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My First (and last) Gay Experience

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My Friend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

I was at my friend’s house. There were rumours circulating that he was gay, but I didn’t believe them myself. We were just two guy friends who’d known each other a few years, and I was staying over at his house for the night. Big deal right?

Well, we were sitting around drinking a few beers, and after having had a few, he had to go relieve himself at the washroom. So I looked around his room while he was gone. I found what looked like porn magazines, so I opened them up for some enjoyment. After seeing the first few pictures, it was pretty obvious that this was gay porn. All the pictures were of guys fucking and sucking each other. At first, I was disgusted, but I couldnÆt turn away. After a while, I kinda liked the site of big muscular guys screwing each other. Maybe it was because I was sort of drunk and couldnÆt think straight, but I started feeling like a homosexual. All I could think of was doing another guy, the thought of cock just stuck in my mind.

When I heard my friend getting back from the washroom, I quickly stuffed the gay porn back where I found it and collapsed on the bed. It was late and we were both tired, so he just lay down beside me on the mattress (it was a pretty big bed), and we both fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later while he was still asleep. I had gotten all the alcohol out of my system, and I really needed the washroom. After I went and took care of business, I came back into the bedroom and saw my friend lying there. I couldnÆt get the idea of cock out of my mind again. I sure wasnÆt gay, cause I enjoyed having sex with several girls before, but the curiosity about trying a new thing stuck in my mind.

I laid back down next to my friend (who seemed sound asleep), and gently ran my fingers over the front of his pants. I heard him moan, so I kept doing it. I think he started to wake up, cause he moved his fingers over the front of his pants too. I lost control as I reached over and kissed his neck. At this point, he woke up entirely and realized what was going on. At first, I was afraid that my reputation at school would be shattered (cause he would tell everyone), but instead, he just seemed to enjoy it and he pulled his pants and boxers off.

His dick was quite huge, and growing larger every second. He peeled back his foreskin to reveal a thick purple tip, as the shaft kept getting redder. I reached over to grab it, as if I was no longer in control of my body. I layed down in front of it, wrapping my thick lips around the tip. I slid my warm mouth down over his wide shaft. Having never done this before, I was surprised that I knew what to do. IÆd only had girls do it to me, though some of them were very good. I licked circles around his tip with my tongue, as I swallowed more of his meat down my throat. I could feel his purple tip press into the back of my throat as he gripped my hair with one hand. He got on his knees on the bed, which let me slide a hand down around to his ass. Girls loved it when I did this, so I parted his ass cheeks enough to slide a finger into his anal. Even though his ass felt different, I still knew what to do, as I push a second one in after it. For a homosexual, he had a very tight anal, and I could feel it being stretched much by my fingers. I had taken most of his 7.5 inch dick into my small mouth, and had started nibbling on the base. He really liked this, cause he arched his back to thrust more into my throat. I started sucking on his harder, as I licked up and down along the underside of his cock. I used my other free hand to cup his balls and massage them as he held on tightly to my hair. I was having trouble breathing, but I didnÆt want to stop. Just to feel safe, I came up for air, pulling his dick out my mouth. I stroked it for a few minutes, till I noticed precum dripping from the thick tip. His piss-hole was huge, no wonder he spent so little time in the washroom, he could get more out faster. His whole dick was huge, must have been 8 inch when it was finally fully erect. I quickly bent my head back down and licked up the precum. I wrapped my lips around his tip again as I started sucking wildly. All the suction go to him, cause I could feel him ready to cum.

I didnÆt feel like swallowing semen (the idea sickened me, although everything I was doing is kinda sickening in retrospect). So, I pulled my mouth back and told him I wasnÆt interested in swallowing his cum. He said he needed somewhere to unload fast, and the only answer that came to mind was my ass. Since his dick was already soaking wet from my saliva (I was drooling all over him, having never sucked cock before), we agreed it was a good solution. I quickly bent myself over the bed post as he pulled off my pants and boxers. He lifted up my baggy shirt and parted my virgin ass cheeks. He commented on how small my anal was compared to those in his magazines, and I became concerned cause his dick was just as big as some of the ones in the magazine and all the guys taking it up the ass looked like they were hurting still. Ah well, no pain no gain right? I just clench down hard and tried not to tense up my ass muscles.

In his came, guiding his cock into me. It felt like hours, and I dont know how he kept his orgasm in check that long. It hurt so much, I thought my legs would split apart. But still, it felt good to be filled up from the back. It was a seering hot pain as he sliced into me with his massive cock. I could feel it push up into me, sliding deeper into my anus. I could sense that my anal was bleeding, and I couldnÆt stop squeezing my muscles over his thick meat. He was bending over my body now, and kissing my neck and shoulders. After a while, he started licking inside my ear, as his cock filled me up. After what must have been half an hour of him sliding up and down inside my cock, he finally started spasming. He thrusted himself all the way inside me (there was alot of tension, which is why it hurt so much and I started bleeding), and he began shooting into me. I arched my back more as it came flowing in. I could feel my ass fill up both from his cock and the semen, as it overflowed out the sides of my puckered anal. I reached back and gripped his balls as he kept his orgasm. It seemed like hours, and I started yelling at him: ôCome on Daddy, I wanna feel it Daddy, fuck me Daddy, why does it hurt Daddy, canÆt you fuck me harder? I wanna feel you deep inside Daddy.ö Now I knew how girls felt when they said they didnÆt want anal sex cause it hurt. Though the experience was great, IÆve never had sex with a guy since because of the pain.

After he finished his orgasm, he stayed in my ass till he got tired, then he pulled it out and we collapsed for a while. After a few hours, I woke him up and said it was my turn. He sucked my dick (although he wasnÆt very good), and then I fucked his ass. He was quite tight, and admitted later it was his first time too). This was my only gay experience, and I didnÆt like it that much. I donÆt recommend it if youÆre only curious, cause it wonÆt live up to your expectations, though IÆm sure my friend had a great time with my body.

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