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My friendly neighbour Rob

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Neighbours House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It was a Saturday morning and my Mom had arranged for my brother and I to spend the day next door because she had to go out. Our next door neighbours are a couple in their late 30’s (now early 40’s), called Rob and Judy. We usually stay with Judy but she wasn’t there that day so Rob was looking after us instead since he had the day off work. We went over at about 10 am, and just sat around watching videos, but I noticed Rob kept looking over at me. I was wearing short denim shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes, I wasn’t very developed so I wasn’t sure why he seemed so interested. About half an hour later he asked my brother to go down to the shops and get something for lunch, and gave him some money to play the video games at the arcade down the road. My brother left and Rob asked me if I wanted to do something else. I felt a bit uneasy because of the way he had been looking at me, but he also made me feel quite excited (the kind of excited I felt when I touched myself). I asked what he had in mind and he suggested a swim. It wasn’t very hot but I said yes anyway and got into my swimsuit and jumped in the pool. We started to play tag, he was up first and I did my best to swim away so he couldn’t get me, but he chased me and tagged me on my bottom, it felt nice because his hand was big and strong. I was up and I chased him and when I went to tag him he moved so that my hand touch his penis. I didn’t keep my hand there or anything but I remember it seemed really big and when I had looked at it it was sticking up a bit. His turn again, this time I didn’t try so hard to get away and he tagged me on my tit, which wasn’t very big, but there all the same. It felt really nice and he left his hand there for a bit longer than normal before taking it away, letting it brush across my other tit. Whenever he touched me he looked me straight in the eye and smiled a little, but not in a creepy way, it made me feel pretty and sexy thinking that he wanted to touch me. Again, it was my turn and again he moved so that my hand touched his penis, this time I left it there for a little while, mainly because I was curious, as I had never seen a penis in real life before. It was standing up more this time and he told me to stroke it. I did what he said, still curious, and also because he was older than me and I had always been taught to respect my elders and do as they say. I stroked for awhile and wrapped my hand around it (as much of it as would fit in my little hands), it felt really really nice. He suggested we get out of the pool and dry off. He got out first and I just stared at his hard penis while he dried off, he looked at me and I realized what I was doing and got embarrassed and blushed, he told me not to be embarrassed and that I could look at it closer if I wanted to. He told me to get out of the pool so I could dry off. He got a towel and started drying me, after awhile he let the towel drop and began rubbing my boobs and my ‘nice little pussy’ (as he called it) through my swimsuit. I was really starting to enjoy the attention and it didn’t feel like we were doing anything wrong. He started to take off my swimsuit and knelt down and kissed my nipples. He took the rest of my suit off and opened the lips of my pussy and gave it a little lick. It tickled a bit and made my whole bottom half tingle. He put his hands on my bottom and rubbed it while he licked away at my clitoris. It felt so good. He put me up on one of the chairs by the pool and spread my legs apart telling me how cute I was and how beautiful my pussy and boobs were. He stood up and took off his speedos, his dick waod taking his cock in my mouth because Judy wouldn’t do it, I felt really special and wanted to do it really well. I sucked and sucked with all my might while I got smiles and moans from Rob, he seemed to be enjoying it and the feeling of his cock in my mouth was pretty good. He stopped suddenly and asked if I had ever thought about sex. I told him I didn’t know much about it, but I had seen my mom and step dad do it a couple of times. He asked if I liked watching them, and I said, yes, and told him about how I had sat outside their door one night and rubbed myself while listening to them. He asked if he could watch me rub myself, I was starting to feel comfortable with him so I said okay, once again eager to please. I put my fingers down inside my pussy lips and started rubbing my clit. He took his dick in his hand and started stroking it while he watched, I noticed a tiny bit of semen (at the time I had no idea what it was) at the tip of his penis. He asked me to stay where I was and that he’d be back in a minute. I mumbled an “okay” and kept touching myself (I was getting close to cumming). He came back outside with a tube of lubricant (which, once again I didn’t know what was), put a fair bit on his fingers and swapped my hand for his as he wiped it around my pussy and up inside my hole, it felt so good to have his fingers inside me. Then he took them away and told me we were going to ‘fuck’. He lay me down on the grass and began to insert his cock into me, it hurt a little bit, but after a minute or two began to feel really really good. He asked me if I had started my periods yet, I told him no, and he started to punp harder and harder making loud moaning noises. I loved the sounds he was making, it made me so excited to think that I was pleasing him so much, then all of a sudden he pushed really hard and I felt a huge load of semen enter me. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced. He pulled his cock out and kissed my boobs and told me to hop back in the pool to clean up (I had a LOT of cum dripping down my leg, not to mention a bit of blood, which freaked me out a bit). He got back in the pool for a minute, winked at me, got dressed and went inside. I got out about 5 minutes later, dressed and went back inside to watch tv again. mY brother came home about half an hour later but there was no reason for him to suspect anything. Rob just sat back down with us till my mom came to get us later that afternoon. We never fucked again, although I still masturbate to that memory.

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