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My First Time At Girls Hostel

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: At the girls hostel TI
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

It was May 15th last year.I was schooling i a fully-resindential school. The school holidays just began,so most of the students went back to their respective hometowns. I stayed back with my group of friends cause we had something planned.At first I didn`t know bout the plan. After dinner at the dining hall,my friends gathered in a dark place near the girl`s hostel.They said the warden is not around so this is the perfect chance for us to slip into the girl`s hostel.I didn`t think much bout the consequences because getiing into the girl`s hostel was a lifetime experience for me.We waited until the workers of the dining hall went back home.Then,we quickly changed into dark clothings and gathered under the tree which was about 12metres from the main gate of the girls hostel.We stayed there until there were no lights in the girl`s hostel.
Evil smile emerged from all of us.I was so excited and couldn`t wait to climb the gate which separated us from the girls dormitory.Then, one of my friend said its time to explore the no-male teritory.I was the first to climb the gate.I did the climbing as quiet as possible b`cause I didn`t want to wake the slepping girls up.My friends followed me.All of us were now in the girls hostel.We headed straight to the ground floor bathroom in order to search for things that belongs to the girls which would help to get us aroused.I found a pair of pink bra n panties.I sniffed both of the items n i could fell the tension in my boxers.My friends did the same thing n all of us were now fully aroused.We could think properly.One of m friend suggested us to pay a visit to the sleeping girls.All of us agreed although we knew that it was a very risky thing to do because if we are caught,we will be thrown out of school.We climbed the stairs without making any noise that could wake up the sleeping beauties.The first dorm emerged and we opened the door as quietly as possible.We were so damn aroused when we opened the door because most of the girls were sleeping while wearing only bra n panties.One of my friebd to out his dick from his boxers n started to massage it.We wispered to him not to do so because if one of the girl wake ups,we have to run.He said that he is used to masturbate while watching sexy pictures of women in magazines n know he is witnessing it lively so he couldn`t resisit the temptation.To be frank,me myself couldn`t resist what i was witnessing with my own eyes.
I wispered to my friends that we should make the most of this chance by pumping our dicks into one of the many golden triangles that we yet to be explored.All of us agreed,so we went searching for the most popular girl in my school.We found her lying with only her nighties.She lokked so sexy with her big boobs.She was famous because of her boobs.Her sixteen year old boob is equivalent to 3/4 of Pamela Anderson`s boob.We tip-toed to her bed.Then my friend covered her mouth with his hands and the rest of us carried her tender body to the ground floor where there is an empty dorm with few beds.We took her there and put her on top of one of the beds.She looked straight int our eyes,my friend was still covering her mouth.She then stopped struggling.She layed still.I headed straight to her tits,fondling it with my hands.I pressed her nipples.My friends were shocked to watch me do that.They quickly followed me.Soon all of us were fondling her breast,kissing her nipples,kissing her body and I fingered her.She closed her eyes when i slipped my fingers to her vagina.She seems to enjoy it.I decided to tell my friend to take his hands of her mouth.She remained silent but her eyes were closed.She looked like she was addicted to my fingers.We played with her virgin body about 10 minutes abd then I couldn`t stnad it anymore.I took my dick with my hands n started to masturbate.My friends were doing the same thing except for my friend who was still fondling her breast.She opened her eyes and said silently to me, “Why are you masturbating when you can enjoy the feeling of my vagina,my virgin vagina I mean”.Without hesitation I took my dick,7’3 inches into the small opening between her thighs.I tried to enter her but my dick couldn`t get into it.She was tight.She was a virgin so i tried about 5 times when i finally managed to get my ‘hardness’ in her ‘soft’ belly.I pumped in and out she moan slightly at first and then when I pumped harder n faster,she was started to moan loudly.I stopped n asked her to bite the pillow.She did it,I started again this time faster n faster.She was moaning blistfully but the pillow in her mouth decreased the sound released to the surroundings.I felt my cock was almost as hard as a metal n the cum is approaching my cock head.I stopped n took my cock out of her vee n quicly loaded it into her anus.Her abus were even tighter,but i managed to get my cock deep into her anus n started fucking her with doggy style.I thrusted her anus as fast as I could and I errupted inside her anus.My dick was starting to shrink.My friends continued with her.Fucking her from behind and from the front.She was like a fucking machine.One of my friend took out the pillow from her mouth n replaced it with his cock.She was sucking his cock while receiving tremendous fucking from her vagina n her anus.I in the meantime played with her breast n sucked her errected nipples.They were pink in colour as they were new.
Half an hour later all of us had burst our cums all over her body.Most of my friends ejaculated on top of her tits.She looked exhausted as she was fucked multiple times.I was the first one to explore her viginity.I talked to her about the sexual abuse she experienced moments ago.She responded calmly and said that she enjoyed it too.She also said that she will not report this incident to our teachers.Then we headed to the ground floor bathroom to clean ourselves.She followed us.When I turned the light on,I saw blood all over her vagina n thighs.She looked at me and said “I`m not virgin anymore.Keep it a secret boys and I will keep my mouth shut”.We agreed.I entered the same shower room as her.I kissed her lips.We were liplocked.I kissed her so passionately until I did`nt realize my friends were looking at us.I continued to kiss her,while my hands cupped her breast which swayed each time I cupped one of them.
I kissed her forehead and spanked her buttocks.Then I said I really enjoyed the experience.She wispered into my ears,” After today,you are going to experience a lot more with me.Next time you want to have sex with me just tell me and make sure you come alone”.I smiled and followed my friends back to our hostel.Since that day I always stayed back whenever school holidays started.I managed to have sex with her many times after that day.
My first time is not a bad experience at all.I loved sex so much.I managed to learn many skills from the net and trien with her.She enjoyed all the time she was with me.I became popular among the girls because she began to tall about our relationship with her friends.The following year I began to have sex with her friends and most of them were still virgin.

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