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my first time1

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: sea side
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I’d been dating this guy for a few months, and we had to have been the perfect match for each other. Our relationship had been escalating for the entire time. He was an attractive guy, 23 years old, white, had dark brown hair and blue eyes, and was about 6’3″ tall. His name is John. I met him in the collage carnival, he was an ex-student. At that time I was 19 years 5’8”tall, white, hip length long black hair, my body size 34-28-36. In summer of 2001 one day John suggested me to go to the beach alone with him.
I was very exited & agreed to go. Next day at about 7 in the morning he pick me up &we drove towards the beach, it was an hour ride. After reaching the beach we strip down from our dress &jumped into the water. I was wearing lace bra &lace panty, he was wearing swimming trunk. As it was a working day so we are alone in the beach. After playing half an hour in the sea we got up & sat on the beach. As we are talking he put his arm around my shoulder & said, “Why don’t you loosen your bra. The sun will tan you without any mark.” Saying this he unhooked my bra, tossed it over. I felt myself a bit embarrassed in front of a guy with nude breast, so I pull my hair over my shoulder so that it can provide some cover to my breast from John. Seeing my action a mischief smile appears on John’s face.
Suddenly he pulled me near to him & kissed me. We kissed, it seemed forever, and his tongue was just playing through my mouth, teasing me, and making me wet. As we were kissing, I felt John’s hand go up and he put his hand on my breast. It surprised me and I got a little scared, but I didn’t say anything. He kept his hand there for a minute and then started to move it around over my breast. I have to admit that it did feel good and I think I was getting turned on. We kept kissing and then I felt him slip his finger and he touched my nipple. It felt so good and it made me shiver. John was looking at my breasts and he said that they were so perfect. We kissed again and John’s hand started to caress my breasts. It felt so good and I never thought that it would turn me on so much. John brushed his hand against my nipples and it sent huge chills through me. We lay on my towel and kissed while John explored my breasts. He kissed my neck and then my chest and then each of my breasts. I about died when he kissed one of my nipples and then licked it with the tip of his tongue. I couldn’t help moaning and felt embarrassed. John kissed down to my belly button and then further until he got to the top edge of my bikini bottoms. It felt so weird but it felt so good. It took me by surprise when all of a sudden; John kissed me right on my crotch over my bottoms. I gasped and my heart felt like it was going to explode. John looked up at me and asked if I was willing to take my bottoms off too. I was totally nervous and my mouth was so dry that I could hardly answer him. I think he could see it in my eyes and he slowly began to pull them down. I felt them go past my knees and then around my ankles and then they came off. There was no way that I ever thought that I would be lying totally naked on the beach with John. I mean totally bare but naked! John was seeing everything, my bare breasts, my pubic hair, everything! We kissed for along time, while John touched me in all the places that I have never been touched before. He kissed my twat & put his tongue inside my love hole. I couldn’t believe the feeling of when John touched my pubic hair and my bare crotch for the first time. It felt like I was going to loose control of my body may be due to I was in most fertile time of my cycle. John whispered that he wanted to make love with me and I managed to whisper yes. John crawled up & started to kiss me & put his one finger inside me messaging my g spot. And after at least 5 or 10 minutes, a wave of released tension filled my body. That must have been when I reached my first climax. I felt juices splash inside of me. Then I decided it was his turn.
I started to rub his chest with my hands, and he gave a tiny groan, just enough to intrigue me. I started moving my hands down to his trunk, and trying to find the button, I felt his cock. To this day, I’m still surprised that his costume didn’t rip. That thing had to be monstrous, and it set my mind racing. There, sticking out of his hair was his massive cock. It was around 71/2” long, it was 2” thick, and it was more than I ever expected. (I’d know about size; my brothers (they’re twins), often just sit around the house, masturbating, and comparing their tiny little 4-inchers.) I decided I’d tease him too. I just put the head of it into my mouth, and played my tongue around it, for at least five minutes. I took two balls in each hand and gently squeezed them. I glanced up a few times, and the expression on his face was inexplicable. It was pure pleasure. Then, bit-by-bit, I started to move the rest of it into my mouth. The feeling of that huge, warm, throbbing cock in my mouth, even to this day, is still one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. I felt safe, secure, and happy. Then, gently at first, I started to suck. As I increased speed he tried to resist, but finally just let go. I could almost see him release. The warm cum in my mouth tasted worse than anything I’d ever tasted, but I just swallowed, and he started to groan softly. “All right. If you’ve had enough of the playing around,” he said, with a huge grin on his face.
I gave a final suck, and then let it go. I told him that I was ready. He knew I was a virgin. He then kissed me even more deeply and slid his hand back down to my wet cunt lips, massaging them intensely when I was soaked through, I told him “ I need to feel you inside me. Make me a woman your woman John” He told me that my hymen was still intact and that it would be really painful, and that I might bleed. I said, “ I love you John and it would be worth the pain.” I was so turned on, I really wanted to feeling him inside of me though I was most fertile at that time. He kneeled between my legs and spread me open with his powerful thighs as he prepared to take me. The charming light that filled his eyes earlier was now replaced with one of lust. I was a bit afraid of his penis size & my period. I said, “I am in my most fertile time of my period. If you cum inside me I will get pregnant, you are not using any protection.” He kissed me & said “ trust me, I will be careful not to cum inside you.” John was being gentle with me as he covered me I felt the bloated head of his penis press into the cleft of my wet sex. He held his cock firmly against my outer lips waiting for my body to adjust to his presence. I put my hands on his chest & closed my eyes and felt my vagina start to open. He pressed himself into my virginity slowly, but I am very tight. He had to withdraw to coat himself in my secretions, and then thrust again. I managed to open my eyes just as he entered me, after entering an inch or so he stopped. Suddenly he pulled all the way out. Then again he put his manhood on my pussy & very gently started to enter me. It was hurting like hail I was beating my lips tears coming out of my eyes & I gave john a little push to stop him. John stopped & asked me “ do you want to continue Lisa. We can do it later.” But I was determined to take John inside me. I said “yes. I am ok do it quickly otherwise the pain may force me to stop you, which I don’t want to do.” “You are very tight. If I give force to enter you it will be very painful for you Lisa.” “Just do it John let me fill you inside me.” John asked, “ Are you sure to become a woman.” I nodded yes. Then he took my hands & holds them firmly on the ground, & then with a sharp push he entered me all tearing my hymen causing me to scream loudly in pain. I had my eyes squeezed shut my legs were stiff. After sometime He told me to look down. I looked and realized he was all the way in. I felt burning session deep inside my pussy. He kissed me on my ear lobs, neck giving me time to adjust myself with his massive cock. Through the pain I couldn’t help but marvel at the feeling of having John filling my vagina. I had never felt more like a woman before than at that moment as I felt the life of another inside me I felt safe, secure, and happy. After few minutes the pain subsidies a little & he started to move very slowly & gently in, and thrusting, I started to feel the intense pleasure I had felt with his cock in my mouth. I finally put my arms around John and feel our bodies move back and forth. John and I kissed and said “ Lisa your dam tight” & felt and kissed my breasts as we did it. At first, I was scared that someone would come and see what we were doing, but now I didn’t care who saw us. I think I was making a lot of noise moaning and groaning, but I couldn’t help it. I don’t know how long we did it for, but it seemed like a long time. I crossed my leg around him to bring him more deep inside me. The thrusting became harder & faster. I was nearing to my orgasm & feeling he also. Then I said, “ Plant your seed inside me. Let me have your baby.” Hearing a smile appears on John’s face & asked; “are you sure to conceive my baby” I nodded yes. Seeing this John started to move faster & with a groan he thrust deep into my pussy, gripped me tightly, and as his entire body tensed with his orgasm I felt his penis jerk several times as he ejaculated warm sperm into me. I writhed beneath him as my own orgasm overtook me. We rutted together his cock still inside my pussy blocking his sperm to lick out from my pussy until our bliss was sated and his hardness receded. I felt the warm cum flooding my pussy.
I started to get up and reach for my bathing suit, but John smiled and said that it would be more fun to go skinny-dipping. I was nervous, but said OK. When I got up and looked down at myself. I couldn’t believe what a mess I was. I had a mixture of sweat, blood, semen, and sand all over the insides of my legs and I had sand in places that I never thought I would have sand! My legs were weak and wobbly. Suddenly he took me in his arm, went to sea for another bath. We swam and played in the waves and it was tonally cool to be naked. We swam for a long time and played in the waves. John put his arms around me and held me close to him. The waves made our bodies rub together and it felt incredible. I was sore but I wanted to do it again in case his first time seed didn’t able to fertile my egg. We went back to the towels and mine had a big bloodstain on it. It was pretty embarrassing, but I guess it was natural. We lay on John’s towel and didn’t bother to put on our bathing suits again. We kissed and touched and held each other. As the sun went down, we made love again. I was filled with his manhood and enjoying what he was doing to my body.
It didn’t hurt nearly as much as the first time and I never felt anything so nice. We made a mess again; as he unloads his sperm bank into my pussy not taking any chance, he was determined to fertile my eggs. So we had to go down to the water to clean up. When we are returning he stopped the car in a side way just before entering the city & asked “Lisa will you get pregnant?” I said, “Yes I may be but not sure.” Hearing this John came close to me “Let’s do it again.” I was bit surprise & I was sore down to my pussy. I smiled and said “you are determined to pregnant me with your child.” Yes I want you to become mother of my baby. I loved John very much; despite my pain I agree with John’s proposal. John moved on my set and unzips his pant to pull out his massive cock. I climbed on him & sat on his lap face to face with him. I was wearing a midi skirt no panty because I was very sore. Holding my hip John pulled me on his manhood. He hold his cock straight as I started to lower myself on his penis. As his penis entering my pussy it was hearting badly. After he was fully inside of me I started to move gently up & down. As the speed increased he took total control of the situation & started to move his hip fast. He lasted almost 10 minutes but I climaxed thrice in that time. John grabs my hip & pulled me down on his cock next I felt John’s cock throb wildly and hot sperm shoot deal inside me. I rested atop of him till his manhood softened and slipped from my cunt. Then he kissed me & said, “ This will make you pregnant.” I smiled and said “ don’t worry I will definitely conceive your baby.”
Next day in the morning he called me & said, “ what happen? Do you have my baby?” I said, “ You must wait at least one month to know result.” He was very excited to know the result, so do I. My next period was due within forte night but it didn’t come. One morning while I was having my breakfast I was attacked with nausea & vomiting. I was very excited but I wait for another 15 days for my period. But it didn’t come. I was confident that I conceive his baby. I called him & gave him the good news. Hearing that he came rushing & took me to a doctor (Gyno). The doctor confirms that I was pregnant. When we are returning from his chamber John stopped the car in a side way & pulled out a small red box from his pocket. From that he took a diamond ring said I want to marry you Lisa & slip the ring into my finger. We got married the following month. Two months later we went to the Doctor for checkup. After checkup doctor told us I conceive three babies in my womb. May be three intercourses in a day making it possible. After nine month I gave birth three cute looking baby girls.
Now we are planning to have a baby. Our plan is to have a large family of at least six children. I am really happy with John.

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