for him.
I didnt see him coming,so he was back in bed then.He put his arm arround my neck and told me:
Have you ever thought of me?
I couldnt resist any more and said:
Yes,some times,i think you are very sexy though!
Really?He replied,I like you too,maybe this is the day we both wanted!
And just ther we both came closer and we kissed with the most passionate kiss in my life…………We kissed for about 5 to 10 minuites with the lights off,it was a great feeling…then my cousin came on top of me, completely naked(that was the reason he went to the bathroom) and started taking my clothes off.
When he finished he said:This is the time!
He started kissing me on my mouth and neck, he went down to my tits,starting to suck them and bite them
Awwwwww John!I moaned!Yeaaaaaaa yesssssssss baby!
He then went to my pussy and started slowly at first eating me out
Yeah babay,awww ah ah ah, yes yes yes awwwww i want you john, deeper,yessss more more more……He was just doing it great like he knew how to do it,like he have done it before,it was such a great feeling, i was in paradise!
Save your energy he replied,you must sve it for the big one!
And with that words he possiosoned him self and said:
Are you ready for this my love?
Yes baby,i want you now!!!
And so he put his dick in my pussy lips and pushed softly
I laid out a small moan,but didnt feel pain at all.
Then with every stroke he went deeper and a little harder
He then reached my cherry and said:Ive been waiting for this a long time,but if you dont want im not gonna do it!
Yes John,i only want you to take my virginity,we are both virgins and i onle want you to do it!
And with those words,he pushed deep and hard,and he poped my cherry,i felt a little more pain,but it was ok,because after a little minuites,pleasure took place and i was facing the best feeling of my life
Ahhhhhhhh its cool baby,i love you john,ill allways love you like everything,i want you, yesssss yes awwwwww ah ah ah
He replied:I want you too baby,youre the best thing that happened to me ahhhh yes
Finally we reached an end we couldnt think off and finally he said:
Im going to cum baby,im going to cum, i was climaxing too so i said:
Lets cum together my love!And we both climax with his hot sweet sperm inside me……..such a feeling
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww babyyyyyyyy i love you!He said.
We laid there for some minuites with just watching each other and kissing deeply.He’s dick was still inside me,then he pulled out and i lick his dicks tip off my juices and his cum.
His sperm was too sweet and with my mouth full of sperm i kissed and he tasted our juices!
The we tried to get some sleep,but our night ended with talking and exploring each others naked bodies.
I then started lick his dick, and feet because i allways wanted to it.He was the best for me and i still love him and fuck with him every time i can.
John i love you!

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