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My cousin and me

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: cousins house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Well my parents were out of town so they made me spend the night at my cousings house for the night. It was time for bed and me and her were in the same room. I got naked to get into bed, and she went on the other side of the room, stripped and got into bed. We started talkin, and she asked me if I ever had sex and I said “No, not yet” and she said “Neither have I” she got out of bad and walked over to mine and sat down on the edge. My cock slowly started to get erect staring at her body, the 22B size tits, the shoulder length blond hair, the blue eyes, and the little strip of hair on her pussy… as she’s sitting on the bed she looks at me and asked me if I found her attractive I said “Yeah your real good lookin”. She leaned down and gave me a real quick kiss on the lips. I pulled the sheets down on my bed and she stopped kissing me and put her hand around my fully erect cock. She went down to it and gave it a lick, and looked back into my eyes. I felt like I was about to blow my load all over her and in her mouth but I held it back and then told her to stop. She looked at me and asked me why, and I told her “I want to feel the inside of your pussy” (she was a virgin to). I layed her down on her back on my bed and started kissing her and then sucking on her tiny breast and little nipples, while I was sucking and licking her nipples I slipped my middle finger in and I heard her go “mmm”. I then took my dick and rubbed it around her pussy and then dipped the head it and I heard her scream in passion. She told me “Keep going but go slow, I want to make it last” so I slowly slid my dick in until I was all the way into her tight pussy. Then I slid it in and out slowly as me and her were both moaning in extreem pleasure, we tried not to make too much noise though because her mother (my aunt) was only 2 rooms away. While I was sliding my cock in and out I was kissin her hoping to lower the noise, then I felt her pussy contract and she had an orgasm, now that she had her orgasm and I didn’t explode my load in her I didn’t want to make my own cousin pregnant by cumming inside of her pussy so I asked her “Do you mind if I finish fucking you in the ass” and she said “I heard it hurts, so if you do please go slow”. She got on all fours. So I grabbed the baby oil she keeps in her room and I put some on my middle finger and pushed it into her ass to try and open it up, then I put some on her ass hole and rubbed some on my dick. I took my dick and put the head in her ass and she screamed into the pillow trying again not to make too much noise. I asked her “You want me to keep going” and she said “Yes but just remember to go slow” so I finished pushin my cock in as far as I could and I just let it sit there to let her ass stretch out, then I slowly started to pump in and out while she was rubbing her pussy. And then I finally came inside her ass and then I pulled my dick out and it was covered with cum and there was some cum dripping out of her ass. I licked some of it up and I licked her pussy again until she came to another orgasm. Then she looked at my limp dick and reached for it and wrapped her hand around it and started flicking her tongue on it and jerking it until it was hard again. Then she put her mouth around my once again hard cock and started sucking on it slowly and then goin faster and faster. I guided her head with my hand and then i came in her mouth. Then we just layed there together talking about the sex as i was rubbing her nipples with one hand. I looked at the bed and noticed it was a mess covered with cum and pussy juices. I pulled the covers up over us then we heard my aunt comming down the hall she quickly got out of my bed and ran back over to her’s and layed there prettending we were sleeping when the door closed she came back over gave me a long kiss on the lips and said goodnight….we still have sex now and then experementing with different ways.

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