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My little brother in walmart parking lot

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Walmart parking lot
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My little brother fucked me in the walmart parking lot. Twice earlier when I was sleeping in the car my brother pulled my skirt up and my panty to the side and was looking at my love hole. Last week he had my blouse open and I woke to being nursed. I was studying all night for finals and had just taken them all day . So I was extra tired and fell asleep. I woke up to being tied hands to one door handle by my nylons and my shoe laces tied the front seat belt and back seat belt. My ten year old brother said quiet the parking lot is full of people. He duck taped my mouth. I tried to break the car to free my self . My brother sat on me and took off his flip flops and shorts . He never wore underpants. To my horror he crawled between my legs . One shoelace broke and my foot was free . The loose leg didn’t help me at all my brothers stiffy was poking wildly just missing it’s target over and over. He learned to grab my hips and push down and I was tiring  fast. He got his five inch peter part in and I felt the pressure and froze. Shaking my head no he was about to enter. He looked me in the eyes. Never thought your little brother who you never played with never took any where, would pop your cherry. You never saved me any ice-cream, and always made fun of me in front of your friends. He was right I was so mean to him. He pulled the tape from my mouth and it hurt. I’m so sorry your right I treat you so wrong. He pushed in some and I continued saying I was a bad sister . I’ll take you rides on my scooter. When I said I can play catch I felt his penis slid in me . I’m in he said. I quietly said I know. It feels good . I thought it would hurt .I told my brother. I’m afraid to move he said it’s like I tied a rubber band around the middle of my peter. That’s my cherry around your peter you didn’t break it.  Yet my brother added. The book I was reading said getting your first cherry is a right of passage for a man. Your ten years old  and penetration of a grown eighteen year old woman’s pussy is a big accomplishment don’t you agree. He pulled back just a little, careful things are real tight down there. Do you know a babys head is 10 centimeters . My peter is 1.5 centimeters . Don’t tell me this, come on we can go swimming at my friends .  He pushed in and started rocking . My eyes rolled in my head it felt so good . This can’t be happening your my brother.  He kept rocking and my body kept responding . It was a new experience and terrible and wonderful at the same time. I came and made a big wet spot on the seat. You like this he said. Don’t put any sperm in me I warned him. Pull out before you do . Pull out no way I’m doing this until I see mom across the parking lot. Thats another 40 minutes he said. How can you not ejaculate that long ? I don’t get what your saying he said. The white stuff that comes out of your peter ! You know. He didn’t get it because it never happened . He is ten I told my self . He was still going and I was going ballistic . Once more I came and made the wet spot bigger. This feels good and he reached up and rubbed my tits under my shirt. I came again and he was going faster and my cherry loosened up some from the activity. I want sex every day my brother said . Push your peter in and up if you can I asked him. Perfect that’s my G spot keep it higher. He untied my hands as he hit my G spot dead center every stroke. I feel funny inside he said. Me too I agreed . I untied my shoe string and lifted my hips to get his full 5 inches in me no need to stop now. Harder I said and he pulled out  and put a finger on my clitoris and I showed him how to rub it fast. Put it back in I told him but  he opened me with both hands and took a peek at my pussy. Your gushing out lots now since I made a big hole in you. He put one two then  three fingers in me. Feeling around and pushing my belly like a doctor and feeling my insides. Saw this on U tube he said.   Stop you could do four then five fingers . But that would definitely hurt me. I’m taking your cherry now he said .  I got a wash cloth from the laundry. It’s my right of passage I fucked you first . I should have it. He said . If you can pop it with your peter it’s yours. I told him. So he tried but he loosened me up and he was just too small. Relax sis he said cross your ankles . He tried to fuck me with my legs crossed can’t get it in I snickered then he said squeeze your knees he still pushed in . You can fuck a girl with her legs crossed.  I spread and we fucked like normal he was going left and right and down with his little peter hitting and stretching my cherry bigger and bigger. The little bugger never went soft . He kept pulling out and looking it’s still there . It’s real big now can I finish it with my fingers. I didn’t know what I was saying when I said yes. Quickly he ran his small hand in me and tearing what little was left of
 my cherry. It didn’t hurt much but it hurt and he proudly wiped the blood from me . He jumped on and started fucking with all his might. I came and made the seat wet with another orgasm. My brother said I feel funny, over and over more urgent every time . I figured he was going to cum and I was ready to push him off . But it took a very long time and when he finally came I felt I needed to pull him deeper not push him away . He moaned and looked scared and I felt his little peter swell and contract in me. Keep pumping slow until it finishes I told him. He nodded .  That’s what you were talking about sis?  Yes you just gave me a hundred million sperm. They are swimming to find my egg playing hide and seek in my body . In a minute or two they will find it . One will join with the egg make a baby and you will be the father at 11 years old of your sisters baby. My brother went soft in me. Can you feel all that?   He asked. Let’s get dresses I promise to save you ice cream. He fucked me two long hours and I was sore as hell. I for precaution took the morning after pill . I never let it happen agin. I was a good sister from then on. 

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