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My Cousins Massage

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Cousins House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My cousin’s parents and my parents were going out for the weekend and my cousin who is two years older than me was made to look after me. At the time I had seen him checking me out and he had seen me looking at his body (He has so much muscle and looks so sexy.) So I was dropped off at his house and it was just me and him alone in the house. He said “Is it okay if you sleep in my bedroom then we can have each other’s company.” I said “Ok sure, as I know your room is small will it be in the same bed, your double bed?” He said “Yes is that okay?” I said “Defiantly.” Normally I sleep in bed naked and he told me before that he does as well so it would have been awkward anyway. He told me to have a shower and lie down on his bed when I was out and to only have a towel wrapped around my vagina area he said he wanted to do something to me. I said ok and went and had a shower and wrapped a towel around my vaginal area and lied on his bed. Shortly after he came in holding some oil and said “are you ready?” I said “yes but what is it?” He said “I’m going to massage you so you feel a lot nicer.” I was alright with this and told him to start then. He started at the feet and made his way him my body he focused a lot on my boobs massaging them. He asked me if he could lick them I told him I was fine with whatever he done and he continued. It felt so nice him sucking on my breasts. He then moved up and started kissing me and then said “Do you want me to massage your pussy.” I said ok and he took the towel off and started pushing the area around my vagina. He then stuck a finger from each hand in and pressed against the walls. I could see he was getting a boner from this and I grabbed his giant penis. He walked towards me and said do you want to see it? I said ok and he let me pull down his trousers and boxers to reveal a massive penis sticking up. He asked me to lick it and it tasted really nice so I started to put it in my mouth and suck it for a couple of minutes I could tell he liked it so I continued sucking it. He then said he wanted to continue the massage and went back down to my vagina area and started licking it. It felt really nice. After a couple of minutes he asked if he could get his cock put in between my D- cup breasts. I said ok and he started putting his cock between my breasts and pulled my boobs over his penis and moved his penis back and forth. He then asked to put his cock inside of me, and as I wanted to see what it felt like I said that he could and he went to put a condom on his cock but I said I wanted it without a condom and he didn’t say anything but moved to my vaginal area lifted my legs and slower pushed his cock inside my pussy after a couple of minutes of my huge orgasms he sped up a bit and his penis was going a lot further in it felt really nice and after 5 minutes of this he stood up leant me backwards and went even faster he said he was about to cum and I asked him to not get it in my pussy he was ok with this and took his giant penis out and retracted the skin it went all in my mouth and all over my breasts. We laid there kissing for a couple of minutes and then he said we should probably get a shower and go to bed. We showered together and he was sticking his cock in me while we showered but this time he had a condom on. he was doing it really hard for a couple of minutes and then he did 4 really hard thrusts of lunges with his penis. These 4 thrusts made my vagina bleed and really hurt for about 10 minutes and he left the shower. I stayed in and washed the blood of my legs and feet and went to talk to him downstairs. I asked him why it really hurt in the shower and why it bled. He said he popped my cherry I asked him what he meant and he explained it. I wasn’t too bothered with this and told him not to worry and we then went to bed. We both slept naked in the same bed but to stop him from getting on to me again we decided to sleep head to toe and got a bit of sleep. In the morning he went for a shower while i lied in bed under the covers. After he came out he got back under the covers and unexpectedly his foot went in to my vagina. I let of a huge orgasm and he asked what was wrong. I told him his foot which was wet from the shower went in to vagina. He said he was sorry but I told him to do it again. He got his foot and stuffed it tightly in to my pussy and I let out another huge orgasm. He then got on top of me and started licking my vagina, I asked him if I could suck his cock while he was licking my vagina and he allowed me to he started dipping his penis in and out of my mouth as I was sucking it. After a few minutes he cummed in my mouth. I then asked him what anal was as my friends at school had spoken about it. He said he could show me and I told him to go ahead he then took his penis and stuffed it in to my arsehole at the start it really hurt then I got really nice and he then got my stood up while he still stuck his penis in and out of my arse and went a lot faster after about 8 minutes he cummed into my arse and asked if I wanted my vagina to cum again. I said I wanted to and he stuck his penis in to my hot, tight pussy and pumped it in and out for 4 minutes and we both cummed inside my pussy. I could feel all the cum draining out of my pussy as he asked me to suck the last of his cum out. After this we went for a shower together again and this time all he did was stick his fingers in my pussy and suck my boobs and all I did was suck his cock. After this we had a peaceful day of lying down together on his bed naked while watching movies and he would be pushing his fingers into my pussy while I was wanking his cock until it was an hour before I had to go back on a 11 hour journey by car across the country of America.

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