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my cousin brittany

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: grandma's
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

well my cousin brittany and i were over at my grandma’s house just watching tv one day in the summer. she was 14 and i was 16. we started talking about sex, just like teenagers will. she asked me if i had ever screwed anyone, and i told her no and she said she hadn’t either. so we start asking stuff like how far had we gone with the opposite sex. she said she had only kissed a guy but with out toungue. and i told her that i had dry fucked. she wasn’t quite sure what it was so i explained it to her. (now let me tell you guys first off we aren’t related by blood, and second she had really blossomed over the last few months.)
next i asked her if she had ever seen a dick. she said she saw her old boyfriends thru the leg of his shorts one time, but it wasn’t hard. then she went on to say she wanted to see what it looked like hard. i said i would show her, and i said, but it wouldn’t get hard unless someone got it hard. even though just having her eyes gazing at my cock would have popped me the biggest boner. i guess i didn’t really specify, but she is a little hotty, with a nice tan and a perfect ass. she asked me if she rubbed it if it would get hard, and i said probally. she scooted closer to meon the couch, and by the time she reached in my pants i was almost fully erect. she started rubbing it and we just stared at eachother.
“so do i get to see it now?” she asked. i responded by undoing my pants, and pulling them down. there was a huge bulge coming out of my boxers and i told her to take it out. she just stared at it, as she held the base in her hand.
“have you ever thought of putting one in your mouth?” i asked. she just smilled and went down on me. that was the greatest feeling i had ever felt. i had this uncontrollable urge to push her head up and down. she was knelt down off to the side of me on the couch. i reached under her and undid her shorts. she sat up and i took them off. she sat there, with white little panties on that i could make out her bush under. i pulled those off and started rubbing her pussy. she started moaning and i dipped a finger in, right there she went crazy, cause i was sucking on her ear at the time.
“i want to stick it in your pussy so bad britt..” i whispered in her ear.
she pulled me on top of her and we layed down. then i pulled her legs on to my shoulders so i could aim. she was so tight. i just kept pushing slow till i got most off it in. then i turned her over and had her doggystyle and stared at that cute little tush of hers. then i licked my fingers, spread her open and sunk my dick in her. after a few strokes i layed on the floor and told her to get on. she mounted me and it took a while for her to get on. she started bouncing up and down as i held her tits in my hands.
“get off and suck me quick.” i said before i nutted in her. she got off and bobbed my nob again. i watched as my cum flowed out the sides of her mouth. she spit it all outand i was done.
we never fucked around again after that.

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