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My girlfriend’s mom

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Girlfriends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had been dating Lisa for well over a year. We were both 18 years old and she was still a virgin. She told me her mother made her promise that she would remain a virgin until she married. Her mother, Joyce, was 45, pretty, with a killer chest and a big ass. She reminded me of Sophia Loren.

One afternoon I was hanging out with Lisa, and she was tired, so she went upstairs to go to sleep. As I was leaving, Joyce told me that she wanted to speak with me.
She said that Lisa would not go to bed with a boy until she was married. I told her that I was aware of that, and it was very frustrating to me. Joyce smiled when I told her. Since I was pissed at her for keeping her daughter a virgin (and she was divorced) I suggested that we should have sex. Being the prude that she was, she kicked me out of the house. I figured that was it between Lisa and I, because her mom would tell her.

Not having heard from Lisa in a week, I called her and her mom answered the phone. She said Lisa wasn’t home but I should come over and apologize. That way she wouldn’t tell Lisa. When I came over the house, the door opened and I saw Joyce dressed in just her bra and panties. Those fucking tits were practically hanging out. She said she thought about what I said, and that it wasn’t fair to make me wait. I immediately grabed her around the waist, but she said, “No, I want to do something first!” She unzipped my fly and sucked my dick for what seemed to be an enternity. I then pushed her down to the ground, ripped off her bra and nursed on my gilfriend’s mom’s 38D’s while I penetrated her vagina with my finger. Joyce had the biggest areolas I had ever seen. It was great sucking on those massive, 45 year old tits. After a few minutes, she pleaded with my to go down on her. I told her no, but she said if I didn’t she would tell Lisa on me. I ate her delicious cunt for a half hour. It was my first time doing it, but boy did I love the tast of her pussy. I then slowly shoved my cock into her love hole. I did it so slowly that she begged for the whole thing. She said her cunt hadn’t been fucked in over three years. I held squezzed her big, beautiful ass and pumped her while she bucked back and forth. While screwing her I said, “Do you believe I’m fucking your pussy, Mrs. Shaw?” She said that as long I dated Lisa, she would fuck me. She is a very protective mother.

Lisa and I married a few years later. Lisa travels in her job sometimes, and while she is away, her mom comes over to our house and I fuck the shit out of her. I once fucked her doggy style while I was on the phone with Lisa. Joyce is still a honry bitch even at 59 years old. In fact, Lisa’s younger sister married a guy who she dated for a couple of years named Kevin, and he told me that he was been reaming her for years. We’ve compared notes and agree that she gets wilder with age. We can’t wait until Joyce turns sixty. She’s going to get one hell of a present from her sons in law.

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