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My Favorite Babysitter

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Parents' Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was 12 years old and my babysitter was 17 or 18 (HS Senior) and my parents were gone for the weekend. She wasn’t supposed to have any friends of hers at our house, but she had a boyfriend she really wanted to see. She said if I didn’t tell anyone that she would make it “worth it” to me. I asked her if they were going to have sex and she laughed and said, “that’s the idea”. I asked her if I could watch and her face kind of lit up and she said, “Well, if you hide, don’t make any noise, and promise not to tell anyone, then okay”. I eagerly “promised” and she got on the phone with her boyfriend.

She took me upstairs to my parents’ bedroom and turned on a couple of lamps, then had me hide in the closet with the sliding doors opened about three inches. Then the doorbell rang and she told me to keep quiet, adjusted her short skirt, and ran downstairs to answer it. I waited in the dark closet shivering and shaking with excitement and anticipation!

They came running up the stairs and into the bedroom and jumped on my parents’ bed. They were all over each other in a passionate sexual frenzy. He had her little skirt shoved up over her waist, her panties off, and her legs spread wide open in no time at all.

The only pussy I’d seen up to that time was when I was like 9 years old and I walked past the open door of the upstairs bathroom and I got a quick glimpse of my Mom’s hairy pussy as she stepped out of the shower. This was different. The babysitter on her back was spread wide open and her wet hairy pussy was only 5 feet away from my hungry eyes! The babysitter’s pussy was hairier than my Mom’s. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen!

Every few seconds she would lift her head up and look at me with a BIG smile on her face! I knew she probably couldn’t actually see me, so she probably didn’t see me smiling back at her.

By this time her boyfriend had somehow managed to get his shoes, pants, and underwear off. He started finger-fucking her and she was moaning and groaning and using the nastiest language I’d ever heard. I think that was the very first time I’d ever heard the word, “cunt”! As in, “Fuck My Cunt! Fuck My Cunt!”

He asked her to suck his cock and she said, “later”. He was busy kissing and sucking her tits and finger-fucking her cunt. I was busy playing with my pecker but I couldn’t do very much with it because I didn’t want to make any noise.

He kept asking her to suck his cock and she kept saying, “later”. Then all at once he stopped kissing and fingering her and started begging her for a blowjob. I didn’t really know what a blowjob was (not exactly) but by this time I wanted her to give him whatever he wanted just so I could see what “it” was!

She gasped out, “Fine. Fuck me till I cum and I’ll give you a blowjob!” Then she looked at me and winked!

He lost no time as he quickly got between her spread legs, hoisted them up over his shoulders, got his cock into her cunt and started fucking her like crazy! She was talking dirty again (almost screaming) and he was grunting with each stroke of his cock into her. I could not only see and hear them, but I could actually SMELL them fucking.

Then she started really screaming!

“Oh, God! Fuck me! Oh, God! Fuck my cunt! I’m cumming!”

He had his cock buried all the way inside her cunt and stopped there. She was busy screaming out all kinds of naughty stuff and then she too, stopped. I held my breath so as not to make any noise and all I heard was their labored breathing. I thought I was going to pass out. Finally, they started moving around a little and I was able to exhale and start breathing (ever so slowly and quietly) again.

Then, without a word, he grabbed her hair in one hand. He rose up from between her legs (oh, what a beautiful cunt she had!), slid off the bed and stood up between the bed and my hiding place, Pulling her by her hair, he dragged her down to the floor so she was on her knees in front of him. She seemed quite pleased with all of this as she glanced in my direction with a little smile on her face.

His cock was hard and pointing upward at a 45 dgree angle, and it was still glistening with the juices of her freshly fucked cunt! Other than my own, I had never seen another guy’s erect cock before. It was a little longer than mine, about 6 inches, and it was a little thicker too, but not by much. Then, he spoke.

“Suck my cock, Bitch!”

He said it so loud that it startled me!

He guided the swollen head of his cock to her slighly parted lips, got a good grip with both hands deeply entangled in her hair, and started slowly shoving his cock in her mouth. As he did, he gave out a very long, “Ahhhhhhhhhh”. When his cock was all the way in, and the front of her face was partially obscured by his pubic hair, he stopped and held still. I was hypnotized and frozen into absolute stillness at seeing such a sight less than two feet from my wondering eyes. I don’t know how she did it. She took all 6 inches of her horny boyfriend’s cock into her mouth, and I’m sure, down her throat!

Oh, how I wished that it was MY cock shoved down her throat !

Then he started pumping his cock in and out of her wonderfully sucking mouth. Slowly at first, and then a little faster with more force applied. As he did so, she looked out the corner of her eye at me and, I think, smiled at me. Her mouth was way too full of his plunging cock for her to be able to smile, but the twinkle in her eye gave her away.

Then she started scooching sideways on her knees closer to the closet door! He edged sideways right along with her, his cock going in and out of her mouth all the while. Closer. A little closer. Closer still. Soon the only thing I could see was my babysitter’s mough sucking her boyfriend’s cock as it was pistoning in and out. All I could hear was the wet slurping as she sucked his cock, her muffled moans, her breathing through her nose, and his grunts each time his cock hit the back of her throat!

The noise of the blowjob was now almost deafening!

Damn! How I wish it was MY cock going in and out of her sucking mouth!

She kept moving sideways towards the closet door and he and his plunging cock came right along with her. She dipped her far shoulder down and reached down and picked up something off the floor. She flicked it behind her back and it sailed straight through the three inch gap between the sliding doors of the closet and hit me square in the face and stayed there!


My startled intake of air brought the intoxicating aroma of the crotch of her panties through my nose and straight into my sex-crazed brain! I knew what that smell was: it was her cunt!

I was stroking my cock with one hand while the other was massaging my balls. With her cunt-scented panties covering my face I couldn’t see a thing. The sound of her cocksucking and nose-breathing and his rhythmic grunts filled my ears. Then I think I heard something else. It was the sound of her muffled giggling. I let go of my swollen, aching balls and reached up and pulled her panties from my face. While I had been blinded by her flung panties, she had turned her head and was looking at me. Yes, she WAS laughing. I’m not sure if it was the sight of a 12 year old boy with a faceful of her flung feminine underwear, or the accuracy of her behind-the-ass shot!

The intensity of the blowjob grew and her boyfriend’s grunts were becoming words. His hands were no longer gripping her head and he was no longer pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. He was standing almost still as she moved her upper body forward and back causing his cock to disappear then reappear in and out of her moving mouth. I could hear her sucking him and I heard him almost breathlessly grunting.

“Yeah….. Suck it….. Make me….. Cum….. Shit….. Cocksucker….. Faster….. Yeah….. Slut….. Suck my….. Cock….. Oh, God…..”

Then, as she continued sucking him, he asked her a question.

“Do you love sucking cock?”

“Mmm-Hmm”, she hummed as she continued her rhythmic bobbing.

“Do you love giving blowjobs?”


She hand both of her hands cupping her boyfriend’s ass-cheeks as she pulled on them forcing his cock deeper. Her continued sucking filled my ears.

Then he hissed, “You certainly do love it. Now, say it out loud”.

She paused, glanced sideways at me, pulled her mouth off his cock and said, “I love sucking cock and I love giving blowjobs”.

He said, “That’s right, Bitch”, and she went back to sucking him.

“Are you my Slut?”


“Are you a cocksucking whore?”

“Mmm-hmm”, she replied, a little louder this time.

Only this time one of her hands was under her mini-skirt and I could tell she was fingering herself. He kept talking to her nastier and nastier and calling her the dirtiest names. She kept up her cocksucking while finger-fucking herself under her skirt. The diriter and nastier he talked, the more urgently she played with her cunt!

“You’re a nasty little cocksucking whore who will suck off any boy in town, anytime he wants you to, anywhere he wants you, as many times as he wants, all the time, aren’t you?”

There I was hiding in the closet of my parents’ bedroom as I had watched my babysitter fuck her boyfriend on my parent’s bed. And now she down on her knees giving him a blowjob and finger-fucking herself less than a foot away from my no-longer-innocent eyes, as I was sniffing her panties and jacking my cock.

She continued sucking as the sweat was beading up and rolling down her face. Her boyfriend was making the lewdest comments as she continued working on his cock. Her breathing was becoming labored and her hand was working frantically under her skirt.

DAMN! How I wished it was MY hand under her skirt and shoved up her hairy, wet cunt!

I could hear her muffled little screams as she furiously sucked him while fingering herself, but her boyfriend seemed oblivious to it all. He was starting straight up at the ceiling when he suddenly bellowed, “SAY IT OUT LOUD, SLUT!”

She took her hand out from under her skirt and grabbed his cock as it popped out of her mouth. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but as soon as she got her hand out from under her skirt, my hand shot out and went up the back of her skirt.

I squeezed her ass as hard as I could and then I slid my hand forward between her slippery wet thighs and right up to her dripping wet cunt!

She looked at me in surprise and said, “Oh, my God!”

He was still looking up at the ceiling and he roared, “Say it out loud, you cocksucking whore!”

Me? I didn’t say a word. I just looked straight into my babysitter’s eyes as I silently finger-fucked her hairy wet cunt as hard and as fast as I could, and prayed that her boyfriend wouldn’t look down !!!

“Say it, God-Damn it!”

I poked my fingers deeper into her. We were staring at each other. When I got all four of my fingers up inside her, her eyes fluttered. She was rapidly jacking his cock with one hand and squeezing her B-cup tits with the other. Trying to give her my heart-felt encouragement, I nodded my head. She squeezed my imbedded fingers with her cunt muscles, took a deep breath and, looking me right in the eye, said:

“I’m a nasty little cocksucking whore! God, how I love to suck cock! I love giving blowjobs! I’ll suck off any boy in town anytime he wants me to! I… I… I give blowjobs to any boy who wants one, anywhere he wants one, and as many times as he wants! I’m a cocksucking, semen-swallowing Slut! I love sucking cock and giving blowjobs ALL the time!!!”

Upon hearing her say all those things, her boyfriend told her to let go of his cock and literally rammed it down her throat. She was still looking at me as I silently mouthed the question, “Even ME?” As her started rapidly thrusting his cock in her mouth, she nodded her head, “yes”.

Then he started pounding his cock down her throat. She grabbed his ass with both hands and hung on for dear life. My fingers were still in her cunt and somhow my thumb had mananged to wedge itself all the way into her puckered brown asshole!

He was thrusting much harder and faster into her mouth now. It was no longer a simple blowjob any more. He was frantically trying to get his rocks off. The ancient primal urge to ejaculate had taken it to the next level. Right there before my 12 year-old eyes, he started face-fucking my babysitter!

It was brutal!

He held her head in the firmest of two-handed grips as he fucked her face. She softly moaned as her eyes rolled back up in their sockets. Still the carnal assault on her mouth and throat continued. Her body had gone limp but it was being shaken like a ragdoll as he furiously pounded into her. Even though I held myself completely still, her body’s movements caused my thumb and fingers to go in and out of her with each of his massive thrusts!

Suddenly, without missing a face-fucking beat, he stepped over her body, twisting her so that her neck and shoulders were against the top of my parent’s bed. She had to turn her lower body so that it was in-line with her shoulders. When she did that, her movement pulled my wet, slimy hand out from under her wrinkled skirt. Damn !

He was standing spread-legged over her now, fucking her mouth much, much harder and faster than he had fucked her wide-open cunt earlier. Her legs were apart and her skirt had ridden up a little and I could see her open, wet cunt. I wanted to get my fingers back in there, so I reached out to touch it, feel it, and finger it. Just as I did, her boyfriend switched the angle of his face-fucking and she scooched down to better accomodate his cock. I had got my wiggling fingers back in her cunt when she moved her ass towards me. My entire hand disappeared into her cunt! All the way up to the wrist! The babysitter’s cunt had swallowed up and clamped a “Death Grip” on my entire hand!

I was trapped !

[ I’m only 12 years old and I’m too young to die !!! ]

I was trapped, and he was starting (finally) to Cum !

He was fucking her face like a man possessed! My hand was trapped inside of her cunt and it was balled up into a fist! The babysitter was being face-fucked AND fist-fucked at the same time!

Then all Hell broke loose!

He was shaking, she was shaking, I was shaking, the bed was shaking, and as God is my witness, the whole house seemed to be shaking !

The babysitter’s head was pointed straight up and her boyfriend’s cock was pointed straight down and buried to the balls in her mouth. His nutsack was tight up against his crotch and then all of his male “plumbing” started pulsating and the rest of his body went into some violent convulsions. I saw her throat throbbing and rippling as she swallowed load after load after load of his semen. Her cunt was violently pulsating and massaging my trapped fist. It was then I realized what was happening. SHE was cumming too!

It was the first orgasm my hand had ever felt, other than my own.

Then they both stopped moving. I stopped breathing. I think my heart might have stopped too. At least momentarily. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and I could see that the base of it was all red. I thought he had rubbed it completely raw inside of her and said to myself, “man, that’s GOTTA hurt!”. That’s when I noticed that there wasn’t any lipstick on her lips anymore!

She relaxed her cunt muscles and I was finally able to extricate my (lucky) hand. I drew back my arm into the safe darkness of my parent’s closet. My hand and wrist were covered with her juices and they smelled of her. Wow! The same hand that I masturbate with got to masturbate a girl’s cunt, fist-fuck her, and feel her have a massive orgasm!


The same hand I always jackoff with had been too busy to take care of MY business!

As I was sitting there in the darkness of the closet feeling sorry for my young self, and feeling the pain of my way-too-swollen “Blue Balls”, I watched as the boyfriend started to get up. He was still holding the babysitter’s head in both hands. He finally let go and they both stood up. He put his underwear and pants on, then his shoes. She looked around briefly for her undies until she realized that I still had them (souvenir!) inside the closet.

For some reason I remembered an old commercial for the NRA. I quietly chuckled when I paraphrased the classic line, “You can have your panties back when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers!”

Just then the phone next to my parent’s bed rang and they both jumped. The babysitter walked around the bed to answer it. It was my Mom wanting to know how things were going and wanting to speak to me. The babysitter told Mom that I was in the backyard and that she would go get me. She put her hand over the mouthpiece and whispered to her boyfriend that it was time for him to go. He agreed and slowly walked out the bedroom door and down the hall. The babysitter took her hand off the mouthpiece and told my Mom to hold on and I’d be the in a minute or so. Then she put the phone down, motioned to me to answer it, and hurriedly ran down the hall and caught up to her boyfriend at the top of the stairs.

My cock was still hard and felt like it was at least twice as big as it had ever been before. My adolescent balls were WAY too full of sperm and my prostrate felt like it was ten gallons too full! I’d never had a case of “Blue Balls” before, and man, it was PAINFUL!

I kind of bow-leggedly crab-walked over to the phone and said, “Hi, Mom!”, I squeaked.

Mom started babbling on about what a good time she and Dad had been having and I tried to listen, but my horny little mind was elsewhere. As the babysitter and her boyfriend were walking down the stairs, I think I heard him say something to her that sounded like, “Wow! You suck cock almost as good as the lady that lives here!”

The babysitter came back into the bedroom just as I was getting off the phone with Mom. Some how she managed to find the time to re-apply some lipstick. Nice red color too.

She sat down on the bed and I kind of hobbled around to stand in front of her. She looked at the bulge in my shorts and then looked up at my face.

With a knowing look in her eyes and sympathy in her voice, she asked, “Blue Balls, huh?”

All I could do was groan and nod my head.

She said, “Well, you promised to keep quiet while my boyfriend was here, and you did. I promised to make it worth it to you and I will.”

My head was kind of reeling just thinking of all the possibilities!

“What would you like me to do”, she asked in a low voice.

Then her boyfriend’s word exploded in my head and out of my mouth:

“Suck my cock, Bitch!”

With that, she clapped her hands together and then laughing, she leaned over and undid my pants. My pants dropped down around my ankles and my tighty-whities soon followed. I stepped out of them and stood in front of my babysitter in all my 12 year-old “glory”.

She gently reached out and cupped my sperm-swollen balls in one hand while caressing my painfully hard cock with the other.

“Ooh”, she marveled, “you’ve got a big one!”

I looked down at it. It was sticking almost straight up. It was mine! we both stared at my throbbing, angry-looking, dark red and purple monster she held there in her hand. I couldn’t believe it. It WAS big! At least it was WAY bigger than I had ever seen it before. I’m not ashamed to say, it was bigger than her boyfriend’s! And I needed the same relief she gave him!

“Suck my cock, Bitch”, I ordered her!

She leaned forward, opened her marvelous mouth, and slowly took me all the way in. As my cock disappeared past her moist, red lips, I knew I was entering heaven (or at least my cock was) !

When my cock was fully enveloped in her mouth and her ruby-red lips were against my sparse pubic hair, I grabbed the babysitter’s head with both hands as I’d seen her boyfriend do. She grabbed my skinny little ass with both hands and pulled me in even deeper. We held each other tightly in that position for 20 or 30 seconds.


Then she started some sort of swallowing motion with her tongue and the back of her throat and I felt it all surrounding my too-sensitive cockhead.

That’s when I absolutely, TOTALLY, lost it !!!

Starting in my cock, an electric shock ran though my entire body as I started cumming in a girl’s mouth for the very first time! Gob after gob after gob went straight into the babysitter’s stomach!


As my entire body went crazy, I held on to her head with all the strength my 12 year old arms could muster! My body convulsed with electric shocks that seemed to be eminating from my exploding cock and balls!

After the 9th or 10th “jolt” (maybe it was the 20th, I don’t know), my knees suddenly gave out and I fell over backward. I tried to hold on to her head, really I did, but my arms and hands were suddenly numb and I couldn’t hold on! I hit my head on the closet door that once concealed me and I momentarily almost blacked out.

My cock was still spurting my semen, and as it flew over my head, I vaguely remember seeing it splatter against the closet door three or four times. Even as the last dribbles of my adolescent seed were oozing out of my cock, I think I smiled when I saw that my cock had a wide red ring of lipstick around it’s base!

Well, at least the babysitter swallowed MOST of it.

And so, my very first blowjob was over. Too long in the “earning”, and too soon in the “spending”.

We spent the rest of the weekend getting to “know” one another better. In between the all the blowjobs that my favorite “Cocksucking Whore” gave me that weekend, I managed to lose my virginity between her legs on Saturday. And on Sunday, less than an hour before my parents got back home, my man-sized 12 year-old cock popped her “Ass Cherry”. It was a monumental “first-time” for both of us.

When my parents got home, they asked a few questions and the babysitter said that everything went “great” and that I was “quite the little man”. When Dad was ready to take the babysitter to her house, she gave me a kiss on the cheek with her big red lips. It left a great big red “kiss” imprint on me, which made my Mother laugh.

When Dad and the babysitter left, my Mom went up to her bedroom and I followed along behind her carrying the suitcases. As I followed Mom up the stairs, I couldn’t help but stare at her undulating ass. Man, my cock got hard, quick!

As I put the suitcases on the bed, my Mom put some stuff on the bureau and started kidding me a little bit.

“So, my son was ‘quite the little man’ while we were gone, eh?”

I mumbled something, I don’t know what, as I stared at her magnificent ass. She walked into the Master Bathroom and I followed her well-rounded ass in there.

Mom took out her lipstick and un-capped it. I was still staring at my Mother’s oh-so-fuckable ass, when she leaned forward to get closer to the mirror to touch up her lipstick. I was now staring at her full, red lips when she said:

“Quite the little man, my ass! I’ll bet you were a very naughty boy!”

That’s when I remembered the last words I heard the babysitter’s boyfriend say as he was leaving on Friday night:



PS. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it !!! (AND… I have TWO pairs of panties to PROVE it !!!)

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