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My First Time & MyFirst Black Man

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Age when it happend: 16 going on 17
Where it happened: On the Farm -His Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This happened when I was 16yro going on 17. My Mom & I lived on a small farm in central IL & Dad had left Us when I was 12yro. Mom kept the farm going by help from neighboring farmers & a job in town. I would be going into My Junior year in the fall. It was spring time & very warm for that time of the year. Mom hired a handyman to help with the chores farming & some gardening. He was a nice Black Man about 35yro really built & bald headed muscled & a medium brown skin. I thot He was georgeous & had a ‘Thing’ for Him. He had a room in the house with Us downstairs while Mom & I had rooms upstairs…Mine was down the hall from Hers. I had found some Porn Tapes I thot were Dad’s but actually were Mom’s…I found out later. I didn’t know She was soo horny. Anyway She caught Me watching some of them this one morning when She was heading to town…I had a porn tape of Black Men fucking White Girls on & was fingering Myself & was really Hot & Horny when She walked in on Me. It was too late to cover things up!! She just looked at Me & said ‘I wondered where My tapes went! But Oh well You’re getting older & need to know about these things. I’ll show You a better way to masturbate & You can use My Vibrator! I’m going to town to shop so keep an eye on J.C. (He’s the hired Black Man) have fun & I’ll be back OK?’ I was somewhat shocked as She kissed Me goodbye & stroked My wettness. I was stark naked horny & very Hot for a Man & I really wanted to have a Black Man as My 1st, especially like the Girls in the Porn tapes got! I looked at My Body in My full length mirror. I was a nice trim 34C Boobs, 22 Waist, & 36 Hips, smooth shaved mound (as I seen the Girls in the Porn Tapes), feels so sexy & cool, I was pretty, with nice rounded butt & shapely legs..I was really blessed with a Hot Body. I took a Hot shower, put on some of Mom’s cologne, pulled My auburn hair back in a soft curl pony-tail & got Mom’s high heels with an ankle strap. I put on a low cut mid-drift tank top & no bra & a pair of very short high riding shorts that showed My pussy lips & no panties. I was ready to seduce J.C. some what apprehensive but soo Hot & Horny I couldn’t stop. My breast stood out very firm even without My bra & My nipples were already hard from being aroused. I walked or swayed out to the garden where J.C. was hoeing & leaned over the wooden rail which gave My Boobs more lift & cleavage & smiled at Him as He worked. He had his shirt off…Man! what a beautiful muscular sight He was..all aweaty with His shiny dark skin. He saw Me & grinned ..His white teeth showing so perfectly. He took His shirt out of His waist of His trousers, wiped His shoulders & body as I watched & Wanted Him Sooo Bad! He said ‘Hey Girl, You come to get some Dark Meat! Yo Mom said You’d be commin’ to see Me! Kno’s You been watchin’ Her Tapes! You gonna be as good a fuck as Yo Mom is ..I know..She’s a Real Slut in bed..!’ My heart lept at that & I kinda got scared & wondered what I was gettin into, but My Body & My Pussy were stronger than My fears & I stammered Y yyess I guess So! I Wanted Him Bad. He said ‘Well little Cunt Yes or No..I got things to do.’ ‘Yy yyes Yes Ok ..Please! He said ‘Then let’s go to My room,’ & He grabbed My hand & led Me to His room. When we got there He pulled Me to Him & pulled My face up to His & said, ‘Let’s see what You Got….Strip You littl’ bitch!’ I started to take My top off but He grabbed My head & kissed Me hard with His big lips & then His tongue forced it’s way into My throat..I sucked & played with His tongue in My mouth & moaned as I felt My juices flow..I felt I was ready for Him to enter Me…but He had Me to strip completely naked & strut around the room sexilly as He dropped His trousers. I gasped as I saw this Huge Monster Cock flop out. It had a pointed head cut & then it tapered on down getting thicker & thicker toward the base. It was Very dark brown & about 10in long with His balls hanging in a neat tite sack. ‘Alright littl’ bitch suck this Hot Dick..learn somethin’ about being a Black Man’s Slut.’ I was getting scared more but I couldn’t resist Him ..He had this power over Me..I dropped to My knees in obedience as I was bewteen being scared & wanting this big dick inside Me. My Pussy was aching inside to feel a Man in there. I gingerly took the head & kissed the glans then slowly wrapped My lips around it. As I looked up at Him he moaned & grabbed My pony-tail & pushed My head down on His cock. I started sucking & licking the shaft as I saw in the porn tapes harder & faster …then He shoved It way down My throat as I gagged ..but He kept it in there & I tried to suck Him & He finally shot a Big load down My throat. I felt like I would drown as I tried to swallow all of it but there was too much. Some came out of My mouth so He had Me lick it all up & then lick His cock clean..I found that after awhile I enjoyed sucking Him & the taste of His cum. He said ‘Now it’s time to Fuck You.. littl’ bitch…YO gonna get the fuckin’ of Yo life.! I was really scared Now ’cause I wondered how My tite little virgin pussy was going to take all His Cock & how it was going to feel! He laid Me on My back across the bed & spread My legs wide exposing My hairless pussy & pink clit both hurting for a Man to fuck them. He couldn’t resist the sight & dove into My pussy licking My juices which were flowing so fast & tonguing My clit ’til I was screaming & moaning asking Him to Fuck Me Fuck Me J.C…Oh I was wanting to cum & did as I Never had an orgasm like that & more was to come..Oh how I loved His long tongue & nibbling My clit..then He put one of His long fingers in My pussy..I about went off the bed..then 2 fingers then 3 getting Me stretched. He put some lube on My Pussy entrance & His cock even tho I was as wet as possible. I then worried He didn’t have any condom on..I might get pregnant..too late..the bedroom door flew open..It Was Mom! She said ‘Good J.C., I knew She was Hot & Ready..Fuck Her Good, get Her Virgin, make a Slut out of Her, let’s get Her pregnant.’ I couldn’t believe what My Mom was saying, but I was sooo Hot Now I Just wanted to have Him Fuck Me. Mom said ‘I don’t know how tite She is or How much pain She’ll have, We better tie Her hands over Her head, I’d hold Her but I’m going to take a video of Her loosing Her Cherry!’ Which they did! Then J.C. proceded to fuck Me putting the pointed head against My opening of My vagina & I felt My Lips start to envelope His head..He pushed deeper & then the pain shot thru My groin & hips as He broke My virgin head & pushed deeper into Me..I was feeling filled stretched in pain as went into Me screaming & moaning & writhing on the bed wanting it to stop & yet I wanted it to continue more & more. He paid no attention to My cries & scream taking His time pushing deep into Me… then I felt His Balls against My ass ..He was all the way In Me ..Oh My I’m hurting & cumming feeling filled & violated all at one time…I wondered if those porn girls ever felt this way on their 1st time..My Mom was shouting ‘come on J.C. fuck her good..come on fuck the littl’ slut..I want some good footage…’ Then He started pumping Me slowly the full length of His cock, the pain was leaving & nothing but pure pleasure was taking it’s place inside Me as I started to move My hips & body in tune with his every thrust..He started going faster & faster & I came Hard waves rolling over Me My body shuddering & convulsing inside Me I’m moaning & screaming ‘Fuck Me Fuck Me I Want to get Pregnant’. I wanted His Black Seed to fertilize My Ripe vagina. Mom screaming ‘get Her pregnant Tonight!’ I must have cum several times each one Harder & more severe than the other one! After much Hard pumping I felt Him swell inside Me & He slammed into Me & held it there as He flooded My vagina with His Black Seed. I knew then in My heart I was Now Pregnant & going to be a Mom. Even with the pain I think it was the Best fuck I ever had for a long time. I’ll always cherish that day. I then had a cute Black Baby Boy 9mos later & Mom took Him to raise . Mom home schooled Me for My Junior year & I finished My Senior year at school & graduated. After that day J.C. moved into Mom’s room as both our Lover & He had which ever one He wanted when He wanted. We becme His Love Sluts.. Mom became pregnant too several months after Me. I’m 26yro Now went to college & paid for some of My tuition laying on My back …I Love being fucked..then I met My Husband Chad another great well hung Black Man & very handsome..a Lawyer in training..& We have 2 beautiful twin Girls & of course My son from J.C. Chad knows all about My life with Mom & J.C. When We go home to vist We ‘farm’ the kids out & have an orgy with Mom J.C. Chad & I. I learned to Love Anal sex so Chad & J.C. double penetrate Me while Mom kisses Me & fondles My Boobs & I eat Her Pussy. Family is Great when We all Fuck together! My body is still in great shape & sexy with 38D Boobs 24 Waist & 38 Hips.

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