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My Lovely Sister-In-Law

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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: Swimming pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I got married when I was 25 to the girl of my dreams, Jan, whom I met in college.Generally speaking, we have a great sex life, but for some reason she does not like oral sex, and before I got married, I had gone out with a couple of girls that gave excellent head, and I loved it.

My wife has a cute Sister who graduated from high school and has just started college. She’s 19, and like my wife, she has a terrific body.

Last Summer I was over at my wife’s parents house, enjoying the use of their backyard pool. My wife had gone shopping with her Mother, and her Dad was gone that weekend on a business trip of some kind. No one was around the house at the time, but me. I had taken a swim and was lounging in one of the deck chairs in the sun, reading the latest issue of Playboy that I had brought with me. I buy it for the stimulating articles, not the pictures. (Yeah, right!!! Who am I kidding). At any rate, paging through the magazine gave me a pretty stiff boner. And then, to my surprise, out walks my Sister-In-Law, Lori, from the garage, in this fantastic bikini. I had never seen her in a swimsuit before, and let me tell you, I was nearly blown away at the sight. I knew she had a fine body, but never had seenm so much of it before.

Anyway, she came out, said Hi, and dove into the pool. I watched her as she went back and forth. After ten or fifteen minutes, she came out and dried herself off and, and sat down in one of the lounge chairs beside me. “I see you’re reading Playboy, eh,” she said. I told her, yes, as it has some very interesting articles in it. “Yeah, right,” she said, “but it has great pictures, too, doesn’t it?” Then Lori asked me if my wife (her sister) knew I read Playboy, and I told her, “Yes.” And I also told her that she didn’t mind. After that our conversation sort of drifted into the subject of sex, and to my surprise, Lori finally said “Jan doesn’t like oral sex does she?” I asked her what made her think that, and she told me that Jan had told her that several years ago, when they would discuss sex together. I finally admitted that Jan didn’t like it, to which Lori then responded, “I do. I think it’s great!” Well, I really was surprised at a remark like that, and so, as I looked at her in that inviting bikini of hers, I kept up the conversation, and asked her how much experience she’d had with it, and she proceeded to tell me that she’d had oral sex with at least a half dozen guys in high school and college, and that she enjoyed “making guys happy, because I know that’s what guys really like.” Lori then asked me whether I’d ever had oral sex before, and I told her not since I’ve been married, to which he responded, “Would you like me to give you head right now? I’d be glad to do it.” Well, by this time my stiff boner had become a raging hard-on and it was obvious, and Lori could see she was turning me on. So, the next thing she did was tell me to take off my trunks and sit on the edge of the pool. I knew I shouldn’t, but things were getting kind of crazy, and so I did anyway. I hadn’t had my cock sucked in a long, long time, and she looked so inviting. Lori then slipped into the pool in front of me and put both hands on my penis and gave me the finest blow-job I have ever had in my life. She swallowed a lot of my cum, but a lot more drifted into the pool. My fountain was really overflowing that afternoon It felt so damn good, and she kept telling me what a great penis I had and how good I felt in her mouth. As she talked, I just kept exploding! After we were finished, Lori said, ” Hey Steve, you want to get laid, too?” I could scarcely believe my ears! My hard-on had pretty much dissipated, but then she took off her bikin bottoms and top and threw them up on the edge of the pool. And she said, “C’mon, let’s do it in the pool.” And so without much hesitation, I slipped into the pool with her, and as she embraced me, my erection began to return and before you knew it,she had lowered herself onto my cock and we were fucking each other there in the water. I don’t think I had any sperm left, but the feeling was great, and she said she had several good orgasms.

After awhile, we came to our senses and got our suits back on. When my wife, Jan and her Mother returned later that afternoon, we had a nice cookout, and then we went home.

That evening, when Jan and I went to bed, I was in the mood again, and we had terrific sex, but all the while I had in the back of my mind my lovely Sister-In-Law, Lori!

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