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My Honeymoon

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Where it happened: Hotel in Hawaii
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Sex is truly a special experience. My wife Lindsey and I, both devout Catholics decided long ago that we would wait until we were married before making love. Reading about all of these young kids on this site, saying they are in love before they can even get their driver’s license makes me sick. Not only do these irresponsible young men and women risk pregnancy and STD’s, they are giving up their bodies for what is not true love. Anyway, Lindsey and I had been dating for about s before we decided to get married. I must say, it was sometimes hard to resist grabbing her and just fucking her brains out. She was and is so hot. She has beautiful, long blonde hair, awesome blue eyes, and a body that is truly to die for. She works out every day, and her firm, tight body is the reward for this hard work. She also has great tits, size 36DD (no lie). We had made out passionately for years to please each other physically, but wanted to wait to share the final step when married. The wedding came quickly, and it was a great day. All of our friends and family came together to celebrate our love, and we partied the night away. We had planned on fucking that night in the hotel suite our parents had rented for us, but didn’t arrrive there until 4 am. We actually wanted to enjoy our first time, so we postponed it to the next night, when we would be on our honeymoon in Hawaii. We arrived on the island that afternoon and after unpacking, went for an intimate dinner by the water, followed by a romatic walk along the beach, where the sun was setting. The beauty of this place made me feel like I was in heaven. We then returned to our hotel room, anxious to make love for the first time. As Lindsey went in to the bathroom to get changed, I sprinkled some rose petals on the bed, lit a few candles and turned on some soft, romantic music. When my bride came out, I thought I was going to die! She was wearing a lace gown that showed her incredible body off extremely well. When we began to french kiss, I knew this was what true love felt like. She said “Mark, I love you so much. We have waited so long for each other. Fuck me!” I told Lindsey that I loved her more than anything else in the world, and began my mission. I slowly kissed her neck and face, then removed the top of her gown to reveal her rock hard nipples. I played with them, flicking and biting them, which I could see drove her wild. I then pulled away the rest of her nightie, leaving her naked on the bed. When I saw her shaved pussy, my shorts expanded even more. I kissed and caressed every inch of her naked body, paying special ateention to her feet, which I massaged gently. It was time to eat her out, I decided. I moved to her already dripping pussy and explored it with my tongue and mouth, flicking her clit with raw passion. I could clearly see that my wife was easy to bring to orgasm, evidenced by her flowing juices. I swallowed this liquid, which tasted better than I could have ever imagined . Then, it was my turn. Lindsey kissed me passionately and removed my shirt, playing with my nipples as I had done to her. She stroked and played with my body as if she knew it like the back of her hand. Soon, my boxers were removed, and my cock in her mouth. For an inexperienced woman, Lindsey sure gave great head. I soon began to moan and groan, resulting in me coming in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop, which pleased me greatly. We then moved to a position I had always wanted to try, the infamous 69. I parted her pussy lips and explored the deep, dark hole where my tool would soon go to work. Finally, I knew it was time to end our foreplay. We were as horny as could be. Lindsey said, “I want your dick in me now!” Not ready to argue, I straddled over my wife. She made entry easy by parting her lips. At first, Lindsey was in obvious pain dur to the tightness of her twat. However, I persisted. When her yelps stopped, I began to move faster and faster. I slameed all of my 8 inches into her again and again, thrusting harder and more furious with each entry. Finally, we both came. It was the best feeling in the world! Lindsey was not done yet, though. I was still plenty hard, and she, seeing how much fun I had being on top, wanted the same expeience. She rode my pole, rubbing her clit against my rod with each thrust. I could feel her juices in me again after several minutes. This turned me on, and I shot another hot, wet load into the walls of my bride’s vagina. It was rear entry time, I said. This position allowed me to rub her breasts and penetreate higher and deeper than the others. I was hoping to hit her G-spot, and the body-shaking orgasm Lindsey experienced told me I had been successful. I, too was ready to explode, and did so inside of her pussy. I pulled out, and looked at my watched. We had fucked for over an hour! We were both exhausted, and fell asleep naked into each other’s arms. As we dozed off, I told Lindsey that I loved her. I still do to this day, and our sex life continues to improve. The result of that great honeymoon, full of love making, was a beautiful baby girl, Taryn Mary. We are expecting another child soon, and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I was glad I waited until marriage to bone my wife, and she was, too. We have built our family on love and trust, and along with that goes great sex, better than two people who only think they love each other could ever have.

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