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my first key party

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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: party
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Dont ask me how I got invited, but I wound up attending a swingers “key party” a few years back. At the beginning of the party I did not think much of it, and enjoyed the drinks, snacks, and such; with it being winter time, and the holidays as well, we gave small gifts about, nothing expensive, just little tokens, pens, etc. to keep in the festive mood. Then as things moved along, about 9pm or so, the hostess came out and with some great flare, declared that the “key party is to commence.”
Her husband came out with a bag, holding each car or truck drivers keyring; the girls of the party were to draw one set out, and “get things into the holiday cheer in style!” I knew what this meant, having been told before hand what was going on. I was near the last to pick out a set, and looked about to see who it belonged to. Much to my horror, and surprise, it belonged to my step-brother Dave, who had come with his girl and some other friends. Everyone else who had drawn was starting to get on with the fun, being in various stages of undress; and he explained to me in whispers we were expected to fuck with each other.
As he removed his clothing, he kept pressuring me to go with it, and let it happen. When his underwear went away, I just stared at that big cock of his, and his girl Tessa giggled at the look on my face. Dave started undoing my blouse, slipping it off, and then my skirt. But I kept saying to him “no”, until I felt my bra get unhooked by his hands. I just closed my eyes as he knelt down and slipped my panties down my legs. When I opened them again a moment later, he looked into my eyes, asking the question of me…and all I did was just nod yes.
He laid me down on part of the couch and commensed to eat me out, i dont remeber what happened next well, as i had my eyes shut, while he fondled me, and finally slid into my cunt, taking my tight cherry with his cock. I know he came inside of my pussy, and we fucked for some time at the party…actually he fucked me, i just stayed there in body, not in mind.

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