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My English teacher

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Where it happened: School
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I was sitting in Mr.Mitchel’s 5th period class. His was the last class before it was time to go home, and I was really just zoning through it.

It happened in October, so I hadn’t known him for very long. Maybe a month–since the begining of the school year had started.

He was an attractive man, I guess….maybe 35 years old with dark brown hair, a medium build and piercing blue eyes. But most of all I loved the way he talked, his voice was so smooth and deep, really relaxing.

It was a new city, and I didn’t know anyone, and I remember that day I was feeling particularly down as the bell rang, signaling it was time for me to go home…

One by one the kids filed out, and I dragged behind, silently dropping my english quiz on Mr.Mitchels desk and was on my way out when his voice stopped me in my tracks.

“Alexia, can I see you for a moment?”

Oh no, I thought…what was it? Did I forget to put my name on my paper again or something?

He told me to have a seat, and he walked over to the door, closing it and locking it.

My eyes searched my surroundings, immediately feeling weird with my teacher in a locked room by myself.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time now Alexia”

I stood up…suddenly very frightened. I knew what he wanted. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew.

“wa..wa…wanted what?”

He walked right up to me from behind and pressed his body firmly against me. I could feel his hard cock digging into my ass.

“you” he whispered gruffly.

As soon as his body touched mine, all fear and inhibition flew out the window. I had never even considered sex before, but all of a sudden I knew what it mean to be horny.

I bit my lip and stayed silent as his mouth devoured the side of my neck, scraping his teeth and sucking all at the same time.

“Mr.Mitchel” I exclaimed….my knees were already trembling and the man had barely touched me.

“That’s right, you will call me Mr.Mitchel and you will do EVERYTHING exactly like I tell you to. Do you understand?”

I could feel my young pussy wet with desire.

“Yes Mr.Mitchel, I understand”

As soon as he heard me agree he pushed me forward, bending me roughly over his desk and grinding his cock into my 14 y/o ass.

He spoke with what I now recognize as pure animalistic lust. “Alexia, I’m going to fuck you good and hard. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mr.Mitchel, I understand” It was like I only had strength to say those words.

“If at any point you want me to stop Alexia, you will tell me. Do you understand?”

I told him that I did and he grabbed me by the shoulders and stood be up, turning me around and pushing me down onto my knees.

With that, he undid his pants and slid them down around his ankles.

“Take off my underwear Alexia”

I looked up at him and hesitated. He only repeated his order with renewed authority, so I did as he asked. Pulling his black snug fitting boxers down to his ankles.

He sucked in air through his teeth as his MASSIVE 9 inch cock sprung free, almost smacking me in the face.

“Touch it, play with it, suck it…make it yours Alexia”

The stirring in my panties was almost too much for my young body to handle as slowly, and unsurely, I pressed my lips to the tip of his cock..holding it with my right hand. His gasps of pleasure encouraged me to take it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around.

Soon enough his fingers were laced through my hair, fucking my face in a smooth rythm that we both achieved almost effortlessly.

His cock was very big, and I thought for sure that I was going to suffocate as he rammed it down my throat, but I didn’t, and before I knew it, I heard him groan and his hot thick cum was spurting down my throat and filling my mouth.

I had never tasted cum before and although it was weird, I liked it, swallowing it all down.

He pulled out of my mouth and wiped his cum drenched cock across my face, smiling with satisfaction.

“Very good Alexia, I liked the way you swallowed all of my cum. Did you like the taste?”

I couldn’t stop thinking that this was all a dream, and that I was going to wake up in english class really embarassed.

“Yes, it was good Mr.Mitchel”

“You are a virgin aren’t you Alexia”

I blushed and nodded yes as he slid his hands up my arms and lifted me easily, sitting me up on the desk facing him.

“Good” He smiled. “I want to taste your pure virgin pussy”

I wanted him to. I needed him to. I had never felt that way in my life. I was tingly all over with anticipation and it felt great.

He started to undo my jeans and pull them all the way off, so that I was sitting up there on his desk in a pink t-shirt with a kitty on it and my white flowered underwear.

His big strong hands rubbed up and down over my barely budding breasts and tweaked my nipples through my shirt. I winced and squirmed on his desk. You could tell he was enjoying himself.

Eventually he lowered himself infront of me. A hand on each of my thighs as he spreaded my legs apart and leaned his head in, pressing his mouth against my underwear clad pussy, breathing in hard, blowing hot air through the fabric.

“Ohhhh, you smell so sweet” He whispered.

My mouth was slightly parted. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I wanted to sit on his face and rub my pussy all over him. I had touched myself before, late at night in bed, but it had NEVER felt like this.

He then proceeded to pull my underwear off, bringing them to his nose and inhaling for a long time.

“Are you enjoying this Alexia? Do you want me to continue?”

“Yes Mr.Mitchel, please”

With my permission, he lowered his head to my pussy, spreading my legs wide on his desk and stuck his tongue between my cunt lips.

“Oh, she’s wet!” He lifted his head and grinned at me. “Isn’t that a sweet surprise. You really are enjoying yourself aren’t you.”

He didn’t give me time to answer before he pressed his mouth into my cunt, lashing his tongue back and forth over and over again, in and out of my tight virgin hole til I thought I was going to explode.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he took his middle finger and slid it into my hole, all the way, without moving his mouth from my juicy snatch.

It didn’t take much of his finger fucking before I came, my pussy juices overflowing all over his face as my hips bucked upward.

I was panting when he looked up at me and licked his lips, the gleam in his eye dangerous and seductive.

“Now, now you’re ready for a good hard fuck, aren’t you Alexia?”

“Yes…yes Mr.Mitchel” My eyes were wide and all I could think about was how badly I wanted his cock to ram my virgin hole.

I never had sex before, but I was quite ‘educated’ for a 14 y/o.

I saw that by this time his cock was full and hard again,standing erect and pointing right at me as he slid my position on his desk so that I could lay back on it.

He stood at the other end and grabbed my ankles, placing them on his shoulders. I lifted my head to catch a look at his face and was dripping wet again from what I saw. He looked like an animal, he licked his lips again and grinned when he saw me looking.

“This might hurt at first Alexia” He rubbed his cock-head against the swollen lips off my pussy, over my clit, back and forth. “But I promise it’s going to feel very good”

With that he started to push his big hard cock bit by bit into my tight, wet little hole.

It did hurt, alot. I could feel every inch of him moving inside of me, deeper and deeper, and then the pain got worse. He stopped right there as I gasped and let me get used to the feeling of having him inside of me.

He watched my face and just when I nodded he started to rock in and out of me.

All the way in, and all the way out, his balls slapping against my ass as he quickened his pace.

It felt so good, I started to moan, and this visibly aroused him further.

“Ohh yes, it feels so good Alexia, You like it don’t you?”
I was in ectasy.

“Yes, oh Yes Mr.Mitchel, it feels wonderful”

He kept his pace steady as his grunts just made me hotter.

“Tell me how badly you want this Alexia”

“I want it sooooo bad Mr.Mitchel”

He started to ram my hole faster, and ALOT harder.

I screamed in pleasure as he rocked me forcefully.

“Say ‘Fuck Me Daddy, fuck me hard, please daddy, I need it so bad'”

I looked at him in a state of shock for a moment, but only for a moment before I realized just what it was that he wanted. And I must admit, it was really turning me on.

“Yes daddy, ohhh daddy it feels soo good. Fuck me harder daddy, fuck me with your big cock. Ohhh yes, just like that, I need it so bad and you feel soooo good daddy”

That was all it took to push him over the edge as his hips blurred with his cock ramming me so fast and so hard he almost pushed me right off the desk. His hot liquid flowed into my depths, and the sensation of it was enough to push me over the edge, my pussy gripping his cock and releasing in pure bliss.

After that he held me in his arms for a long time, and kissed me on the cheek, asking me if I enjoyed myself and wanted to do that again another day.

I told him I loved it, and did want to be with him again.

The affair still contiunes to this day.

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