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my first time for anal sex

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

My sex life started out at a very young age with my cousins. it started ou with my younger then my older cousin joined us. but thats another story.We were a very tight neiborhood there were a group of ten of us that hung out all the time played sports, swim, get in trouble what ever. there was one kid toby that was younger then me that lived right behind me we were best friendsonw day we were swiming in my pool and he took off his swim trunks and just was swiming around so I followed it was kinda cool swiming naked and all. Then one day while walking in the woods to our fort he just droped his pants to his ankles and started walking. This went on for a while till the day we were in my parents sun porch and I asked him if I could suck his penis. We both had our aprehenation him about me biting his penis and me about him peeing in my mouth. I finaly convinced him to let me do it. It was strange feling but I liked it I to this day don’t remember if he came or not. But this day opened the door to whole new experances we both would go down on each other all the time then one day back at our fort we found some nudie magazins and that got us really hot. There were pictures of people having sex. That got my mind turning I wantd to have sex. So one day we were in my room a told my friend that I wanted him to fuck my ass he just about jumpet out of his clothes. I got undressed and got some baby oil from the bathroom and lubed up his penis then i got this syrengetype thing that was ysed to fill up a trick lighterput some oil in that and squarted it into my butt. I then got down on my hands and knees and he tried to put his dick in my ass but it would not go in so i had him lie down and got on top of him. With one firm push it was in I road hime for a little while then we moved around and i got on my hands and knees and he just started to pump me in and out. my friend kept telling me how good it felt til he came in my butt. I tried fucking him but it did not work i was too big for him we never had sex again but we did continue the oral sex thing till he moved

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