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My Lovely Twin Sister

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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: Ski Lodge
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This is probably one of the strangest stories ever posted here, but believe it or not, it happened.

Judy and I were born twins, and while growing up were very close. Unfortunately, we both lost our parents 5 years ago, when they both were killed in an auto accident.JUdy and I were 20 at the time. Their deaths brought Judy and I even closer together.

We were fortunate in that my folks were well off. The house we lived in was paid off with a policy of insurance my Dad had wisely taken out to pay the balance of the mortgage, and he also left sufficient life insurance to allow us to go to continue going to college.

We had relatives who offered to take us in, but that would have meant splitting us up, and we didn’t want that, and so we decided to stay in our family home. We were both old enough to have part-time jobs, and with the house being paid for, and having some cash in the bank, we reasoned that we could manage to get by if we managed our finances carefully. And we did. Life was not overly luxurious, but we were quite comfortable.

We both had learned to ski at an early age. Our folks also liked to ski and would take us on skiing vacations in the Wintertime when they were alive.

A year after our folks passed away, Judy and I decided to take a skiing vacation in Colorado. We saved enough for plane fare and a nice room in a ski lodge.We planned on staying a week. We didn’t get separate rooms because that would have been quite expensive, and we wanted to save money and have nice meals while we were there. We did have a room with two King sized beds, however.

Well, to make a long story short, this one evening after a day of skiing, we had a nice dinner, and both had a couple of drinks afterwards. She had wine. I had brandy. It had been cold out and the brandy warmed me up. After we retired to our room, I was feeling very nice from the afterglow of the brandy, and when Judy walked out of the bathroom in her shorty nightgown and got into her bed, she looked real nice to me. We had never had any sexual relationship at all gefore that night, and had always respected each other’s privacy, but Judy was very attractive, and not surprisingly, I got a hard on for my sister.

She began reading a magazine while in bed and I went off to the bathroom to take a shower. While in the shower, I got to thinking how nice it would be to sleep with Judy. I knew it was wrong, but we were both grown ups, and the brandy was doing things to me and my thinking.

After my shower, I placed a towel around my lower body and came out into our room, and just as I was about to pass her bed and go to my own, I suddenly dropped my towel and climbed in next to her. She was startled, and asked me what I was doing. Without thinking, I told her how damn beautiful she looked and I wanted to sleep with her and make love to her.Some of this was the brandy taking and some of it was me. At first she protested, but not too much, and as my hands started roaming over her body and under her nighty, she started kissing me softly and I returned her kisses. Pretty soon I had her nighty off and we were both bare as jaybirds there under ther covers, feeling each other up and rolling over each other. My erection was begging for relief as she cupped it between her hands and played with my testicles. She then told me how several times she had fantasized about having sex with me, but had never said anything or made a move, but had masturbated with me in mind a lot. This turned me on tremendously, and it was not long before I guided my penis into her vagina, and began fucking her — at first very slowly– and then gaining more momentum until before very long I was shooting sperm into her as rapidly as I possibly could, holding her body tightly againsty mine, and telling, her “Oh, Judy, I know this is probably wrong, but you feel so good, I can’t help myself. I want you. I want your body!” She told me it was O.K., and not to worry and that she loved having my penis inside her.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms that night, and I woke up in the morning with another tremendous hard on — and we fucked again in that wonderful warm bed, forming every possible combination of positions that we could think of. We didn’t go skiing at all that day, but ordered a nice brunch in the room, after which we fucked some more. It was the first time for each of us and we were like a couple of teenagers exploring every aspect of sex that we could.

We finally concluded that we were both very foolish and that if Judy got pregnant, it would have tremendous consequences for us in more ways than one, so I went out and bought a pack of condoms, and used those the rest of the time we were there, and, luckily, that first bout of unprotected sex worked out O.K. for us.But we did fuck every day we were there and enjoyed every second of it. Some people might say that that is pretty sick, but we didn’t view it that way.

It’s been four years now since our Colorado adventure. We both still live together in our family home, and both have graduated from college and have good jobs. Both of us are dating others now, and enjoying our respective sex lives, but every now and then, on a weekend, when we have nothing else planned with others, we have great sex with each other — sometimes in bed, sometimes in the shower on Saturday morning, sometimes next to a roaring fire in the living room on Sunday evening. Judy has been on the pill for several years now, so we don’t bother with condoms anymore. Whenever the feeling takes us in that direction, we just take off our clothes and DO IT! Life is good!

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