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My husband

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Age when it happend: 26
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My husband is the best fuck that I have ever had. Sex is amazing with him…tender and sweet when it needs to be and rough and dirty when it needs to be. He rubs my naked body and carresses my skin. Rubs my huge tits and plays with my nipples. Puts my nipples in his mouth and sucks on them till I can’t stand it anymore. his tongue running circles around my hard nipples. my pussy gets wet just thinking about it. he moves his fingers between my legs and rubs my wet pussy. I love when he whispers in my ear how wet I am..it makes me even more wet 😉 he continues to suck my nipples and moves his mouth down my body till his lips are on my pussy. he licks and sucks my clit as he puts 2 or 3 fingers in and out of my pussy. my juices just spill out of me and all I can do is lay there and moan then he moves his other hand up to rub my nipples. this sends me over the edge every time. I am begging him to put his big hard cock in my pussy and fuck me. i tell him how good he feels inside me and he fucks me hard until I am screaming and cumming all over his dick. He moves down and licks my pussy until I am begging for round two. I cum again as hes fucks me and sucks my nipples. He flips me over on my hands and knees and fucks me from behind. He always asks me “does that feel good baby”. I just nod my head as he continues to fuck me. He loves when I finger my pussy as he fucks me from behind. It feels so good to have his big dick in me. I can tell he starts to cum and he screams with pleasure as his balls quiver against my pussy and I can tell he is cumming so hard right into my pussy. once he is done we usually take a little break then go right back at it. usually i’ll get him going by sucking his big cock…he loves it when I do that. Usually he flips me on top of him so he can lick my wet pussy as i suck him off. we cum together then I get on top of him and ride him as he sucks my tits and grips my ass. I cum so hard when I’m on top. I love it when i can make him cum on top. He loves it too. I can picture his face right now as he cums and it makes me so hot.

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