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My Gay Hot Cousin

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Gay

My cousin’s name is Jordan. Me and Jordan allways spent lots of time together, he is two years older, and plays football and everything. When we were kids, we would go in the basement where a pool table was, one of us would get naked and lay on the pool table, as one of us played doctor. it was fun, and then we both started liking it..

Then when he was 17, he was getting a lot of girls calling him, and he joined all the sports teams, and turned into a jock. I got jeaulous.. but we still occasionally had some touchy moments..

The good stuff began when I was 16. I spent the night with him, and he told me to sleep in his closet with him. I said ok, as I went into the closet, we got in, and talked about random stuff for a few hrs. then when we finally turned around about to go to sleep, he said “feel this” I said feel what? He then grabbed my hand and pulled it down. he said “this bump on my leg, it feels weird..” So I did, and then he moved my hand to his balls. HE WAS NAKED! I quickly removed my hand and said what the hell, and thats gay. He just looked at me and said “want to try that again” so then I gave him a handjob.. he then told me to lean back saying he wanted to try something new. So he pulled down my shorts and wrapped his legs around mine and begin suckin me, I didnt cum.. so he told me to try giving him one, I did, it felt a little weird first, but i got the hang of it. since then we have fucked like 40 times, no lie. And the other stories are hotter than this one, but too much to write. Man I love him! I havent did anything with him this year so far(2007) but I hope we do something soon, cause his dick was so so so so BIG!

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