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My Friends Mom

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was 15 years old, and it was the summer before my sophmore
year. One of my best friends (Walt),
was moving down to Louisianna. He was
leaving on Saturday. He asked me if I would
help him move all of his family’s stuff into
the moving trucks on a thursday afternoon.
And i said i would be glad to, since he was
a good friend of mine. So all day, me, and
Walt moved stuff into the truck. His mom
(Sue) was telling us what to move, and where
to put it in the truck all this time.
We had been working from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
after we had finished Sue, was going to take
Walt around to all of his friends house to say
goodbye, while i waited at their house.
Sue came back, she said Walt was still at
Jeff’s house and she would pick him up in the
morning before they left. She reached in
her pocket and got some money out. She handed
me $40. I told her i couldnt take it,
Walt was my friend and so are u Sue, i can’t take
this money from you guys. She said, I have to pay
you some way for helping us out today. She said
come in the living room and sit on the floor with me,
while we think up a way how i can pay you.
I said ok, but you don’t have to give me anything.
She was wearing short Kaki shorts, and a white
tanktop. she sat their sitting we her legs open a little.
I was trying to get a glance up her shorts. I
could see that she had on a pair of regular white
cotton panties, and no bra. I was moving my head
trying to look up her shorts, and she noticed it.
She said, I know what you want, I acted puzzled.
she said, I’ll be right back, you’ll like this.
And you have to take it too. ok? i said ok
if it means that much to you Sue. She walked in
kitchen, for about 30 sec. then came back in just
her plain white panties and no bra. I was right!!!!
She said this is it isnt it, and sat on the
floor w/ her legs open, her hair was coming out
the sides, and top of her panties, i could tell
she had a monster bush. She asked me to take my
shirt off for her, so she could see my body.
So I did just that and she came over and unzipped my jeans.
pulled them off of me. Then Sue lied back
on her back and spread her legs and began touching
her hairy crotch, outside of her panties, and was
moaning loudly. She said put it in my
mouth now, i wanna suck on it. So I stood in
front of her and dropped my boxers, and she said, “I’ve
always wondered how big you are, now i know.”
So i stradled her face and she sucked me for 5 min. and
i came in her mouth, she swallowed it all.
She took her panties off, and it was the first pussy
i had ever seen. It was beautiful, it made
me hard again. she was masturbating while i was
rubbing my dick getting totally hard. She was
dripping down her leg and her ass. She lifted
her legs in the air and spread them, she said
“fuck me Todd” so i leaned into her and slipped
my dick into her old hairy loose pussy. I was fucking her
for 10 min. and she said she wanted to ride me
so we got on the kitchen counter
i was sitting up and she was sitting on my lap
facking me and i had my hands around her ass, and
squeezing it, and her hips. Sue was bouncing up and down
on my cock for about 30 min. and we both came at
the same time. She came so hard and i filled her
pussy with my cum. Then we slept on the floor
in her bedroom. I woke up the next morning next
to Sue and she was playing we herself. And i asked her
why she was doing that when i can fuck her again.
She asked me if i were up for another round, and i
noddes yes. first she sucked me off, and then she
spread her legs, we them in the air again.
and i gave her a suprise. I slipped my wet
dick into her asshole this time, and she began
to scream, she said she hadn’t had anal sex in
12 years, i fucked her ass for 5 minutes and came
in her. She took me home after this, and then picked
up Walt in the moving truck. and they left
i havent seen her since, but i have cybered w/ her.
and she has sent me some pics of her.
she keeps getting hairier and hairier in
her crotch, I like it like that!!

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