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my first sex with lecturer

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Where it happened: in her house
Sex: Male
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it was my college days.and i’m doing my graduation.it was the most memorable moment in my life that i must share with you people.
her name is sagarika.she is our physics lecturer.not yet married.she is very attractive with 36-24-36!!she used to take our class to take her leisrue hour.and i was one of the toppers in college.not only in the academic performance but also other extracuricular activites.
may be due to this reason she became close to me within a very short period.her house is just 2 km from my home.on becoming close to her,very often she makes me to come her house.her parents stay at another place very far from her rented house.i used to repeat most of the that YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL MAM!!and she just repies thank you dude.that day is our colege fet,so we are in njjoyable mood,so soon after our party we all left to each other homes.on the way we are going to our homes i find mam alonely staying in the bustop.by that there are no busses at that time.as she is close to me she reffered me to drop her at her home.i said ok mam.then in the mean journey her milky boobs touched my back.godman what aa feeling,i’ve said to her then mam your boobs are very excellent.she replied why cant you taste them after going to home.i was shocked and a little bit annoyed in driving the bike and are you sure mam?she said yes.then within a few minutes we reached her house.
after reaching to house i was a little bit tensed how to break the ice.then she slowly said”come on,taste these milky ocean”slowly then i reached her pressing her smooth,pink colored stand straighted nipples.she said then”my nipples are waiting for your teeth”just do it sexy.i carresed her boobs in my way as a professional and i slowly reached her thighs.then i removed her saree panties.such a beautifull flower is hers!!it’s already became wet and it was shaved.then mam took of clothes and soon then i fingered her.she is moaning”mmmmmm comon,yaaa…..”i started to stimulate her G-SPOT now she turned very wildy after stimulating her G-SPOT.she is screaming loudly”yaaaa comon,excellent,aaaaaaaa oooooooo”wihtin 5 minutes she squirted on to my chest and then she didnt stop sreaming and took my long hardened 6’5 inches dick in to her wet pussy and started saying”common naughty with all your strength make my pussy die”i started slowly giving strokes into her pussy,wihtin a few seconds i increased my stroking speed,and felt as if i’m doing fast horse riding.and she is shouting then”yaaa FUCK FUCK TOOOOOOO HARD…..AAAA NICE DONT TAKE OUTSIDE YAAAAA”i was scared that in the midnight anyone may wake up and come and see whats happening.bu that had not happened.for more than four hours we both had two orgasms.it was in the morning 5 a.m and by the time we wake up again she asked me FUCK her this day totally.i said i’d go home.she requested me to come again after going to home.
i accepted.after refreshment agaian i came to mam’s house.by the time i went to her house she is sleeping.then i slowly said mam again i’m here.then she woked up and said come let you fuck me more hard enough and give me the stimulation.by that time i was tired of the last night.so for a little energy i taken ozomen the energy regain tablets.then i was surprised she is very nude n the bed’s blanket and came slowly to me and undressed all of my freshly weard clothes.she strated lick my long horse powered dick.i started to carress her nipples.in very short time i inserted my dick into her beautifull pink coloured pussy and gave her more strong strokes,that even BLOOD came out of her pussy.and we gave sometime to stop the blood as it indicates her loosing virginity.we started fucking again she is screaming “ohh dear fuck ya like that it feels soooooooooo good ra”
the whole day we had nearly 9 orgasms almost enjoying more than 18 SEX POSITIONS.this was the most memorable moment in my life fucking a lecturer one night and whole day and having morethan 9 orgasms.
now she is married and very often calls me to fuck her.ofcourse now my dick is 7 inches whereas her husband’s is 5 inches.

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