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My Cousin

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My First Times
I can’t remember exactly how it started between me and my cousin, but I believe it was when we were young my cousin would come over a lot usually for the night. Once when he came over we had a bath together, as we were young boys, this was the first time we had seen each other naked. A few years later I would guess we were about 7, we got talking about sex. We both being 7 had never had any sex of any sort. This topic interested us greatly and we talked on it for some time until we decided to try having sex with each other. So alone with each other inside my room I saw him naked for the second time in my life. I took of all my close and got down on my knees his cock stood out, pointed at my face I decided to just go for it and the next thing I knew I was sucking his cock. It felt so wrong and so right at the same time, as I continued I felt my cock go hard and this intense wave of pleasure flew through my body. I felt him quiver as he had an orgasm and that made me even harder like I was feeding off of his pleasure. I sucked him until he could bear it no more and he pulled out of my mouth. I was very excited it was my turn I stood up and knelt down, just like me he went right for the kill. I was amazed at how great it felt, his hot saliva all over my cock and his tongue gently caressing the head and shaft. Before long I got a strange feeling and I too began to shutter. I could not cum and neither could he we were too young but the orgasm was still the best thing ever. After this first encounter my cousin and I would have sex every time the chance aroused. At first all we would do is take turns sucking each other’s cock, until we found out that we could both perform oral at the same time we called it “doubles” but soon found out it was called 69. One problem I found with my cousin was that he had a very short attention span, when we had sex he would always go to sleep early leaving me wanting more. Sometimes he would stay up late but it was never an all nighter. I am sorry if I am boring you but this introduction was necessary for you to understand my story.
Now you have all the facts so on to my real story. It all started when my parents told me that my cousin was coming to visit us for the weekend. I was so excited and got it in my head that this was going to be the best sex he and I had ever shared because we would do it all night long. At this time my cousin and I were both 15 we had both just hit puberty and had not pleasured each other in a while this made the 3 day wait unbearable. Friday came and he finally showed up around 7 pm. We both went straight to my room. I offered to let him look at porn on my computer he accepted. I stood by him as he logged onto the porn site, soon his cock was out hard and long as ever (our cocks are both the exact same length at 6 a half inches). As I had expected he soon asked me to go down on him, I slipped under the desk and licked up his shaft ending off by caressing his head with my tongue. I gave him no more but instead made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I promised him I would go down on him several times before he had to return the favour, and I would surprise him after 12 o clock with something special and in return he would stay up all night with me and have sex. So the night began I went down on him 3 times, and I was getting him to orgasm ever time. I spoiled him even further by 69 with him instead of making him suck my cock. The night progressed and countless orgasms later it was finally midnight; time for his surprise. I grabbed him by the cock and led him to my bathroom where I requested that he take a shit. He did as I asked and when he was done I took a shit. Then I turned to him and said start a nice warm shower and I’ll be right back I just need a drink. This was a lie. I went upstairs and grabbed a bottle of oil and came back down. He was already in the shower wet with his hard cock pointing up at me; I hid the bottle from him as I told him to close his eyes. I then opened the bottle applied a generous helping to my cock and hoped in the shower with him. I quickly moved him into position bent him over and then slowly slid my hard dick up his warm ass. It felt so incredibly good, I then began to pull out and push in and just like that we were fucking. As I continued we both moaned quietly. After several minuits the pleasure was near unbearable I looked down and saw my cousin spew cum all over the shower floor I was so turned on that I blew my load inside his ass. He let out a moan of intense pleasure as I pulled out slowly. He cleaned the cum out from around his ass hole as I handed him the oil and took my position. I soon felt his hard warm cock slide slowly into my ass; I could feel his heart pulsing through his cock. He wasted no time and was soon ramming me really fast we both moaned with the pleasure. I sprayed the floor with cum and soon felt a warm gooey substance in my ass; I moaned and told him not to pull out. With his cock still inside me we laid down on the floor of the shower. We laid there for a few minuits occasionally humping, until we finally separated. We cleaned up towelled off and went back to my room we had been anal fucking for at least an hour. We were both still horny and full of energy. I laid him down on my bed and licked his ass for a bit. I figured he was doing a good job of staying awake so I decided to spoil him rotten flipped him over and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. I pulled him to the edge of the bed, oiled my cock up and lifted his legs up resting them on my shoulders. I began poking the head of my dick into his ass and pulling all the way out he enjoyed this a lot, I moved on to just fucking him. I wanted to see how long we could fuck for, so even when I came I didn’t pull out I only stopped caught my breath and continued, I came in him at least 4 times over the course of our hour long fuck. I pulled out and we both rested a while. He looked over at me as he rubbed my cock and I rubbed his and he said that he loved it and asked what he could do for me now. I didn’t say a word. I went into my bed, got under the covers and looked eagerly at the empty spot beside me. He got the hint and climbed in bed with me. I turned over and he put his cock into my ass, he fucked me for a long time, just when I thought the night could not get any better he stopped humping and blew a huge load in my ass. He knew what I wanted and followed through, he wrapped his legs around my waist and there we sat until we fell asleep. We were together for the rest of the weekend and we had sex every night and when we could during the day, but nothing ever came close to that amazing first night.

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